Joe Budden Says Slaughterhouse's "Glass House" Is Different From Past Efforts

The rapper says: "To say melancholy, introspective, those would be understatements. Like I always say, music is what feelings sound like. And that's what the album sounds like."

Sitting down with Vibe during SXSW, Slaughterhouse detailed the recording process behind their upcoming release and claimed the album was mostly done.

“We’re about 75, 80 percent to where we wanna be I think when the album comes out,” Joe Budden said. “A lot of people will be shocked at the calibre of music on this particular body of work. I feel like not only did us as artists go somewhere that we probably haven’t explored as a collective in quite some time but the synergy and the music, you know Just Blaze executive produced the album. He created like a Slaughterhouse of producers. The synergy that him and Justus League and Kardiak and !llmind and [AraabMuzik] had together, I think everybody in there, we just locked down for two months and inspired each other and the music reflects that.”

Speaking about the subject matter on the project tentatively titled Glass House, Budden went on to explain that “it’s different.” “My thirteen year old son can rhyme words,” he said. “I mean let’s be clear, rhyming is very easy, some music out reflects how easy rhyming is. But, the content I think is what is gonna separate this particular body of work from our previous efforts. It’s different. To say melancholy, introspective, I think those would be understatements. Like I always say, music is what feelings sound like. And that’s what the album sounds like.”

Adding on, Slaughterhouse emcee Crooked I relayed that the inclusion of personal struggles will help fans relate to the group. “I think we were going through different things personally in our life and it just shines through the music,” he said. “That’s what’s gon’ make it real relatable to the fans, it’s everyday struggles, everyday pain, everyday obstacles. You gon’ go on a journey when you listen to this album and you’re gonna get to know Slaughterhouse a lot better from the intro to the outro. I’m hoping that we become more like a friend to the listener than a rapper that they’re listening to. I think the whole album is gonna really surprise people.”

Earlier this year, Joe Budden shared that Glass House has featured limited involvement from label boss Eminem. “Well, this time around he was also working on his album while we were working on our album,” Budden said. “So, he hasn’t gotten a chance or the opportunity to be as involved as he was last time, but he still gives suggestions. He still lends his input via phone or still communicates as much as he can, however he can.”

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  • 901DATSME

    Crooked I n Royce are the Truth

  • Fuck Shady

    Common's Twin Brother Says Slaughterhouse's Glass House Is Just As Wack As Their Past Efforts

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  • KJunior (EA Streetwear)

    Hmm...we'll see once the album finally drops...gotta hear it.. Dope group tho...all 4 of em'... Follow Endless Ambition Streetwear. Urban wear for those who grind nonstop and want more out of life. IG: @endlessambition_streetwear @kingstutter Twitter: @Gwillisjr89 @EA_StreetWear @Kongo4488 Blog:

  • Hidden By Leaves

    Their last album was a heaping pile of shit and this will be no better. "To say melancholy, introspective, those would be understatements" OK so EMO it is. Such a disappointment, these four.

  • jaceshadoe

    SH should get features from Yelawolf, DMX, Chamillionair, Tech N9ne. Artist in those lanes and forget about top-notch producers B/C some of the tracks on "Welcome to our house" suck B/C of the chorus itself. SH's last album was pretty decent to say the least but they just need more tracks like "microphone", " Goodbye" instead of tracks like "Throw it away".

  • Anonymous

    Triple C's will shit on slaughterhouse's next effort.

  • Anonymous

    Mad trolls in this comment section. Smh DX is the home of junior high kids

  • 614grind

    This experiment failed. All of them just need to go solo.

  • Anonymous

    I hate Joe Budden! I just don't like the cut off his jib. Plus he comes off as tacky unsophisticated and just not G. Oh and he is the thee worst rapper of all time!

  • Rozay O'Donnell

    Another day, another rap album that talks more than it actually promotes itself. Your group is fucking wack, your albums are fucking wack, you idiots lack cohesiveness and unity, and the production is always sub-par. Overall, I'd say that Glass House won't be breaking the top 100 anytime soon, so says this ghostwriter.

  • Anonymous

    Joe Budden is the only rapper that rents T shirts

  • 1000W

    I remember when this group first dropped...I was excited...and there was one track they had that was dope...then I heard their album...won't be checking for this...too bad cause these guys can spit but they can't make records for shit

  • Flop House

    I remember when I actually was a fan of these clowns. I grew out of their music so fast.

  • Sherane101

    and the person singing the hook in fast lane would be a good idea too ;)

  • Anonymous

    If they really wanna push units probably 500,000 units (which is Gold) they need Eminem on the lead single or the secondary single and a Slaughterhouse x Black Hippy collaboration and a song with Yelawolf on the chorus.....

  • Lol

    Where is the guy who always dogs slaughterhouse and then rips Joel Ortiz a new one? Lol

    • Anonymous

      They see me trollin', they hatin'..

    • Anonymous

      lmao hes coming sooner or later. probobly gonna pop off with something among the lines of "ortiz is a porkly son of a bitch who sounds like a winey microwave thats half broken and only heats up the outside of the chicken you put in there"

  • poetic assasin

    how many times are they going to say the same thing about this album - they didn't want to release it near Eminem's album, whatever that means, Eminem dropped how ever long ago and they are at 75% done?

  • Anonymous

    I hope all this hype ain't gonna lead to a letdown like Schoolboy Q's boring shit

  • tha OG

    Fuck slaughterhouse !!!

  • Anonymous

    this is slaughterhouse last chance

    • Anonymous

      You're talking about their album being called '(The) Last Chance' or this being their last chance putting out a real album? This is Slaughterhouse's last chance.

  • Anonymous

    Gotta get Iggy on a track n' it'll splode like water balloons in da hood

  • Anonymous

    This will flop harder than the last one.

  • Anonymous

    Joe budden is awful. He's in the same lane soulja boy trinadid james and lil b. and they won't even have him

  • ky

    "Joe Budden shared that Glass House has featured limited involvement from label boss Eminem." There's still hope for house gang!!

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