RZA Says He Has $5 Million Offer For One Copy Of Wu-Tang Clan's "The Wu - Once Upon A Time In Shaolin" Album

RZA says people are "sending me a lot of good will."

Last week, RZA announced that the Wu-Tang Clan will make and sell only one copy of its forthcoming The Wu - Once Upon A Time In Shaolin album.

In an article published in Billboard today (April 2), the rapper-producer says he has received multiple offers for the album.

"Offers came in at $2 million, somebody offered $5 million yesterday,” RZA says during an interview with Billboard. "I've been getting a lot of e-mails -- some from people I know, some from people I don't know, and they're also e-mailing other members of my organization.

"So far, $5 million is the biggest number," he continues. "I don't know how to measure it, but it gives us an idea that what we're doing is being understood by some. And there are some good peers of mine also, who are very high-ranking in the film business and the music business, sending me a lot of good will. It's been real positive."

The Wu - Once Upon A Time In Shaolin album has 31 songs that clock in at 128 minutes. The RZA and the album’s primary producer, Morocco-based producer Tarik “Cilvaringz” Azzougarh, want to take the album on a tour through festivals, galleries and museums, and charge a fee to listen to the album.

The album will be housed in an engraved silver-and-nickel box that was handcrafted by British-Moroccan artist Yahya, whose works have been commissioned by royal families and business leaders around the world. 

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  • drake runs rap

    this broke nigga aint shit. The wutang are irrelevent hasbins who need drake to make them famous again. Drake is the face of rap and every other rapper doesnt matter.

  • Anonymous

    "Ryabkov said: What can we suggest to our American colleagues? To spend more time outdoors, practice yoga, separate their food groups and perhaps watch comedies on television. That would be better than getting worked up, he said, because the situation will not change and "childish tantrums, tears and hysterics will not help matters." ^ even russians see how y'all are go somewhere and calm down clowns, you wanna impose sanctions on RZA, sever ties with the Wu, scream murder online and vow to steal his music ALL BECAUSE HE AIN'T DOING IT THE WAY YOU WANT IT TO BE

  • son of a sax

    5 mil?!?! Thats nuts!!! Thats all I can say, BANANAS!!!

  • chico

    WTC aint nothin to Fuck Wit

  • Method Man

    I'll leak this shit, don't worry guys.

  • JHadd989

    i will be downloading this.... fo free





  • Come On

    Whoever is Paying 5 million for that needs to get their ass kick, There's people dying and starving and living on the street. People losing their jobs in a to time in this world to live and you throw away 5 million on an album.This is why I can't stand rich people.

  • Infinite

    I respect where RZA is going with the idea of moving music back into the status of "high art" with "Once Upon a Time in Shaolin," but I think they are taking it way too far. The magic of music as an art form is that it is accessible to everyone to enjoy and appreciate, no matter if you're a billionaire or poor as shit. Restricting the listening of this album to museum and art festivals that charge a hefty price to get in is ridiculous. If RZA wants to try and move music into a higher class of art, then do the museum/art festival tours promoting the 1 of 1 silver-and-nickel album box & CD, but then once it sells release the album to the public ONLY as a digital copy on iTunes or somewhere. That way there will always only be 1 authentic hard copy of this album, making it a rare piece of high musical art while still providing enjoyment to the public through its digital mp3 versions online.

    • ThatKidWithTheC

      This. Heck, he could even make it so that the digital released version is of a lower, more compressed quality - still good enough to listen to, but so that the 1 hard pressed copy is even more worth listening to for that reason alone. Though, I do assume that there will eventually be a wider release for this.

  • Anonymous


  • COCA


  • swle

    nowadays i look up to artists and musicians who think that art & music should be out there for everyone to enjoy, "in the streets" so to speak. wu-tang on their part is working to take things to an opposite direction. charging a fee to listen to the album? elitism.

  • Mr. Tibbs

    It sickens me. Instead of sending the Wu out on a high note you stiff the fans that made you guys what you are. We have been waiting for a (good) Wu album for a long time. Instead of delivering you would rather have 1 album made wrapped in a custom sleeve and sold to the highest bidder. And instead of touring you would rather charge for fans to sit in a listening session for 2 hours. Fuck that and fuck them selfish, irrelevant, washed up, money grabbing, ego trippin, has beens. ODB is rolling over in his grave smh.

