NoShame Describes Being Transgender In Battle Rap World

The rapper says, "I'm introducing the Battle Rap culture into the LGBT community and at the same time I'm introducing the LGBT community to the Battle Rap culture."

In the latest edition of the Dirtbag Dan Show, transgender battler NoShame described her male-to-female transition and how her identity has been received within the Battle Rap community. While on the show, she also detailed her recent battle against Michael White released earlier this month.

While the AHAT platform filmed the battle initially, they chose to poll audience members to decide whether or not to release the footage on their main channel. “They have the like ‘next channel,’ it kind of promotes up-and-comers, and they were kind of going back and forth if they wanted to put us there or on the main channel,” NoShame said while speaking to Dirtbag Dan and Caustic. “I think it really had more to do with the crowd and—I hate to say it—Michael White’s performance really than anything else. I’m glad they made the decision that they did because what it ultimately did was open up doors for me I would have never had opened up otherwise.”

Still speaking on the AHAT promoted event, NoShame spoke about her gratitude for the opportunity, adding that while she isn’t a fan of her opponent’s style, she has no issues with him outside of the ring. “I didn’t like his style or whatever, but I hung out with him that day," she said. "I don’t have any problems with him at all. I think he’s a cool person. I think he’s funny. I think he’s hilarious. To be honest, I wished the crowd would have given him a little more of a chance to do his thing...I will say this: I had pretty much two options to battle, and really Michael White is my best option. So Michael White stepped up and he took the battle and he was the lamb. And for that I thank him because I could be battling Daylyt this July. I got a message from him today.”

Asked about the possibility that AHAT initially withheld the footage as a function of poor quality and a loud audience instead of her own identity as a transgender, NoShame agreed, adding that she hopes to face-off against opponents that prioritize bars over gimmicks moving forward. “I can’t argue with that at all and that’s exactly what I believe happened,” she said. “Here’s the thing, I know that you did ultimately end up watching our first battle...Michael White did the gimmicks. If I don’t get put on the main channel, this was gonna continuously happen. I’m never gonna get a bar-fest if I have to continuously go up against [gimmicks].”

NoShame Speaks On Being Transgender Within Battle Rap

“The twenty first, it will be three years since I [started] hormones,” NoShame said of her male-to-female transition. “A little bit before then I had discussed it with my current wife, a couple years before that, before we got married, and then I kind of repressed it back again. I tried to man up. I was trying to do what everyone expected me to do. To put it in words, man, I’m just not comfortable in my own skin. So I just found a way to be comfortable, and to be honest, I’m cool with looking kind of like a dude, you know, whatever, everything I do I’m cool for. Once I got on the hormones, I was straight.”

Speaking on the possibility that her participation could open the doors of Battle Rap to the LGBT community and vice versa, NoShame explained how she presents herself differently within the Battle Rap scene than she does elsewhere. “Currently I’m not talking like I do on a daily-basis or when I’m at work. When I’m out in public and I’m not in the Battle Rap world, I talk like a female," she said. "I act like a female. To be honest, most of the time I get [people saying] ‘Ma'am.’ I know that’s hard for people to believe ‘cause it’s like they see me rapping and they just see this big, tall motherfucker there with a deep voice. It’s hard for them to picture me being dainty, but that’s what actually happens. When I go into the battle world, and I’ve had people tell me this, like, ‘We wouldn’t have accepted you if you came in dainty. If you would have came in light like that we wouldn’t have accepted you.’ I knew that going in because I’ve been in the battle culture, I knew what had to be done and I knew how it had to be done.

“To be honest with you, my ultimate goal is just to open up some bring Battle Rap into the mainstream,” she later said. “If LGBT people accept it, really I think it’s kind of like the last crusade, if you could open that door and get Hip Hop to realize it’s alright to bring that in, they could see the revenue that would be generated...It’s an awareness both ways. I’m introducing the Battle Rap culture into the LGBT community and at the same time I’m introducing the LGBT community to the Battle Rap culture. Really man, what’s sad is they’re both about struggle. They both are rooted in struggle. It’s really the same story. It’s sad to see it divided ‘cause it really should harmonize very well together.”

NoShame's Battle against Michael White is available below. 

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  • WhyEqualitySelf

    why would you choose to be a woman and they still act like a man yelling in the deepest voice possible and trying to act intimidating? also, if a regular ass straight dude wanted to battle rap but he had a womans voice, no matter how dope he was he'd never get props or respect and people would just hate on his silly ass voice. so why does somebody who chooses to make a spectacle of themself automatically get a pass cos of some LGBT bullshit? its like these dudes forget that everybody has to earn respect, they shouldnt expect to just walk into any scene and be given it because they're gay or transgender.

  • No.One.

    I've read the comments, most of y'all is straight ignant, this individual is talented. Obviously them so called hip hop heads don't listen, hip hop is an outlet for some people. PENDEJOS!

