Joe Budden Apologizes For Instagram Post Stereotyping Sikh Man

The rapper took to Twitter to apologize for the original post: "I apologize to all Sikhs and any1 i offended w my tasteless & stereotypical post yesterday."

After being called out by a Twitter user for a post he made on Friday, Slaughterhouse emcee Joe Budden took to the platform yesterday to apologize for a recent and since-deleted Instagram post of a man wearing a turban in an airport security line with the caption “Not on my watch Homeboy!” attached.

On Friday (March 28), a Twitter user by the name Fateh Singh reposted Joe Budden’s Instagram post to Twitter with attached commentary calling it “racism and ignorance at its finest.”

Singh’s Tweet, which has now been retweeted more than a thousand times, inspired dozens of other users to criticize the rapper for his comments. One user, Jaskaran Dhanoa, engaged with Budden directly, asking him to “admit [his] fault and apologize.”

Yesterday, Budden apologized officially with a pair of Tweets referencing his own post as “stereotypical” and “in bad judgement.”

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  • fuck this comment section

    This comment section gave me cancer.


    Sniper... haha a hindu with a sniper? Is this some joke. Hindus are cowards, how the hell u gonna say shit against Sikhs,Sikhs are the masters of weapons !! come 2 queens we set u str8. Joe budden said sorry, his just super dumb, he aint pac, pac knew all his history !

  • Annox

    What a stupid thing for him to post. What an idiot.

  • sniper

    So why did the Prime Minister's peaceful-loving Sikh bodyguards kill her? So why did peaceful-loving Sikhs blow up a plane full of Canadians (and almost blew-up a second place full of innocent people if not for the brave actions of a Japanese baggage handler)? Were these crimes not committed in the name of an independent Sikh state in India separate from Muslims and Hindus? 20 million Sikhs whose silence against these crimes was deafening...

    • Singh

      Sniper your a hindu. Your broke. Make money like a SIKH then talk hoe.

    • HomaY

      she was gunned down since since killed thousands and thousands of innocents, and since u HINDUS are so dirty and filthy and SIKHS live clean- Sikhs wanted OUT of nAstY India!!

  • medicated214501

    Where im from in London iv seen a few black sikhs..real talk!!

  • EmoRappersBlow

    Typical double standard in rap/black culture: dude makes a crack about African-Americans and the podium comes out. Black dude makes a crack about Asians and all you need is a Twitter apology.

    • Anonymous

      Don Imus still got a show, Riley Cooper got an extension while Deshawn Jackson gets released, Isiah Washington haven't worked since calling some dude a fag while Paula Deen is back making commercials and that's just a couple of examples so don't say shit about double standards.

  • Anonymous


  • himmat

    joe budden should take time and read sikh history i gurantee he and his tribe will start liking them> good he realised his mitake>

    • don

      Shut the fuck up

    • hanssmith

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  • HolyGrail

    i'm no longer a joe budden fan. Jay Z> more than you'll ever be.

  • Anonymous

    "my god is a forgiving one" this mindframe is why people feel like they can say/do anything and its all good as long as their imaginary friend tells them so

  • youngniggasteve

    Joe Budden is an ignorant ass nigga for sure. Yall dumbass niggas need to pick up a fuckin book and do your research before you make some ignorant ass comments. Black people steal, white people rape, but u aint fuckin with them like this eh

  • Anonymous

    What a bitch. Never apologize for a joke, never. Be a man Budden.

  • sniper

    Sikhism, by its very nature, is a racist religion. People are quick to defend faiths and beliefs that they they nothing about. Have you been to India? Do you not know of the caste system? Do you not know of the hatred between Sikhs, Hindus, and Muslims? Try to have an intra-faith marriage and let me know how that works out for all parties involved...

    • CleaN Sikh


    • sikhguy

      Bro, I have no idea why you got your information about Sikhs being a tribe of exclusionary warriors. Anybody was welcome to join the Sikhs as they were fighting the Mughals from the north who were forcefully converting mostly Hindus at the time to Islam. Keep in mind, there were no Sikhs over 500 years ago, so they had to come from other faiths. Also, the caste system was a major impetus to the founding of the Sikh religion. One of the major tenants of Sikhism is that everyone is equal. It might not seem like a big deal now, but during the 1600s in India it was a revolutionary idea that was actually put into practice. On the issue of inter-faith marriages, I know many Sikhs who have married outside of their faith and even race (in America). My first cousin in India also married a Hindu. I'm not saying that everyone who calls him/herself Sikh is a good person. I personally know "Sikhs" who have lied, cheated, and stolen. But you can find examples of bad people in any religious group. To make these generalizations about a religion with over 20 million followers is unfair. Keep in mind, many Sikhs have been targets of hate crimes in recent years. I'd like to curb that hatred, not incite it.