    • Anonymous

      BEEN said you only wanna cry because this ain't catering to you, you were trying to talk some pseudo knowledge on Hip Hop art to mask your HATE now run along and try to pin YOUR feelings on other Wu members, YOU DON'T KNOW if he'll RELEASE THE MUSIC, but you damn sure mad at how he sold ONE COPY FOR ONE PROJECT you should be ashamed of yourself

    • Anonymous

      we had this conversation before so obviously you have reading comprehension problems this is NOT for the reunion album or all future music, it's for ONE MUSIC PROJECT ONLY

  • kakakak

    all RZA wants out of this is $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$. Miss the old WU days...

  • TapeWormZ

    I think Its a really dope idea if you can do it why not The RZA plus Wu-Tang Clan is connected to the film industry this sure opens up doors to be even more creative and innovative why not push for the evolution of music some lucky actor/ actress film director etc mite have the one and only prize Gem if you look at it that way its kinda cool its like the knights of the round Materia Final Fantasy VII but even better just because theres only one copy dose not always mean the album will never be heard by the masses? I mean if it dose go down like that what a lucky person to have the only copy

    • TapeWormz

      Come check us @ instagram/tapewormz RZA's like a mentor to me one of the best to ever do it for me he's my generations Marley Marl I really mean that absolute Dope selling a group album like its a piece of fine art and it probably is

  • Anonymous

    I'd pay up to $50 for a Wu album circa mid-90s of unreleased cuts that didn't make the 36 Chambers album. For an album released in the 2000s, download for free and sometimes free is too expensive.

  • Anonymous

    This sucks what happened to fan service. To the fans that bought every wu release and are dying to get their hands on the next wu album. Now my collection wont be complete because i dont have 5 million to just throw out for an album. If he wanted he could make 1 special edition copy unique and with exclusive tracks for that one person. That way the fans can still get their hands on the physical copy

  • youneverknow

    "I don't know how to measure it, but it gives us an idea that what we're doing is being understood by some" You don't think there's some rich bastard out there who would buy a one-of-a-kind set of this Wu album? People buy shit art pieces for a lot more than $5 million. 20 years from now that rich bastard can say, oh yeah, this is a one of a kind album (with the whole set or whatever) that nobody else has, an album by the legendary Wu Tang Clan. The way people are these days? I would not be surprised.. and that is why RZA says some people understand what the Wu (RZA) is doing. They're not selling an album with 30 songs, they are selling a work of art (in RZA's eyes). Now let's see if someone bites the bate. All about that $$$

  • Acid

    Below..that was me, Acid..the bitter 1. Good night

  • Anonymous

    My crack head girlfriend left me & I seem to be taking it out on Rza's fabrications. Truth is the truth, all the same. The only reason a new album would sell any copies is the anniversary (you must buy into this bollocks.) No heart. No soul. All about paper. Im broke, send donations to yourselves.

  • Acid

    & the new album will be as good as the new Robocop. Nobody is copping that.

  • Acid

    "So far, $5 million is the biggest number," he continues. "I don't know how to measure it, but it gives us an idea that what we're doing is being understood by some. And there are some good peers of mine also, who are very high-ranking in the film business and the music business, sending me a lot of good will. It's been real positive." Yeah, good luck with that buddy is whats being said.

  • Acid

    & now that I really think about it, coz I obviously don't have a life, hence why I'm on here. No one gives a shit about this. How have they collaborated for this 'Masterpiece' & they cant finish an anniversary album together! Some moron will buy this for you all to hear for free & that new, commercially available wont sell shit. All hype. Like Public Enemy said..Don't believe. Get the picture?

  • Acid

    They've done some classic songs (as a whole). Lies being told to make money (nothing new.) That's why the Wu-Tang are divided. It's all about money (for them.) What, is RZA looking to get a million a piece for the members before they'll all play ball!?! Don't buy into the bullshit kids, you can hear it all quite soon for free & I guarantee it won't be all that.

  • Anonymous

    If this album doesn't leak, then someone needs to send the purchaser some death threats. lol

  • barrydavillain

    Fuck all you out of towners and haters that trying to shit on this story. If that fat fuck Rick Ross did this, all ya be sucking him off. Get a grip, this is business, smart business. The bids are meaningless, if he gets half a million it's more than people earn on 10 points of their album sales. Dummies!

  • Yo

    Dumb ass New York Niggas is so shook they have a clue what to do... I can offer 10mill and I don't have it but these dudes will entertain it.. I lost respect for the Chef even though he's my favorite Wu member, we he went to West Africa and wouldn't get off that bus to peep the real lil kids who lost their limbs because of the shit these niggas glorify, that was it for me, the Chef is a ignorant wimp for that in my eyes, BIG BOOOO TO THE Wu for this dumb shit..