  • Anonymous

    There's enough shame in Rap for everyone.


    wtf hiphop is dying fuck this bitch

  • I might be buggin but

    What's the point of looking like a woman to attract men who like men? I wonder the same thing with the lesbians. If you like the same sex why do they have to act like the opposite sex to attract the same sex? Isn't that an acknowledgement of opposite sex couples being the actual norm and not what we're witnessing more each day?

    • fuccya

      Well since he already married to a woman, he prolly not interested in men. Maybe he just doing it to play with titties anytime he wants, not sure.

  • V-Nasty is God

    Fuck every homophobic and transphobic nigga on here, I support noshame and lgbt rights 100% and everyone who doesn't can go bungee jumping with no cord. Oh yeah, fuck lord jamar too.

  • lol

    imagine if lord jamar and noshame met and had an interview LOL now that is something i would like to see

  • fuccya


  • DL Dub

    I could give a fuck less about this dude having tits, I just wanted to see if he she had any skill battle rapping. One of the reasons white got destroyed is because only one thing could be focused on, on top of him being awful. Noshame was better than the average person, but eh. It has an advantage honestly being a transvestite because it's more acceptable to shame people for shaming people. But at least I know that world peace has defense so I know what a metaphor.

  • Anonymous

    Battle Rap has become the lamest representation of Hip Hop by far, just the fact that even the loser is getting money nowadays lets me know the shit is not worthy of respect

  • Anonymous

    ok. im officially out. if that nigga whose name i dont remember pulling his dick out and saying he wanted to fuck a plastic ass until he nutted wasn't enough. this is def it. im handing in my hip hop card, and my ghetto pass, and everything. i disown this culture. sinking ship. yall have fun. im out.

  • ...

    That dude Michael White is the worse battle rapper I've ever seen.

  • Anonymous

    The rest of American Culture has become a clown show, why would hip hop be any different??

  • Anonymous

    ANti-hate, you are obviously a troll, and def not an "african-american", like you claim, no real so-called "black" person refers to them selves as that, you ain't foolin no one you damn goof fairy

  • Fish

    What. The. Fuck. In one swoop, I now fully agree with absolutely every single thing that Lord Jamar has been saying for the last few months.

    • Anonymous


    • Anti-Hate

      Lord Jamar, like you, isn a hater and transphobic, and an avid african american rap fan, I think its honorable. White people were saying the same ting about young black people in the music industry 50 years ago, and now you will be the haters they will show on TV 50 years from now saying that we actually hated gays 50 years in the future.

  • Anonymous

    What.the.fuck? Fuck gay people, there I said it fuck fags, queers, gays, gaywad, queerbaits, homos fuck them all. I hate gay fucks so much. If you see a gay fuck today beat the fuck out of them, Big ups to Russia, they know how to deal with sissy dick lovers, fuck this shit. It's not cool or acceptable to be gay.

    • fasf

      cosign op fuck a fag

    • UBitchU

      @true Are you seriously comparing gay struggle to the discrimination that black people went through and still go through? You are a fucking dummy.

    • Anonymous

      ^^^CO MFn SIGN!!!^^^

    • Anonymous


    • nik

      psst. don't look now, but your insecurity is showing.

    • True

      Why the hate tho? More gays means less competition to get chicks, more needy women. This is a win-win situation. They're human beings.. you don't have to love them, but hating, discrimination is wack. It's funny Black folks are some of the most active haters of gays, despite being discriminated against ever since they came to the US in chains.

  • Anonymous

    first macklemore now this?

    • Anonymous

      ^^ Cosign.

    • Anti-Hate

      You are a hater and transphobic, and an avid african american rap fan, I think its honorable. White people were saying the same ting about young black people in the music industry 50 years ago, and now you will be the haters they will show on TV 50 years from now saying that we actually hated gays 50 years in the future.

  • yo

    the michael white dude is a joke foreal

  • Anonymous

    SMH Turning battle rap into a circus, and of course, white people cosign this bullshit (DX EDITORS AND WRITERS) Fuck Yo System...

    • Anonymous

      so your a fag, of course you're gonna disagree sorry to offend you sweety! Whats worse, being a faggot, or an uncle tom??

    • Anti-Hate

      Im blkac and i also co-sign are a hater and transphobic, and an avid african american rap fan, I think its honorable. White people were saying the same ting about young black people in the music industry 50 years ago, and now you will be the haters they will show on TV 50 years from now saying that we actually hated gays. Black people are on the wrong side of history on this topic.

  • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      Read more, learn more. Educate yourself people.

    • Anti-Hate

      But it should, there is a reason why gangsta rap is dead, the public is not enamored, if wee as an African American community want to grow, we need to increase our level of competence with issues as these and at least be inclusive.

    • jack johnson

      don't knock skinny jeans unless you try them shun

    • Anonymous

      But unfortunately it will, people will accept it like they accept the tight ass jeans and the skirts

  • ya ya i know

    fuck all these retards

  • anonymous

    "You get no props in Hip-Hop like feminine men"

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