Kool Keith On Eminem: "It Seems Like He Has A Lot Of Issues With Himself"

The rapper says "it seems like he has a lot of issues with himself, a lot of stuff, more family stuff and personal."

In an interview with VladTV, Ultramagnetic MC’s rapper Kool Keith described his reaction to having his name dropped on Eminem’s hit “The Monster.”

“That was good. I thought that was good," he said before describing meeting Eminem in the mid 1990s. "I saw Eminem one time, I went up to Sway’s house, he was there. He was cool for a minute. That’s before he got large and stuff. I think he was just in the beginning stages, not even recording his album, before he got that deal, the Aftermath deal and stuff. He was real quiet. I went up to Tech’s house and me and [KutMasta] Kurt was over there and he was just quiet. Then he came out the room. That was the last time I saw him, actually. That was years and years ago. Around ‘95 or something. He was really quiet.”

On the song, which appears on the rapper’s The Marshal Mathers LP 2, Eminem says he's "going cuckoo and kooky as Kool Keith."

“When I heard him [mention me] on the song I was like, ‘Wow, it’s very good because a lot of people look up to Eminem and he don’t really say a lot of people’s names on the song,” he said. “I didn’t get much slack from Eminem saying my name, I got more slack from people that was mad that he was saying my name, the average rapper who wanted to be known. A lot of guys felt bad, you got a lot of dudes out here, they look up to him a lot, a very a lot. A lot of good rappers that are top rappers look up to him. Then for him to say my name, the person that looks up to him looks at me kind of cross-eyed.”

Asked on how he interpreted the line itself, Keith referenced their shared penchant for making “wild songs.”

“Well I guess he thinks he’s more weirder than me [at] making songs that are wild ‘cause I make wild songs,” he said. “I guess he felt more like that’s the comparison the same way he could make that he’s iller than me or something, comparing that he could make a iller record than me. He could say iller subjects. He could write iller things. He can make people say ‘Wow.’”

Speaking more generally on Em’s music, Kool Keith explained his take on the rapper’s lyricism.

“I listen to Eminem’s lyrics sometimes, sometimes he says a lot of wild stuff,” Keith said. “It seems like he has a lot of issues with himself, a lot of stuff more family stuff and personal but the other stuff...’Stan,’ and stuff like that. I mean he has a lot of issues and stuff. Me, I might have my names I keep changing...I don’t like to use the same name on a song. Sometimes I’m Michael on a song, sometimes I’m Reggie, sometimes I’m Bob, sometimes I’m Tim. I don’t feel like I need to be one person because if you be gangster then you gotta be gangster all your life, if you be this guy you gotta be the lover all your life. If you make a change people can’t accept it. And I think that’s what happened with [Dr.] Octagon and stuff, people thought I was gonna do that for the rest of my life.”

Answering a question about the innovation of so-called internal rhyme schemed, Kool Keith detailed his belief that he’s long been ahead of his peers.

“I can do both,” he said of different rhyming styles. “I’ve definitely tried many cadences in music, to learn what I can say in the middle and the ends which is good. I make up my own rhymes, sometimes I force ‘em. I don’t feel like I have to rhyme on the rules of rhyming. Before, when Rap first came out, people rhymed ‘cat,’ ‘mat,’ and ‘hat,’ [or] ‘Skit, skat, I pick up my bat / Then I call my friend, his name was Matt.’ I mean, people did that, but now, Rap has moved forward to—Rap went a little bit to second grade: ‘Party hardy / I call my friend Marty.’ Now Rap went to: ‘The majority of the time / Get the sorority to hang a line,’ it moved up to three. Then it moved up to in the middle [rhyming words]. Everything could be switched up...I’m glad that I evolved, like my voice and cadence carried into that whole generation of time. But I was ahead of my time anyway writing-wise. I had to come down ‘cause I was using totally big words. I didn’t make rhymes go together at all, I would say, ‘Exhilaration powerful force / Innovation, combustion chamber / Danger,’ I was writing like that. I was too far ahead of the average mind, I was Dr. Who years ago.”


  • Shade45

    HipHopDX has horrible journalism. I remember when DX didn't make or try to start lame ass headlines like this. From his whole interview, that's what you pick out to try and start something. It makes it seem like he's throwing shots at Em but if you read the actual transcript and the transition of it, it's not even an issue. Lame ass DX writer. This is one of the reasons why I left this lame ass shit.

  • grizzo

    Vlad and pop DX are nothing but gossip/celebrity sites. Now you're dissing the legend making people think he's dissin' Em..lol this write up is garbage just like Vlad's itw is. Why don't you talk about the million + songs he got out ? lol @ anybody on this thread who don't know who Kool Keith is ...


