Lil Durk Says George Zimmerman Would Get Murked In Chicago

Lil Durk recalls being "mad as hell" following the George Zimmerman verdict, says those with "high power" are more likely to get off.

Coke Boys rapper Lil Durk offered a warning to George Zimmerman if he were to ever consider visiting the city of Chicago. During an interview with Vlad TV, the teen emcee was asked about George Zimmerman’s celebrity boxing match and responded by stating that Zimmerman would be murked if he were to ever step foot in the Windy City.

“Bring his ass to Chicago…Somebody book Zimmerman. We’ll murk his ass out here. He better not ever come out here,” Lil Durk said.

The Chicago rapper also addressed the senseless acts of violence in his own city when sharing his reaction to the not guilty verdict in the George Zimmerman trial.

“I was mad as hell. I was mad as hell, man,” he said. “Like a lot of that shit goes on in the streets today I still be mad. Like I said about that little girl who got killed. I was mad as hell about that. You taking a baby. You know what I’m saying? That’s a little girl. No reason. Can’t even talk to you back.”

Lil Durk later spoke on what he feels is the lack of fair treatment when it concerns the justice system.

“That shit crazy. That shit be crazy,” the rapper said. “That’s why I don’t be feeling bad when shit happen to certain mothafuckas…Let me go murk a mothafucka, any race. Not just they race, any race. They gonna be ‘Aw yeah, slam him. Give him thirty years’…But a high power, everybody be getting off. All that shit ain’t cool though. You killed somebody son.”

At the top of this year, it was announced that George Zimmerman would take part in a celebrity boxing match. It was later reported that Yonkers rapper DMX would serve as Zimmerman’s opponent in the ring, but those reports have since been shot down by a representative for the rapper who says the fight was cancelled.

"Damon Feldman has announced that the George Zimmerman fight is cancelled via his Twitter," DMX's rep, Domenick Nati, said in a statement. "As previously stated, DMX never agreed to the fight and we thank you for all of the support from DMX's fans. This situation will not affect any of DMX's upcoming concerts in America or around the world."


  • Max17

    Little Dork appears to be the perfect spokesman for Trayvon. "If you don't like something, kill somebody." That didn't really work out so well for Trayvon. ROFL!

  • JoeyJ

    Can pretty much figure that Lil Dirk will diss the wrong person and get a mirk. My guess is by 2016

  • John-Boy

    Yeah right. That would require the gangs to focus on someone other than each other and that ain't happening. If Zimmerman was on the South side he would quickly be forgotten the second a gang member saw someone of an opposite gang. Hell, the ghetto might be one of the safest places for Zimmerman. He would be protected by black self hatred.

    • OverTaxedPayer

      *Some white people are hilarious. You are quick to say "Black self hatred", but ignore that white people are killing, raping, and committing various crimes daily.

    • anonymous

      So you think only a gang member would do it? Come on. It ain't happening but I'm saying.

  • Anonymous

    Fuck GZ you want the prosecutor that took the dive on the case.

  • icantbelieve

    Wow i can't believe all the comments against Durk.... this has to be a "racist white" majority website.. i fuk wit white ppl but not most of yall

  • Anonymous

    this nigga would get murked in Africa

  • Anonymous

    "by stating that Zimmerman would be murked if he were to ever step foot in the Windy City." DOES THAT MEAN BLACK PEOPLE ARE VIOLENT AND HE WAS JUSTIFIED IN HIS ACTIONS AGAINST TRAYVON?

    • OverTaxedPayer

      Are you trying to find a reason to say that? Look at your own race and then ask if Black people are just like White people.

  • Anonymous

    Typical ignorant black person making empty threats and talking tough. This the same thing DMX did nothing came to fruition. "Oh, let him come to East Oakland." "Let him come to Chattanooga." "I wish that cr**ker would fly out to Savannah; I got something fo' that ass." YEAH RIGHT. The truth of the matter is, none of your empty threats will ever hold weight and even if you make good on that threat, they'll put your ass under the jail so fast, you'll forget what the sun looks like.

    • N0s

      Nobody wants Zimmerman to PROFIT, that's why nothing came of his little boxing match. I'm not paying Zimmerman money to watch him fight in a fixed fight. If he wants money from me, I'll pay him $100 to punch him in the face as hard as I can one time. Not only that but THE GAME also talked a lot of smack and was ready to back it up, but instead Zimmerman chose that pipehead DMX to fight against. Zimmerman was also talking about how he wanted to fight Kanye West, who DIDN'T challenge Zimmerman to a fight. And Zimmerman himself made a lot of empty threats to people online before announcing the boxing match. He acts one way online and the next day goes on TV and acts like he's just a persecuted soul. Nope, he's trolling people to get them to be angry at him so he can keep his scam going. "even if you make good on that threat, they'll put your ass under the jail so fast, you'll forget what the sun looks like." Dude, if someone kills Zimmerman, there's a good chance that the killer would get away if there are no witnesses. So many people would love to see him dead. If he goes to East Oakland or Chattanooga and is found in the dumpster the next day, what are the police going to do? Look for people with a motive to kill him? Good luck with that.

