Rapsody Shares Lessons Learned Observing Kendrick Lamar & 9th Wonder

Rapsody working on her sophomore album, says she plans on releasing a few more music videos from "She Got Game."

North Carolina lyricist Rapsody recently took time to share the lessons she’s learned as a result of her time spent in the music industry, during an interview with DJ Enuff of Hot 97 this week.

The Jamla Records rapper cited producer 9th Wonder and Compton emcee Kendrick Lamar as two artists she’s had the opportunity to observe and learn from. According to Rapsody, both 9th and K-Dot demonstrated the importance of being yourself with their artistry.

She also stressed the importance of having your own fan base and releasing music that’s impactful in some way.

“What I’ve learned from 9th and watching Kendrick is to be yourself,” Rapsody said. “And creating your fan base and sticking with your people is what keeps you around. You know? There are no rules in this. You write your own story. So, just that and being more personal. Making music that someone can connect with versus just rhyming. Like ‘Aw, that’s a dope rhyme. That’s a dope cadence. But I got this story.’ And it’s like ‘Wow, I can relate to that.’ Or ‘This beat makes me feel this kind of emotion that makes me think of this memory.’ Like putting all of that feeling into music and connecting with people.”

Rapsody’s interview with DJ Enuff comes several months after the rapper released her She Got Game mixtape, a project she says she’s still promoting. In addition to pushing She Got Game, Rapsody revealed that she’s also working on her sophomore album, which will serve as a follow-up to 2012’s The Idea Of Beautiful.

“Right now, I’m still pushing She Got Game. I’m gonna do some more videos. But currently I’m working on my sophomore album. The Idea Of Beautiful, the follow-up to that. I am very excited. I got mad beats,” she said.

Released in August 2012, The Idea Of Beautiful served as Rapsody’s debut studio album and boasted features from an array of artists including Mac Miller, Ab-Soul, and BJ The Chicago Kid.

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    As an artist I was more influenced by J. Cole, but I definitely love what Kendrick brings to the game. Imma definitely check out her music. If your reading this and you like lyrical hip hop give the link a listen (it's good, trust me). https://soundcloud.com/chilly-phil/i-dont-know

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