Pharoahe Monch Says "P.T.S.D. (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder)" Will Address Mental Health

Pharoahe Monch speaks on the dangers of prescriptions pills and how the urban community deals with depression.

With an upcoming album titled P.T.S.D. (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), Queens rapper Pharoahe Monch says his album will in fact cover issues concerning depression and mental health. The lyricist shared the news and spoke in-depth on P.T.S.D. during a recent interview with Vlad TV.

According to Pharoahe Monch, he felt it wouldn’t have been right to give his project such a title and then neglect to include issues pertaining to depression.

“I felt it was only right to follow up the W.A.R. album with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, but not only—This is some popular phrase that’s on the tip of the tongue of the president,” he said. “Or from a social standpoint, but to really delve into true issues and make it a difficult thing to do. And get introspective in terms of where I’m at emotionally. Dealing with depression and the past as well as really being vulnerable on the record. And I felt it would have been wack if we titled it that and I didn’t really dig deep into some issues dealing with, you know, just society and how we deal with that in the hood. And as well as personal issues.”

He then addressed his own bout with depression, which he says stemmed from an abundance of medication he received following a visit to the hospital. The rapper later recalled confronting others about his issues only to have them downplayed.

“I’m pulling from my past dealing with a couple of stints in the hospital,” Pharoahe Monch said. “Really bad stints in the hospital with the asthma. And I had been heavily medicated. And when I got out I was feeling like after-effects of the medication and side-effects of the medication I should say. And it really had me fucked up and spiraling downward. And the ill thing about it was I couldn’t figure out—I didn’t know at the time that it was the medicine side-effects. I’m just dealing with the issues just trying to process normal information and I couldn’t really process it. And that had me like crazy. As well as what I put on the record is when I confronted people like ‘Yo, I’m really doing bad. I’m fucked up right now.’ Cats were like ‘Yo, smoke this blunt. Have a beer, shit.’ So, at that time it really wasn’t like it is right now where you hear people talking about issues readily in the public.”

Ultimately, Pharoahe Monch says it was his dentist who informed him of the dangers of the prescription pills he was taking after he was asked to share his list of medications during a visit to the dentist’s office.

The rapper spoke previously on P.T.S.D. during an exclusive interview with HipHopDX in 2012, stating that the album would be one that addresses “the stress after the traumatic experience.”

P.T.S.D. is currently slated for release on April 15.


  • gay jamar

    fuck this hasbeen dude must be like 50 years old.. in the same category as lord "gay" jamar

  • Amen

    I wish it wasn't so out of the ordinary for a rapper to speak on real issues, never used to be this way. I tip my hat to PM cuz dude knows his album won't do the numbers it should, yet he still stays true and lives an actual life, not a fake gangster life portrayed on tv that you end up broke from funding an image.

    • Johnny Blaze

      i think these lines from "Still Standing" say it all "I have no dead bodies to claim, never been a trigger man Crack never peddled that, opposite of Jigga Man Doubled my expectancy, can you believe it? Look, no bullet wounds, not paraplegic" Still standing like the Pledge of Allegiance"

  • Anonymous

    One of the GOATs

  • uptownfirst

    Third leading cause of death among young Black men is suicide so this needs to be discussed because far too many young brothers are in pain and have nowhere to turn to so they take themselves out of here.

  • Anonymous

    I need prescription pills because hiphop sucks nowdays with attentionwhores like 50 cent, game, drake, kanye etc.

    • Johnny Blaze

      Maybe its because you are relying your faith in on guys like 50, game, Drake and Kanye...........Listen to dope rappers that are actually hip hop....such as Pharoahe Monch, Crooked I, Elzhi, Murs.....hip hops not dead, its just hard to find if your only source for hip hop is a tv or radio station

    • son of a sax

      LMAO!!! But the state of hiphop right now, is already depressing. So you can save the pills

  • wwliradiocom

    Good article check our site wwliradio(.)com we giving away a copy of PSTD and bonus CD the day it drops via a contest (subscribe to our mailing list for the heads up) 4 Part/5 hour Pharoahe Monch Mix coming April 1st

  • Anonymous

    I really hope this album gets the attention it deserves, Pharoahe's a dope rappper. We need more rappers like Pharoahe, not that RickRoss, Frech Montana, YG, bullshit..... W.A.R. was a really good album still listen to it occasionally.

    • Anonymous

      hahahahaha he says "rick ross will destroy p monch in a battle" hahahahahaha this guy either is a troll or has never listened to P Monch....P Monch's worst line on his new album is going to be better than anything Rick Ross have ever written in his life. Rick Ross is a "rapper" that lives a very fake life and capitalizes off of what REAL people actually did, he has no fucking talent Rick ross had 3 classic albums? this guy has never even made a classic song. Get off a fuckin hip hop website if you are gonna make comments that make you look like a pussy

    • Anonymous

      But Rick Ross just talks about bitches and alcohol. At some point the CONTENT of the lyrics matter.

    • Anonymous

      Rick Ross made 3 classic and Pharoahe only one with OK. Rick Ross sold more albums then all albums of Pharoache togehter Rick Ross will destroy Pharoahe in a battle. I mean Pharoahe is 48 years old or something.

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