  • Anonymous

    Zimmerman would drop that mufucka lil durk

  • Anonymous

    Zimmerman would murk Lil Durk without blinking.

  • Springfield Pervert

    In other news... Today I farted so hard poop almost dropped into my underwear

  • Anonymous

    lil durk would get murked over here in europe

  • We're doing this again?

    Cry me a river Lil Dork! I agree fuck Zimmerman, but get over it already. There are innocent young kids of all races dying everyday over some BS. If we carried on this long about them all we wouldn't get anywhere with our own lives. I can understand his family and friends still grieving, but outsiders should really move on with their own lives. Some form of justice will be served.

    • N0s

      " If you had been in his shoes your bitch ass would have done the same thing." I wouldn't have left my truck to run after Trayvon that night so eat a dick on that one. 1) He's not on MY personal property. 2) He's not actually doing anything that is against the law. So I'm not running into a dark alley after him while armed with a gun.

    • We're doing this again?

      I won't have to worry about that. I carry a concealed weapon everyday, but I don't follow young boys around acting like the police. So fuck you and GZ! Fuck boy.

    • Anonymous

      You don't even know GZ to say fuck him. If you had been in his shoes your bitch ass would have done the same thing.

  • Anonymous

    Who? Zimmerman is scum but he murked ** ONE ** black kid... Meanwhile black & mongrel Spanish Chicago gang assholes have killed A LOT more black folks than that... Dumb motherfucker.

    • N0s

      The outrage is over unequal protection of the law, not the fact anyone died. I'd bet any amount of money that had Zimmerman been arrested and charged with a crime, not a single person would have been marching or calling for Zimmerman's head, even if he wound up walking later on. Those black and spanish gangs you're talking about? When they kill someone, they get arrested and charged with said crime if the police know who they are. Why do you think people should care if the system seems to be working there? Here, consider this, there have been SEVERAL worse shootings where a CLEARLY WHITE MAN shot and killed an UNARMED BLACK TEEN that WASN'T DOING *ANYTHING* WRONG since the 2/26/12. Where are the people marching the streets? Oh, that's right, those shooters were arrested and charged with crimes. There have even been cases where a white man shot an unarmed black man, wasn't arrested and there wasn't a ton of outrage. The outrage in this case stems from a perception of Zimmerman's behavior and unequal protection of the law. It is obvious that he's lying about parts of his story. If a black man shot someone under the same circumstances, he would have been arrested and charged with a crime. Whether or not he would be convicted is a different story, but he would have been arrested and charged, no doubt about that. That's where the outrage comes from, not because he killed a black teen.

    • Anonymous

      Dont give the Blacks and Hispanics all the credit, my Nordic Europeon blood brothers have massacred more Ni663rs worldwide than another group on earth. We massacred em, enslaved em and raped their women for hundreds of years and the Ni663rs havent done anything about it.

  • Fish

    "Not just they race, any race"? Who is "they race" Durk? I take it you're referring to the mythincal "White Man" again? Well for the 1723438253th time, Zimmerman is Hispanic!! Apology accepted.

  • A Trillionaire

    I thought the whole point of the Trayvon Martin thing for the black community was to disassociate themselves from the gangster image stereotype as an example of a half white man gunning down an innocent black teen out buying candy? Way to prove that old steretype right, Lil Durk... dumbass.

    • Anonymous

      nigga said Hispanic is a nationality. Mexican, Dominican, Cuban are nationalities. OFF YO SELF

    • ^

      Hispanic is not a race it's a nationality. He's white people bring up that hispanic crap is just to distance themselves, and if he had killed a white kid you would've rounded him off to the nearest negro and he would've been the thug in the news.

    • Fish

      Half white? So when he does something wrong he's half white, but if he was an MC, or a professional athlete or became president he would suddenly be latino. Zimmerman is hispanic. End of fucking discussion you racist dickhead.

    • Anonymous

      Black people are less intelligent than whites and also more violent.

  • tyrone

    No he would not get killed in Chicago unless it was an accident. Chicagoans' only kill blacks and Hispanics. Genocide people!

  • Kramer

    Calm down. Lil Durk is racist i guess

    • ^^Bitch Boy in the Middle

      Anyone who knows a lot about your streets is not going far in life. Being good at being ghetto is nothing to be proud of.

    • Anonymous

      And uneducated.

    • ^ fuck boy up top

      Its not only South chicago idiot its west Chicago too.Also stop speaking on my city you nothing about these streets !

    • Anonymous

      A black kid in South Chicago is probably not unlike a white kid from Southern Alabama. They are both probably poor, uneducated, and have an irrational hatred of the others race.

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