Big Hutch says that he wanted to call his forthcoming album The Big Hit because of the way in which it was being released. 

“I had the concept to put out a record just on the fly, like a hit, as if I was contemplating a move and then just attacking the industry, basically,” Big Hutch says of his new album, which is scheduled to be released tomorrow (April 1), during an exclusive interview with HipHopDX. “I woke up one morning, went to the studio, cut some records and then I decided to just put it out straight to my fans.”

The Above The Law rapper isn’t a fans of some things going on in rap, though. The Pomona, California artist made “Death To The Fake” with rappers who wear skirts in mind. He also had a specific target. 

“What sparked that up was a lot of cats imitating the imagery of what we’ve done already,” says the rapper also known as Cold 187um. “I was going back and forth with the situation of Tyga using 187 and claiming he’s from this area when really he’s from a suburban area and he’s not really from the hood. You have these cats putting out these records and saying how real and true they are. In actuality, they’re really some square kids trying to take advantage of real things that happen in the ghetto and real things that really go down. They’re trying to sell these cats all of this, ‘I’m popping bills. I’m turnt up. I’m this gangster and I’ve got these tattoos and I’m hard,’ and really you’re a square kid from suburbia trying to act hard. I wanted to expose that.” 

As he’s done throughout his career with Above The Law and as a solo artist, Big Hutch also wanted to discuss multiple aspects of the drug game. He does so on The Big Hit cut “Diaries of a Drug Dealer.”

“There are circumstances and things you have to be responsible for when you get caught up on the drug game,” says Big Hutch, who was released from prison in 2006 after serving more than two years on drug conspiracy charges. “What I really wanted to say in ‘Diaries of a Drug Dealer’ is that there are many things that can happen. I took risks to make money for people who haven’t really given a shit about me. I also took risks to help people. I’ve also been caught up in it. But at the end of the day, I still believe that if you do good in life, you can be prosperous. But there are situations that when you can get caught up, you’ve gotta deal with yourself.

“I felt bad because I got put in that situation, but I don’t have any regrets for what I’ve done,” he continues. “For me, doing a record like that was therapy. On top of that, it’s really to tell you the mind of a drug dealer and what he goes through. Yeah, he hurts. There’s people that do him bad. He’s also caught up, because even though the money is good and the lifestyle is great, when you’re caught up in that cell, you’re going to be praying to God that your family is OK, that people you love are going to be alright and you can make it that next day out of the situation.”  

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