Pete Rock Reveals EP Work With De La Soul & "Soul Survivor 3"

Exclusive: Pete Rock explains why Nas' "Illmatic" still holds appeal after 20 years and announces a pair of upcoming releases.

The year 2014 could prove a very nostalgic one for Pete Rock and his fans.

The Mount Vernon, New York native will see the Pete Rock & CL Smooth album, The Main Ingredient, celebrate its 20-year anniversary. Additionally, Nas’ debut album, Illmatic—which boasts the Pete Rock-produced “The World Is Yours”—will also see a twentieth anniversary.

During an recent interview with HipHopDX, Pete Rock explains why he thinks Illmatic has maintained its appeal after almost 20 years.

“At that time and that point in your career, your adrenaline is flowing so much that everything you do comes out great,” Pete Rock says. “You don’t realize it until you come back to the whole thing. When I listened to the whole album, I said, ‘Wow. This kid is definitely the future, and he’s gonna be a force.’”

These days, Pete Rock is keeping busy with a handful of projects. He's working on an upcoming De La Soul EP and announced new installments of a pair of his earlier solo projects.

“I’m working on my new album, Soul Survivor 3,” Pete Rock said. “I’ve got my new website,, out there, and I’m pushing merchandise on there. You can buy T-shirts, download free music and so forth. Soul Brother University is coming soon, as well as PeteStrumentals 2. I’m working with Skyzoo and Torae, and I’m also working with De La Soul on an EP. I’m still being me.”

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  • D.G

    All of you who made the comments below are not Hip-Hop...Stay the hell away from the culture..........Realness

  • Anonymous

    so the Dj premier vs Pete Rock is never coming out! Fucking ASSHOLES!! Both of these faggots talk to much! They shpuld stay behind the wheels of steel and drop beats!!! They never should have gave these iggas money!!!

  • james

    this nicka is a goofy....his work he is most remembered for is cl and he is talkin bout bread from me...corny...

    • Sieggy

      Run DMC - Down With the King House of Pain - Jump Around (Remix) Nas - The World is Yours Public Enemy - Shut Em' Down (Remix) A Tribe Called Quest - Jazz Big L - Holding It Down name a few And Notorious BIG - Juicy was produced by Pete but Puff lifted the production, rearranged it lightly and ripped him off.

    • james

      hey just came back from looking up pete rock's music and I got to say this nigga is garbage on the mic and on the boards. hands down, young chop and DJ mustard are by far the best producers in the game.

    • Anonymous

      Damn, you obviously don't know much about hip hop if you're making such comments. Do me a favor, after you drag yourself out of your mother's basement, go to the local library and hop on the internet. Look up Pete's work, study it and then come back and post what you learned about who he has worked with and how many albums he has put out!

    • son of a sax

      He's had Pos on a track before.

  • Fanatic

    I used to be a big big pete rock fan. I Followed his work since the all souled out days, but nowadays I feel that his productions are just lame and very disappointing. Come on Pete Rock, I see producer from your generation like NO ID and Salaam Remi step up their game. All your fans are waiting for you to do the same.

  • Come On

    Soul survivor is one of my favorite Hip Hop albums of all time. And I can't wait to hear soul survivor 3. This is great news.

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