Genre-Bending Acts & Fully-Streamed Projects Among "Hip Hop Trends We Want To See More Of"

Pepsi Pulse has compiled its list of "Hip Hop Trends We Want To See More Of."

The list of five “Hip Hop Trends We Want To See More Of” reflects the evolution of the culture. 

"Hip Hop is an ever-evolving art form, and as such, there are always emerging trends,” the article says. "Whether it’s a new sound, new technology, or even new slang, Hip Hop is always giving fans something new to talk about.”

One trend the article cites is “Moving Away From Regional Sound.” 

“It's getting harder and harder these days to tell where a Hip Hop artist is from…and that’s a great thing,” the Pepsi Pulse article says. "Sure, there’s nothing wrong with championing where you’re from and displaying your influences, but in recent years, Hip hop has finally been able to let go of its constrictions that relegate an artist to his or her region. Anyone not intimately familiar with a Childish Gambino or an A$AP Rocky would be hard-pressed to accurately guess where they grew up.”

To read the complete list of “Hip Hop Trends We Want To See More Of,” visit Pepsi Pulse.

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  • Myschyveus

    You guys do realize that Hip Hop is itself an amalgamation of many genres of music, and, as such, can only be "true to itself" by overtly expressing itself using, and identifying with, various forms of music. What, did you think Kool Herc was spinning Run DMC at his first block parties? Of course not. He used Rock n' Roll, Blues, Rhythm and Blues, and Jazz. Hip Hop evolving its influences is what's necessary, because these days, I hear too many rappers who sound like they only listen to rap. Mainstream hip hop is way too stagnant.

  • claradaveyyma

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  • Margaret C. Wentworth

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  • Anonymous

    The rap game got enough bending already, time for straight shit.

  • Anonymous

    i wanna see some more gender bending acts like young thug, kanye and lil wayne

  • Anonymus

    TBH that's what's killing hip hop.

    • K Dot Dot Dot

      Nothing is stopping anyone from sounding like where they are from, but just because your from New York doesn't mean you have to stick to straight boom-bap New York style. Its opening lanes and letting artists control who and what they want to sound like. The genre can flow more openly, and without borders. At least thats my opinion, this turned out more intelligent than posts on here usually allow.

    • Anonymous

      yeah i agree, it doesn't need genre bending per se. as an art form it is already open to integrating other genres, but continued openness is what's needed.

    • Anonymus

      I waters down the the genre more than what it is already. It's good for business but it's bad for the art, I fux with Black Hippie, Jay Electronica, Jamla, Celph titled, A$AP etc but reppin your city is what makes hip hop sppealing. to some it's hometown pride for non sports fans.

    • K Dot Dot Dot

      Nah, its really is making it better.

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