    • King Noble

      Who gives a shit anyway? Niggas are still going to rule the world and chase these devil out the planet.

    • sniper

      Okay, thank you for an intelligent reply. However, what you call "societal and cultural norms" is no different that what we in America would call "racism". Was Joe Budden ignorant with his comment, at face value, yes. But if you want to truly get into Sikhs and their place throughout history as a exclusionary tribe of warriors then we can do that as well. Western liberals are quick to brace non-Christian religions as misunderstood "religions of peace" when they are anything but...

    • randomdude

      Sikhism, by its very nature, is not a racist religion. The religion itself does not have any caste system. Sikhism does not hold hatred towards other religions. Inter-faith marriages are looked down upon people of Indian society, regardless of religion. Whereas followers of the religions outside of India, and even some in India, do not have hold reservations against inter-faith marriages. Inter-faith marriages being an issue is a result of societal and cultural norms. -from an individual who has some knowledge of Sikhism and has been to India

    • sniper

      typo... should say "interfaith marriage"

  • lol

    "I don't like a nigga? I don't pretend to/ I'll have the paramedics wrap your fucking head like a Hindu" - 50 Cent

  • IROC

    Joe Budden is not one of the best rappers around i give him props because he been able to make some money and living off it pretty good he's not getting up punching a clock every day take notes hater find a way to get money

    • Anonymous

      You're obviously not listening then. Only a hater or somebody not listening will say that shit. Joe is clown off the Mic but there's no denying his skill on the Mic. You fucking keyboard crabs are the biggest cancer in Hip Hop!

  • Anonymous

    Nigga can rhyme, but he's a faggot ass nigga, nigga.

  • Anonymous

    I've said from the beginning that Joe Budden is thee worst what ever what ever. And he wears Craig Sagers old underwear

  • Anonymous

    damn and this nigga be complaining about whites being rascist to blacks

  • shadyari

    I was just listening to Joes last album and its ill :) but come on Joe please dont be like that :) we love you man

  • Anonymous

    lightskinned nikkas always on some dumb shit

  • stop racism

    besides I would mind slaughterhouse just being a 3 man group

  • stop racism

    the Sikhs are powerful don't fuck with them

  • C

    its sad cuz ppl who don't know budden (who is a real mc) are saying "the PUMP IT UP GUY is a racist"

  • Anonymous

    this sikh nigga should sue. yall are forgetting. no matter how genius of a joke he could make he is still taking a picture of a stranger without his permission and posting it on his public celebrity twitter.

  • C

    I would expect a ignorant comment from someone like him who has white privilege :P

  • C

    LOL wtf budden is more white then Obama.

  • M

    tell this dude that in America, black people are allowed to be racist.

    • Anonymous

      i gotta think it would be the obvious. if you were subject to racism i would think it would make you treat others differently, treat them the way you would want to be treated. You first. Remember where it started and who keeps doing it systematically.

    • Anonymous

      "and why not -- if you're subject to racism non stop it obviously leaves an impact on your psyche." i gotta think it would be the obvious. if you were subject to racism i would think it would make you treat others differently, treat them the way you would want to be treated

    • Anonymous

      and why not -- if you're subject to racism non stop it obviously leaves an impact on your psyche. dont act like blacks can behave as oblivious to the situation as whites can

  • sniper

    So Sikh terrorists didn't blow up Air India Flight 182 with a bunch of innocent Canadians and foreign nationals on it? Do be so quick to judge Joe Budden...

    • sikhx foot fiave SingH

      They were innocent in Court u broke ass hindu, if it wasnt for Sikhs ALL yall hindus would have been converted 2 islam 500 years go !!! dipshit

    • anon

      There are extremists in every religion. Sikhism by it's very nature teaches tolerance and equality amongst all people (regardless of gender or colour). Indian culture is complex and has a lot to learn about tolerance. But the Sikh religion has never taught hate. We are all one.

    • sniperk

      Except it wasn't "two or three" Sikhs who committed the acts of terrorism (which included assassinating the Prime Minister of India Indira Gandhi). It would be like saying "two or three" Germans were Nazis...

    • Anonymous

      dont be so quick to trust others neither fam. stay neutral as best u can

    • r

      yea, man! lets judge em all...the whole religion...based on what two or three ppl did! Maybe all white americans should be lined up & shot, since there was a bunch of em back in the day who committed mas genocide and claim land thats not actually theirs

    • anon

      you my friend are an idiot

    • Anonymous

      Oh yeah, that gives him the right to judge an entire race/religion based on the actions of a few brainwashed extremists. Don't be so quick to judge others, smh.

