Warren G Calls DeSean Jackson Release "A Scapegoat Situation"

Warren G says DeSean Jackson should consider signing with the Oakland Raiders following release from the Philadelphia Eagles.

Following reports that Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver DeSean Jackson was released from his team over what was perceived as alleged gang ties, Long Beach, California rapper Warren G has responded to news of Jackson’s release.

Warren G defended the athlete during an interview with TMZ, stating that Jackson is not responsible for the actions of those he’s associated with. He also shared his belief that the Philadelphia Eagles let Jackson go because they didn’t want to pay him.

"He was born and raised in a rough area, and everyone has friends who are troubled if you grew up where he did,” Warren G said. “This is a scapegoat situation…cause they don’t want to give him a lot of money."

With three years left in his contract, Jackson would have made $30 million over the next three years or $10 million per year.

In regards to a new team for Jackson, Warren G says he should consider the Oakland Raiders, a team he claims “will respect your talents.”

Jackson’s release from the Philadelphia Eagles comes weeks after a picture of Jackson with rappers Nipsey Hussle and Freeway was posted on Instagram. In the picture, Jackson is believed to be throwing a Crip gang sign.

In response to the picture, Jackson released a statement stating that he has never “been part of any gang."

"I am not a gang member and to speculate and assume that I am involved in such activity is reckless and irresponsible,” he said.

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  • #overheard

    Yeah right, nicka. conversations been flying for years bout how you let the crips takeover your mansion to the point where you had to go buy another just to have a place to live.

  • IROC

    WHEN The NFL domt want you they black ball you without any proof they make this man a gang member so no other team will want him is Philly afraid he might land on a team in the NFL East Div they will have to face it might be 2014 but the NFL is still operating in 1950"s

  • Anonymous

    And things of that nature!

  • youISNThardbro

    Jackson should know better than to be throwin up gang signs.

  • Anonymous

    This is simple. At some point this guy needs to grow up. When you have more to lose by doing stupid shit, you should take less risks.

  • Anonymous

    Snitchy Cent flopped on the charts and his fans look like Beibs.

  • M

    Yo DX why don't you ever showcase Jackson's rap music on here? I know all his songs suck, but give him some love he is down.

    • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    You make the kind of money they were paying him your dumb ass should learn to act right.

  • Anonymous

    fuck each and everyone of you hating niccas below me

  • Anonymous

    Raiders always end up with former criminals like rapists, gang bangers, women abusers and drug addicts. What DeSean did was trivial, not gangsta enough to be a Raider. Michael Vick and Ray Lewis on the other hand......

  • Anonymous

    Warren G isn't the owner of the Eagles, therefore who cares what he thinks? It's not the money. It's the potential for controversy that teams don't want to deal with.

  • Regulate Ain't Shit

    Since when is this nigga an analyst? And since when the Raiders respect its players talents? He might fuck around and get charged with murder if he go down there.

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