Kanye West Postpones Australian Tour To Focus On New Album

Kanye West's "Yeezus" Australian tour to now take place in September, four months after the initial tour dates.

Fans in Australia will now have to wait a few extra months to see Chicago rapper Kanye West live in concert during his Yeezus tour. According to several tweets made by Live Nation Australia, ‘Ye has postponed his Australian tour to focus on his new album.

Those in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, and a handful of other cities will now have to wait until September to see Kanye perform.

With today being April 1, Live Nation Australia stressed that news of the rescheduled Yeezus tour dates is not an April Fools’ Day joke.

Those who purchased tickets to the Australian leg of the Yeezus tour can either use their tickets for the rescheduled dates in September or they can arrange to receive a refund (arrangement must be made before April 30).

The rescheduled dates for Kanye’s Yeezus Australian tour are as follows:

Sept 5 – Perth Arena, Perth

Sept 7 – Entertainment Centre, Adelaide

Sept 9 – Rod Laver Arena, Melbourne

Sept 10 – Rod Laver Arena, Melbourne

Sept 12 – Qantas Credit Union Arena, Sydney

Sept 15 – Brisbane Entertainment Centre, Brisbane

Few details have been revealed in regards to Kanye’s next solo album, which will serve as a follow-up to 2013’s Yeezus. But during an interview with Life + Times last year, rapper/producer Q-Tip revealed that both he and Rick Rubin will produce Kanye’s next album.

"I'm producing Kanye's new album with Rick Rubin," Q-Tip said in December.

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  • Anonymous

    Fuck Australia, fuck Kanye, fuck the focus on his new album, fuck his accomplishments, and fuck his life overall

  • dam

    how he gon do my australian homies like dat? smh

  • David Bunz

    Very interested to hear some Q-Tip production on a Kanye album. Maybe it'll actually sound like hip-hop instead of alt-fused-experimental-electronica-whateverthafuck Kanye has been doing lately

  • Baker

    Fucking bullshit scam! Making so much interest

  • Anonymous

    "this isnt a rick ross article" Was never talking about ross. This is about kayne.

  • Come On

    I can't wait until his next album. This is awesome news.

    • Bobby Kidde

      lets just remember the fact that now he's gonna be rushing this album since he said it's coming out in the beginning of the summer... tbh i really wish he would just work on an album for the rest of the year and just release it next summer

  • Anonymous

    "Australian tour" Wow, I thought there was only like 3 cities there and the rest was desert

    • Anonymous

      i like pizza too

    • Anonymous

      I'm at the right place on the right article, it's just going over your head. And I've been to Billings, Missoula, Whitefish, Montana. In Missoula, that beer bar that does the growlers, the one by the farmer's market by the university and movie theater, even a bunch of bikers by the hotels and supermarket were cool as hell, smoked weed and chilled by the bridge. But once I went to the pizza spot, they tried to not serve me, waited 40 minutes on a slow day, until they found out I was there with a prominent community member and they got called out for the BS. We left that $87 order right there too Montana is almost abandoned, the youth are moving away. And it's a place where people know there are "rap fans" who know absolutely nothing about the music, just PPF's (popular personality followers), the LAST people to speak on hood/black community issues. Let's be clear. donnis mac

    • An

      @5th Anonymous, are u sure u're on the right article?!?!?! And fuck the people clowning on Montana

    • Anonymous

      a pure example of sa knucklehead who doesn't understand what freedom of speech is freedom of speech IS-saying you don't like the govt and not worrying about being thrown in jail freedom of speech is NOT-talking out of your ass on topics you have no idea about just because you have internet access see, whites always feel like they have to be heard, the center of attention, the voice of reason (traits of insecurity, proven fact) but you just read an article with 5 stops, have internet access so YOU can get your own information about what's there, and yet you STILL posted that asinine comment to be funny? you made yourself look more like a jackass than a comedian. why at all? because you feel entitled to imply your "freedom of speech" and REALLY, should just S T F U

    • Anonymous

      i dont know where montana is

    • Anonymous

      Says the person who lives in Montana bka Middle of Nowhere

    • Anonymous

      you probably never been out of state too huh

  • Anonymous

    YEEZUS DA GAWD! lol crazy excited for MORE ye material. yeahh

  • Anonymous

    He ain't selling out the australian dates. That's why he postponed. He might be only playing in theaters now.

    • Anonymous

      arenas would buy up tickets & give them away or discount them before cancelling insurance and giving refunds before they would let that business go to theaters, especially when they already gave Kanye money to secure the shows wtf you talking about

    • Anonymous

      this isnt a rick ross article

  • Anonymous

    Since I didn't plan to go to the concerts anyway, I am gladly wating for this album. His personality may not seem great for anyboy but since the music is great I don't care about anything else

  • Anonymous

    must have found some new obscure band or artist he want to rip off quick before anyone notices them

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