    • sniper

      Google Babbar Khalsa International. The Sikhs aren't the innocent religious group they claim to be...

  • Anonymous

    fuck the terrorists bomb them all

  • Anonymous

    joe budden needs some knowledge of self.

  • Anonymous

    People constantly make racist, stereotyping jokes about black people everyday yet the second someone makes a joke about someone in a turban it's a huge deal? Wow

  • Anonymous

    i wouldn't have apologized.

  • NM

    it shows manhood to show humility when your wrong ...i commend that blessed joe

  • The Advocate Mc

    love live the sikhs

  • The Advocate Mc

    XENOPHOBIA budden is just scared. fuck yourself. Then again who takes Anything serious from a mix kid

  • Sikh guy

    We all smell like shit!! real talk.

  • Anonymous

    im not ignant so i dont look at a man with a turban and think terrorist. he has to at least have a beard.,

  • Anonymous

    if it was me i would be apologizing for a wack ass joke, not for making racism. if his joke was actually funny no one would be mad

    • Anonymous

      yall are forgetting. no matter how genius of a joke he could make he is still taking a picture of a stranger without his permission and posting it on his public celebrity twitter.

    • Dave

      u only "kind of agree" becuz it's really hard to imagine joe budden being smart enough to make a good joke so u cant quite visualize it LOL

    • Anonymous

      i kind of agree

  • Robby

    Been a Joe Budden fan for many many years, was even apart of the "internet souljhaz" movement he had.. sadly I will no longer be a Joe Budden Supporter...It was racist and wrong and done in bad taste towards such a respectful community. Farewell Joey I will no longer support you ever again.

  • Anonymous

    yeah he was wrong on that one. good he apologized like he should. he wasn't the first though, and while he can be held responsible for his actions, this sort of shit would fly on "2 broke girls" or a quip in the news.

