Gucci Mane Reportedly Made $1.3 Million Off Music In 2013

A Noisey article chronicles Gucci Mane's behind-bars release schedule. One 1017 Brick Squad associate says "I sat down with Gucci...and let him know that these mixtapes were a source of income."

In an article posted on Noisey this weekend, two associates close to Gucci Mane explain how the rapper has continued to release and profit from unheard music while serving time in prison.

With plans to release not one but two mixtapes on the first day of April, Ronald “Caveman” Rosario, who helps distribute 1017 Brick Squad projects, described how Gucci Mane made more than a million dollars from music sales in 2013. “With Gucci, last year we did a total of 12 projects, including nine Gucci Mane projects and three 1017 projects,” Rosario said. Noisey goes on to cite “Caveman” as claiming that Gucci made “about $1.3 million from that” before speaking on the continued merchandise the rapper sells and benefits from on, an outlet that Rosario co-owns. “We have the official ‘Free Guwop” tee shirt. That shit sells all day everyday,” Rosario said. Rosario, who works for a music distribution company, also explained encouraging Gucci Mane to distribute the mixtapes themselves. “I sat down with Gucci right around the release of Trap God and let him know that these mixtapes were a source of income and that he was basically giving the money away to sites like LiveMixtapes,” he said.

Speaking with Noisey, Rosario also detailed Young Thug’s complicated label situation, noting that Gucci Mane is positioned to benefit from any success the Rich Gang managed rapper might experience. “The fucking reality of it is Thug is signed to 1017, regardless of where he wants to go,” he said. “So regardless of what people want to say, what they want to Tweet or Instagram, Gucci is still gonna get paid. Thug is running around saying Rich Gang, but a lot of people don’t understand that Rich Gang is a management company. It is a management deal. It isn’t a record deal. So Birdman and his team are now representing him, but regardless of his representation he’s still signed to Gucci.”

Adding an explanation of Gucci’s approach to developing young artists more generally, Rosario described how the Trap House rapper has mentored artists like Young Thug. “[Gucci] has his ears to the streets,” he said. “So when people come up to him like ‘This dude’s poppin’, this dude’s winning he’ll bring them close and in a sense teach them. He’ll bring them on the road, have them open up for him. He shows them how this shit works.”

Noisey’s article is also built out of an interview with 1017 audio engineer Sean Paine who explained how the rapper’s behind-bars releases are put together. “1017 isn’t at a standstill, but we’re definitely waiting to see what they’re doing with Gucci first,” he said. “He’ll call from jail and give us some direction on these projects and then we kind of go from there,” Paine said. “Gucci really makes all the decisions.”

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  • Anonymous

    didn't court documents say that his average income is $300k a year?

  • insanemacbeth

    bare manZ are gon' tat up their face now, and TRY and rap...l.o.l.

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  • Kizman

    Gucci doesnt have ONE album that can top The Recession or TM101.

  • Anonymous

    1.3 million off 12 albums, nigga? I could divide.

  • gucci the realest

    gucci mane is the blue print of a real nigga straight up

  • Mr. Tibbs

    As much as I love music reading shit like this makes me want to kill myself. Wasn't this icecream cone face ass nigga in jail 120 days of 2013? I mean damn I don't consider myself musically gifted but I got more to say than this clown cause he sucks. No you don't understand he is really horrible and I feel like he sets black people back to on the boat pre slavery status.

  • Anonymous

    Gucci Mane Made 1.3 Million Off C00nery In 2013

  • Anonymous

    gucci..... ill never get rap fans who like this kind of music. current wayne. danny brown. keef. you name it.

  • This is what you ignorant niggas call a real nigga

    real nigga. every music vid niggas worship this retarted ass nigga as a real nigga. This is why blacks are looked down because of ignorant fools worshipping niggas like gucci. The sad thing is gucci has a big fan base in the south who think its cool to be a gang banger and dope seller.

  • Anonymous

    i dont believe this, maybe 130k

  • IROC

    Thats some good money this dude is making spreading ignorance because if he was dropping knowledge he couldnt get a dime ! Now young thug should change his name to young Dummy you already sign to someone else and then you go over to Baby this child molester and sign getting pimped on all levels

    • HUH

      So far as you know it that oil money is just talk. Never count another man's money. It makes you look foolish.

    • Anonymous

      Birdman only kisses his son wayne. Oh and Birdman's oil business is larger than jay z's net worth.

  • Anonymous

    I'd like to see proof of this.

  • Anonymous

    so if a small time mixtape rapper made that much of free mixtapes on livemixtapes i wonder how much big name artists who put out albums made

  • Anonymous

    This is so wrong.A talentless-no rap skill having-ugly mofo like this mad 1.3mill?. U know what? If this whack rapper can make it rapping; imma b a rapper too. Since u stupid fans too retarded to know good music i figured yall gonna pay for my shit(yes my SHIT,Literally my SHIT coz i cant rap for real).imma rap the full alphabet in my first single...A-B-C-D-E-F...I bet yall some idiots still gonna buy the single n pay to see me rap.

    • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      stop talking and do and get it, since its that easy....FOH

    • Fish

      But how do you know what Gucci's tapes and albums sound like? The only way that you could no that he is 'talentless-no rap skill having' is if YOU are listening to them. More conclusive evidence that, inside, every hater is really a fan. 1017 Bricksquad bitch!!!

  • It's a shame

    Mofo boys on here arguing how much someone is making,fking go get yours


    Contract all fucked up I guess that means you all fucked up You signed to one nigga that signed to another nigga That's signed to three niggas, now that's bad luck

  • drake runs rap

    1.3$millions might be a lot to Gucci but Drake makes those numbers on a daily basis! drake is the most succesful rapper at age 27 and it was him who brought gucci into the spotlight gucci owes everything to drake

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