    • me

      that's pretty ignorant yourself for saying their all whack cus of one of them did some dumb shit. none of them really say they rep the same ideas as the next, chef was always one of the most materialistic dudes in that group, of course he wasn't gonna get off the bus to see "the real africa." besides dude, most of the wu don't even get along anymore because of the varying amounts of things each one "glorifies". Also, it's not like people aren't just going to rip the cd online, nobody buys shit anymore which totally sucks as an artist, so why not do just one copy, and it's wu tang as a whole crew, which hasn't happened in a minute. That's kind of their style from the beginning of the group. they do shit that nobody ever has done, that's their mo.you can hate it or respect it, but mark my words if financially it works out, many other artists will try the same shit just in different ways..

  • That Pretty MF

    Idk man, I think Method Man is the only one that maintained his looks, the rest of the group didn't age too well. But Meth in his prime coulda been a model, fuck heavy with that chin strap. Fuck this album tho

  • Submitter90

    No material thing in this temporary world is worth $5 million let alone a hip hop album lol. This is straight ridiculous if true. Is Rza that desperate for money? Also Wu were never the same since odb passed away and their last good group album was Wu tang forever which was nearly 17 years ago. Also everyone knows this so called "The Wu - Once Upon A Time In Shaolin" album won't come close to their debut so whats the point..

  • Anonymous

    all i hope is the dude who put the 5 million on the table leaks it.

  • Anonymous

    Better give the copyright/masters for those kind of numbers, you trippin?!

  • Anonymous

    once this shit leaks theyre going to feel realll stupid

  • Fe

    RZA is lying! He trying to get a buzz so record labels will throw more than $5 mil at the WU! Publicity stunt who the fuck will pay $5 mil without the copyrights!

  • Anonymus

    If the plan works Wu tang won't have anything more to prove, and a thousand copycats will follow.

  • Anonymous

    Fuck fatso cornall Raekwon... ICEWATER!!!

  • true detective

    1.4m between 9 (odb family deserve some)

  • Hollywood

    it makes sense but rza should be trying to get more...at the end of the day we know if it sell for 5 rza gonna get like 2 leaving 8 people/estate to split up the other 3. It is a great business move to whoever purchases it because rza is handing over the rights to the shyt...this person or corporation can mass distribute it however they want...more than likely it will be a corporation like samsung did the jay deal

  • Anonymous

    Negro please!....the only person remotely looking forward to this shit being released is your butt-buddy Quentin Tarrentino....Kill yourself on a Shaolin sword....

  • Anonymous

    It seems like he's selling the publishing rights to this album, so the buyer can manufacture more copies and distribute it.

  • Anonymous

    it was Jay-Z, all rap sites say it

    • Anonymous

      "He's never shown any interest in Wu or working with them" Try "New Day" off WTT, or the pic with Raekwon, or the Ghostface and Cappadonna cameos in his "Do It Again" video.

    • Pharaoh

      wtf would Jay Z buy it for? a) He's never shown any interest in Wu or working with them b) You will never recoup $5m as an investment, Wu don't sell the sort of numbers even remotely capable of recouping that much. So only person who would buy this would be to have it as a collector and Jay isn't one...

    • thaINNA

      my thoughts exactly

  • Hidden Darts

    who da fuck wants to pay to stand in a museum or festival n listen to a 128 minute album wu-tang is for getting high n drunk in the crib with it playin or driving around blasting it stop fuckin around with this dumb shit or sell it to a company to release it

    • Raj

      word this is bullshit, ppl are waiting for a Wu album Nobody wants to do all that extra shit for it. Not all of us are millionaires RZA

  • Anonymous

    if he aint sellin u the masters..he robbin you..

  • Anonymous

    Smells like, smells like....... bullshit.

  • OUCH!

    Jay Z offered the 5 Million

  • Anonymous

    Triple C's> Wu Tang.

  • Wu tang forever

    Forever changing the game


    damn and I can't even get the $100 Ghostface Killah and RZA Soul Selections records I ordered last March from RZA's label Soul Temple Music. Like BOYCOTT SOUL TEMPLE MUSIC on Facebook if you're still waiting for music purchased from RZA and Soul Temple of if you want to support the cause!

    • Anonymous

      not according to that facebook page, people were promised refunds and products countless times but nothing ever happens, just more excuses.

    • Anonymous



      Nah Rza and Bobby Perry stole my money as well as hundreds, possibly thousands of fans money when we tried to support that real hip-hop and buy records from them.

    • Anonymous

      did RZA fuck ur big sis?

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