  • History Teacher

    ORIGIN OF THE IDEA OF RACE by Audrey Smedley Anthropology Newsletter, November 1997 Contemporary scholars agree that "race" was a recent invention and that it was essentially a folk idea, not a product of scientific research and discovery. This is not new to anthropologists. Since the 1940s when Ashley Montagu argued against the use of the term "race" in science, a growing number of scholars in many disciplines have declared that the real meaning of race in American society has to do with social realities, quite distinct from physical variations in the human species. I argue that race was institutionalized beginning in the 18th century as a worldview, a set of culturally created attitudes and beliefs about human group differences. Slavery and the Coming of Africans Race and its ideology about human differences arose out of the context of African slavery. But many peoples throughout history have been enslaved without the imposition of racial ideology. When we look at 17th century colonial America before the enactment of laws legitimizing slavery only for Africans and their descendants (after 1660), several facts become clear. 1). The first people that the English tried to enslave and place on plantations were the Irish with whom they had had hostile relations since the 13th century. 2) Some Englishmen had proposed laws enslaving the poor in England and in the colonies to force them to work indefinitely. 3) Most of the slaves on English plantations in Barbados and Jamaica were Irish and Indians. 4) Many historians point out that African servants and bonded indentured white servants were treated much the same way. They often joined together, as in the case of Bacon's Rebellion (1676) to oppose the strict and oppressive laws of the colonial government. In the latter part of the 17th century the demand for labor grew enormously. It had become clear that neither Irishmen nor Indians made good slaves. More than that, the real threats to social order were the poor freed whites who demanded lands and privileges that the upper class colonial governments refused. Some colonial leaders argued that turning to African labor provided a buffer against the masses of poor whites. Until the 18th century the image of Africans was generally positive. They were farmers and cattle-breeders; they had industries, arts and crafts, governments and commerce. In addition, Africans had immunities to Old World diseases. They were better laborers and they had nowhere to escape to once transplanted to the New World. The colonists themselves came to believe that they could not survive without Africans. When some Englishmen entered slave trading directly, it became clear that many of the English public had misgivings about slave-trading and re-creating slavery on English soil. It was an era when the ideals of equality, justice, democracy, and human rights were becoming dominant features of Western political philosophy. Those involved in the trade rationalized their actions by arguing that the Africans were heathens after all, and it was a Christian duty to save their souls. By the early part of the 18th century, the institution was fully established for Africans and their descendants. Large numbers of slaves flooded the southern colonies and even some northern ones. Sometimes they outnumbered whites, and the laws governing slavery became increasingly harsher. A New Social Identity Toward the end of the eighteenth century, the image of Africans began to change dramatically. The major catalyst for this transformation was the rise of a powerful antislavery movement that expanded and strengthened during the Revolutionary Era both in Europe and in the United States. As a consequence proslavery forces found it necessary to develop new arguments for defending the institution. Focusing on physical differences, they turned to the notion of the natural inferiority of Africans and thus their God-given suitability for slavery. Such arguments became more frequent and strident from the end of the eighteenth century on, and the characterizations of Africans became more negative. From here we see the structuring of the ideological components of "race." The term "race," which had been a classificatory term like "type," or "kind," but with ambiguous meaning, became more widely used in the eighteenth century, and crystallized into a distinct reference for Africans, Indians and Europeans. By focusing on the physical and status differences between the conquered and enslaved peoples, and Europeans, the emerging ideology linked the socio-political status and physical traits together and created a new form of social identity. Proslavery leaders among the colonists formulated a new ideology that merged all Europeans together, rich and poor, and fashioned a social system of ranked physically distinct groups. The model for "race" and "races" was the Great Chain of Being or Scale of Nature (Scala Naturae), a semi-scientific theory of a natural hierarchy of all living things, derived from classical Greek writings. The physical features of different groups became markers or symbols of their status on this scale, and thus justified their positions within the social system. Race ideology proclaimed that the social, spiritual, moral, and intellectual inequality of different groups was, like their physical traits, natural, innate, inherited, and unalterable. Thus was created the only slave system in the world that became exclusively "racial." By limiting perpetual servitude to Africans and their descendants, colonists were proclaiming that blacks would forever be at the bottom of the social hierarchy. By keeping blacks, Indians and whites socially and spatially separated and enforcing endogamous mating, they were making sure that visible physical differences would be preserved as the premier insignia of unequal social statuses. From its inception separateness and inequality was what "race" was all about. The attributes of inferior race status came to be applied to free blacks as well as slaves. In this way, "race" was configured as an autonomous new mechanism of social differentiation that transcended the slave condition and persisted as a form of social identity long after slavery ended. Humans as Property American slavery was unique in another way; that is, how North American slave-owners resolved the age-old dilemma of all slave systems. Slaves are both persons and things----human beings and property. How do you treat a human being as both person and property? And what should take precedence, the human rights of the slave or the property rights of the master? American laws made clear that property was more sacred than people, and the property rights of masters overshadowed the human rights of slaves. Said Chief Justice Roger B. Taney in the famous Dred Scott case of 1857, "Negroes were seen only as property; they were never thought of or spoken of except as property" and "(thus) were not intended by the framers of the Constitution to be accorded citizenship rights." In order to transform people solely into property, you must minimize those qualities that make them human. Literature of the early nineteenth century began to portray "the negro" as a savage in even stronger terms than those that had been used for the Irish two centuries earlier. This was a major transformation in thought about who Africans were. Historian George Fredrickson states explicitly that "before 1830 open assertions of permanent black inferiority were exceedingly rare" (The Black Image in the White Mind, 1987). By mid-century, the ideology of "negro inferiority" dominated both popular and scholarly thought.

    • Ya Daddy

      @last comment Co-sign This guy that keep talking shit about Europeans like the are one country and race is a moron who lives on these message boards repeating the same bullshit everytime, especially whenever it's a Lord Jamar story as this gives him an opportunity to get up on his imaginary sopebox from behind his keyboard and sound dumb. I'm black and I cringe everytime I read this guys comments.

    • ^^^^^^^smh, what a fucking idiot^^^^^^

      There is no "European race" you simpleminded fool. Europe is made up of so many races, look it up for a change before writing stupid comments with no substance. The worst people who raped Africa are the Brittish then the Dutch and French also Luxembourg played a part. Really tho pick up a book or two especially on history as you don't seem to have a clue and just make black people sound dumb, smh.

    • Anonymous

      The term race came from the European race to rob exploit tand take the riches of Africa for themselves and maintain white supremacy around the which they have.

    • Anonymous

      put down the crack pipe and in about 12-14 hours your vision should clear up . another 36 hours and your mind will be able to comprehend basic sentences again. then you canb come back and read that post ^^^

    • Anonymous

      too long didnt read

  • Anonymous

    It was just a joke, but atleast he apologized anyway

  • Humz

    So he stereotyped and it's bad because the guy was Sikh, but insulting Muslims is ok?

  • Thomas

    @Rozay @2nd anon Idiots, smh. Sikhs aren't Muslims and do not go around preaching hate, treating women like shit or bombing people.

  • Mike D

    Sikhs are not muslims. Sikhs are from India. Buddens needs to learn his history.

  • Anonymous

    Just for that I never listen to another Jo bud den track.. He is the worst in slaughter house any ways.

  • Anonymous

    what a dummy, now they're gonna crash a plane into his house

  • Anonymous

    He doesn't even seem remotely remorseful.

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