    Keith is one of the greatest mc's of all time imo. he's fathered so many styles.. created some of the greatest conceptual albums.. innovated lyrically and musically.. always against the grain including his pioneering work with ultramagnetic in the late 80's where they first broke the rules of rhyme.. sometimes condensing and using internal and also experimenting with non-rhyme which is a very dope unexplored style. an emcee's emcee.. thus why eminem name-dropped. if you don't think em is influenced by keith then you really don't know your idol like you think you do. know the ledge start with critical beatdown, funk your head up, and four horsemen by ultramagnetic mc's.. then jump to sex style, dr. octagon, and dr. dooom by kool keith

  • Anonymous

    Keith probably just listened to Em's greatest hits album & that's it

  • Dr.Octagon

    That was the real Acid Rap album

  • told y'all they stupid

    "shadyari: and WHO THE FUCK IS THIS MOTHERFUCKER??? Eminem for life ;)" ^ this one claims to be a fan but never heard Eminem name drop to add 1+1 equals "Ahhh I'm confused...what's the point here again? Does he hate him or not??????" ^ this one is so used to the shock journalism they can't think for self

  • Anonymous

    On to other news. Be sure to checkout thegrandreport, they have some good hip hop and viral videos on there

  • Anonymous

    Em does say a lot of wild shit, he might even ... be crazier than him. Matter of fact I don't think there are too many rap niggas out there as messed up as the white boy is. Shit, I remember the first time I heard Kill You where the nigga rapped about raping his mom, then thought to myself what the fuck did this white boy say? ... theirs just something wrong with that nigga.

  • Anonymous

    whos this no-name rapper tryin to get a buzz by dissing eminem.

    • replying to a retard

      first off, NO WHERE in the interview did he "diss" eminem. you are full of shit on that claim. second, hes only a "no-name rapper" to you because you don't know shit about hip hop. this is a legend in hip hop who was in ultramagnetic mcs, he was dr. octagon and black elvis. eminem know who he is. go sit your clown-ass down somewhere and get the fuck outta here with this stupid shit!

    • rmacq112

      Black Elvis you wack bitch

    • Wizz

      Where the hell is the diss ?

  • Brizz

    Lol at DX trying to make it look like Keith is talking shit and LOL at muthafuckers on a hiphop site not knowing who Kool Keith is. You guys are facepalm embarrasing. Do your damn history lessons before speaking.

  • COCA


  • Nothing to see here kids, please move on


  • Fia

    Ahhh I'm confused...what's the point here again? Does he hate him or not??????

    • Anonymous

      ^^^^^^nah georgie u need to go to school, that dude only asked a reasonable question

    • georgel

      You havent done well in school in life huh? He never talked bad about him and just said he thinks he has issues by his lyrics. well its just music but i think we all know everyone has issues these days. Eminem just puts them out there for us unlike some who hide them. but you really should have been able to figure that out by the article

  • shadyari

    and WHO THE FUCK IS THIS MOTHERFUCKER??? Eminem for life ;)

  • Anonymous

    from memory em mention doctor octagon on macosa by outsidaz

    • insanerecordings@aol.com

      yeah, KOOL KEITH defo one of THE all-time great innovative emcees alongside RAKIM, KOOL G. RAP, and KRS-ONE. and EM defo was influenced by K.K. absolutely NO doubt, about that!

  • imho

    Eminem makes music for weirdos. minus 2000-2004/5 when he was making the hardest rap of his life..now its pedophile music.

  • Anonymous

    Black Elvis was way ahead of his time

    • YeahDat

      Black Elvis predicted what came after it as far as the game. Dude was clowning the future like he had a time machine.

  • Sensaye Sixkiller

    He's right, he was definitely one of the first MCs making complex rhyme patterns and cadences. I respect that he went into uncharted territory and started using unorthodox styles, but I just wish once in a while for shits and giggles he'd just make a song where he rhymes on beat and uses a more orthodox style. He's been doin' the bizarro unorthodox shit for 20 years now. We get it, you're weird and different, now write some dope rhymes instead of just rhyming words with athletes names.

    • Sensaye Sixkiller

      I'm up on his new shit, and no, I don't want him to be like every other rapper. I just want him to spit some dope shit. He's been getting a pass for 20 years now because niggas act like anything he spits is gold. He can say any fuckin' thing, and Hip-Hop nerds will act like it was the greatest line ever, and anyone who doesn't agree "doesn't know shit about Hip-Hop". I was listening to Kool Keith in the 80s. I've seen his progression, and I've also seen him get lazy because he's found that niche audience of hip-hop groupies that worship every word he says, no matter how ridiculous and thoughtless it is. I saw him freestyle at a show a few years back and it was embarassingly bad, even his crew was lookin' at him like 'what the fuck?', and the crowd of college dudes, all younger than 25, were just eating it up because they thought they were supposed to. I recognize Keith as a first ballot hip-hop hall of famer, but I don't just blindly worship everything he does.

    • Bro99

      So what, you want him to be like every other rapper? He's already progressed once around, and you should check out his new stuff, like love n danger, pimp magnetic Forcefield, and Luv Ny...plus new album coming soon

  • Ll

    If you haven't heard of kool keith, you probably only listen to the radio. He's not a mainstream artist. He's in his own league.

  • Anonymous

    interesting pretty cool with the rhyming explanation

  • Your non reading ass

    Kool Keith wasn't throwing shots at Em. In fact Eminem style got Poppa Large DNA.

  • That Pretty MF

    Haha this guy sounds like a pissed off rapper that never made it, tryna talk shit to the greatest rapper of all time. Never heard of him til Em mentioned him. Nobody can out rap Eminem, not to mention Em in his prime was wayyy better looking (face & body) than all these new rappers

  • son of a sax

    Now if that aint the pot, callin the kettle black!!!

    • ^

      You didn't read and you're commenting, the title is very misleading he only pointed out their similarities and differences.

  • dee


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