Chief Keef Says He's Paying For Funeral Of Infant Jakariah Patterson

Chief Keef posts an Instagram message about the death of Jakariah Patterson.

Chief Keef posted on Instagram today (March 28) that he will be paying for the funeral of Jakariah Patterson. 

Two-year-old Patterson was found dead earlier this month. Her father, Jeremiah L. Thompson, was ordered to be held without bail after being charged with her killing, according to the Chicago Tribune

The report says that Thompson killed Patterson in their Lansing, Illinois residence after she soiled herself while he was taking care of her. She was not toilet trained.


Chief Keef’s Instagram post regarding Patterson is as follows:

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  • Anonymous

    This Savage name Chief Keef deserves no applauds for paying for a funeral.His negativity is part of the reason why the youth today are killing & dying young.Chief if you want to do something positive then be a role model & promote a positive message in your music.

    • Anonymous

      shut the fuck up violence has been going on way before Chief Keef and it will be around after his dead reality check fool

  • claradaveyyma

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  • Anon

    Im pretty sure he said "tell the news to report this" because he was in the news for a bunch of negative shit last week

    • Anonymous

      yeah maybe this will make everyone forget about him being involved in a shooting the other day and how his managers whole neighborhood is scared now.

  • Anonymous

    This guy is about as sharp as a marble

  • Anonymous

    duke who killed the girl was probably listening to keefs mixtape while he did it

  • T

    @anon Well said, my father hates all whites because a bunch of skinhead faggots beat and paralyzed my uncle in the 80s, but it's dumb as fuck to blame an entire race over that shit.

  • Anonymous

    Only Chief Keef would turn a sad time in a family's life into a popularity contest. Let's all forgive this young man because he doesn't seem to know any better.


    Big gucci raised this nigga well. now sosa finna blast some more niggas and pay for their funerals so niggas get shook when sosa drive by real nigga shit.

  • Anonymous

    He should be paying for his own funeral.

  • Anonymous

    Chief Keef was with someone who shot someone earlier this week and a few days before he posted a picture of a bunch of guns with a caption of "already." He was taken into custody and all of the local news reported it that's why he said "tell the news to report this," you guys really need to at least pay attention to the news and get a better idea before coming to conclusions.

  • Anonymous

    Good for him and I hope her father gets death for doing this

  • lol

    Lol you see this shit? These comments are ridiculous. This is why I stay hating on the racist, elitist ass white people that use this site because no matter what they'll try and find a way to make some shit negative. Dudes doing a good deed (sure the "TELL THE NEWS" shit dont really help but are YOU gonna pay for it?) and yet yall still gotta be like "FUK CHEF KEF REELHIPPHOPP ONLY!". Yall lame as fuck. RIP Jakariah

    • Anonymous

      my brother hates all blacks because he got robbed on the street one time for his wallet, phone and ipod but i try to tell him you can't blame everyone for 1 persons actions.

    • T

      @anon Well said. my father hates all whites because a bunch of skinhead faggots beat and paralyzed my uncle in the 80s, but it's dumb as fuck to blame an entire race over that shit.

    • Anonymous

      You're a fucking asshole. I read every comment on this board and there is exactly one comment by some stupid racist bag of dicks that has nothing better to do than try to instigate shit on a hip hop website. How pathetic is that? But you have to jump on it and make a sweeping statement about all white people, that is just as bad as that first and only ignorant post that can be legitimately attributed to a white person. Focus on helping your people and your loved ones rather than hating a huge group of people when the reality is only a small fraction of white people are stuck in medieval mentalities.

  • Anonymous

    OMG. What have we been doing? He's a good kid that just went through troubles.

  • One

    It's good that he covered it, but he didn't have to be a true hood ass nigga about it. Many people cover funeral expenses and they don't say shit. I guess he feels people owe him something. You can take a nigga out the hood, but can't take the hood out of him.

  • 1ove

    I encourage any human of any color to exercise their pineal gland so they can u learn what society taught them and see that we're all in this shit together. If one of our 'races' falls back, we all fall back. We should want the best for all of us so we can evolve into one complete human race with no differences. From there on, what we could accomplish will be unlimited. I'm white but 'fuck your ethnicity' fuck where ur from we all live on the same planet. Every race has some fucked up individuals but that doesn't account for the race as a whole. We all got something to bring to the table. 1ove

  • Anonymous

    you saying "tell the news to report it" tells me you're doing this for the wrong reason. Dumb ass. At least try to have the public believe it's out of compassion. Who is handling you bruh? Obviously they need to be replaced. Granted, you're a "special" case. Yellow bus special.

  • The Roman

    I give it up to Keef for doing what the's doing. Wish he didn't make it publicly known but still a good thing.

  • minnesota slick

    no props. keef is a walking fuckin stereotype. this 1 right doesn't erase the countless wrongs he's committed. well, allegedly committed. i'm gonna go back to bumpin screwball. real shit Screwball - Y2K

  • Niggers are scum

    So this dumb koon thinks sending his condolences to a dead monkey infant will clear his name. Lol you blacks are pathetic.

    • @whiteboy

      I bet you're that nerdy white kid who still wears rocawear and South Pole to try and appeal to the black kids. I've seen your type before, Yeah I bet you take daily abuse from your classmates bc you look like a retard lololol!!!!

    • Anonymous

      I bet that fool is sitting back laughing like he intended that and is smart, but deep down is hurt, confused, scared, and abused keep it up guys, we gotta get rid of them if this is gonna change

    • joewilson

      as a white male myself idc if your a troll or not you are a disgrace to every culture/race around the world for calling this poor little girl out of her name just to get a response,well you got it...GO KILL YOURSELF i can help if youd like? quit with the racism already im f***** sick of it

    • WhiteBoy

      I'm white but I'm not a fucking retard like the original poster. And black people are cooler than most white dudes, that's why white dudes always be jackin their steez

    • Racist Whiteman Terminator

      GTFOH you FKNG Cannibal.. White people kill me with that b.s like they don't come from caves, with you non culture having ass and that's what you get for your ancestors stealing everything they got and that's why white ppl can't do for selves.. It was black women that fed your ancestors non cooking asses, it was black women that breast fed your non-melanin having ass.. If you really wanna learn about white people watch Oliver Twist so you can see where America gets it's bad habits.. These damn pilgrims think they're the shit, if it wasn't for black people teaching you to walk you'd still be on all fours you Niggard, look it up fool..

    • Look at how lame this whiteboy is

      you entitled and superior ain't you? got the money, the skin to evade prosecution, go find him and tell him your feelings I bet you'll keep your punk ass right at home, lol oh wait, you gotta ask mommy for permission first! bitch

  • Will

    Damn, props to Keef. I really didn't expect something like this from him.

  • Sha777

    Peace, good look brother. peace

  • Belize

    sadly the news will never promote this

  • evil shit

    Horrible crime. But keef gets no fuckin brownie points for this he still a dumb lazy ignorant stupid retarded fuck-up when hes in jail or back on welfare then he will see how much he fucked up his own chance at making it for himself family n others

    • Corcoran

      shut up nigga suckin keefs dick aint gon make him come back to the hood n save ur bitch ass u stuck there forever chewing on a block of government cheese enjoy

    • Anonymous

      shut the fuck up. how much have you done to contribute?

  • tha OG

    Shocked!!!!this young man have a Hart

    • Anonymous

      "tell the news to report it" meaning I am doing it for publicity and it has nothing to do with compassion or doing the right thing.

  • Anonymous

    Do it from jail your still a dirt bag making the city look bad

  • ill

    So the nigga actually has some compassion. Who would've thought?

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