Jay Z Addresses Drake On Jay Electronica's "We Made It"

Jay Z addresses Drake's recent comments regarding his references to art on Jay Electronica's "We Made It." "Sorry Mrs. Drizzy for so much art talk," Jay Z raps on the track.

Today (March 23), Jay Z addressed Drake's recent Rolling Stone comments about art references on his verse on Jay Electronica's "We Made It." 

"Sorry Mrs. Drizzy for so much art talk," Jay Z raps on the track. "Silly me, rappin' 'bout shit that I really bought / While these rappers rap about guns that they ain't shot / And a bunch of other silly shit that they ain't got." 

Jay Z's "Drizzy" reference likely stems from Drake's Rolling Stone interview in February. In the article, Drake criticizes Jay Z's references to art. 

"It's like Hov can't drop bars these days without at least four art references," Drake says in the article. "I would love to collect [art] at some point, but I think the whole Rap/art world thing is getting kind of corny." 

Prior to that, Drake was believed to make a reference to Jay Z and Kanye West on "I'm On One."

"I'm just feelin' like the throne is for the taking" Drake raps on the track. "Watch me take it."

In its article, Rolling Stone notes that Drake's line is likely a reference to Watch the Throne, a collaborative album made by Jay Z and Kanye West. In the article, Drake admits that he wasn't in good graces with West and Jay at one point. "It was a lack of communication paired with natural competitiveness," Drake says in the piece. "But those two are gods to me." 

The article also included criticism of Kanye West's Yeezus album. "There were some real questionable bars on there," Drake says in the article. "Like that Swag-hili line? Come on man, man. Even Fabolous wouldn’t say some shit like that." 

After the Rolling Stone article was published, Drake said that he never criticized Yeezus and vowed to not do anymore interviews. 

Jay Z's verse on Jay Electronica's "We Made It" follows Drake's appearance with Soulja Boy on "We Made It Freestyle." Both selections share the same beat. 

To listen to Jay Electronica's Jay Z-assisted "We Made It," visit HipHopDX's Audio section

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  • Anonymous

    jay gotta be careful nas and drake could team up & make ether 2

  • HiphopOG

    "Drake, here's how they gon' come at you With silly rap feuds, trying to distract you In disguise, in the form of a favor The Barzini meet, watch for the traitors" Jay-z on Light up. Thank me later album

  • keyshaun

    It's called revolving people. Jay's evolved so he has to rap about his life as he knows it now. Who wants to listen to any rapper that doesn't evolve with his/her lyrics. Is Andre3000 still rapping the same since outkast 1st album??

  • Anonymous

    they both suck ,chuck d and rakim will shut em down with lyrics of fury,then ghostface can smash them into the grave death to false hip hop

  • Anonymous

    Fuck dat camel face

  • Anonymous

    Jay camel face need stop wearing skirt first b4 talking to drake.wash up old guy

  • DamnBoy!

    dAMN bOY! Jay really fucked this dude over! He made everyone forget about the Drake freestyle!!! lol hahahaha That freestyle track is Hova's now! hahahaha

    • Anonymous

      this ain't the first nigga Jay fucked over out of the blue, you remember when he went at Game on the XXL interview? "I mean, Game, I'm his fucking idol. It's not in the spirit of competition, because he's not competition for me. He's not. Not then, not everhe'd have to improve considerably."

  • Anonymous

    Jay's armor finally shows rust. He should have just laughed it off. Obviously Drake wasn't dissing him. He was remembering a time where Jay actually put effort into his lyrics.

  • Kizman

    The reality is that once you strip the fame, bi-ethnicity, sales and money talk away, and have some type of knowledge of music to actually notice talent or not, you will be able to notice one thing: Drake can't sing. That's why he was marketed as a rapper in the first place. Yes he harmonizes, but he cannot hold a note, scat, change tones frequently. Go listen to Teddy Pendegrass, Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder, Rick James, Al Green, D'Angelo, John Legend, Keith Sweat, Ne-yo, even Timberlake. Drake does nothing like that. Drake would be a 3rd wheel for The Temptations. Listen to how he's struggling to hit those high notes on 'Aston Martin Music'. He's not going to release a straight rap album (which means a Hip Hop album with rhymes, street (not club/dance) beats) is because his label ain't gonna allow it. Simple. His bars for albums with that music won't compare to Big Daddy Kane, Nas, Biggie, Cube, Ghostface, even Game. So his "lane" as of now is to play the grey area, borderline, stay neutral. Only ones who can't see this is his rabid fans. I could even see the females being emotionally attached, but you men? Females barely comment here and look at what you say.

    • Golden

      Drake actually said he wants to be the next Marvin Gaye. I agree with Kizman. Drake's music just isn't timeless. I'm not even a Jay-z fan but I can't even deny that Reasonable Doubt is a classic album. Plus Drake he CAN'T sing. If I was a Drake fan I'm sure I would be disappointed at one of his concerts. I think Drake is a dope songwriter but he just can't sing.

    • Anonymous

      Can't sing compared to who? Nobody's ever said Drake was the next Marvin Gaye. He's a rapper mixing in R&B. Not original in any way, but judging by his sales, people don't care. You shouldn't either.

  • ESGN

    I have to space out their names because HHDX won't let me post tem without it saying: "Error Submitting Comment You have been temporarily blocked from posting." Y E S S I R, Y E B O, Ja Rule fanboy, the Drake stan (y o u n g s t a), D E N T A L D A M B O Y, S O I C Y B O I, B E A V I S & B U T T H E A D, B O Y, E y e C o n t r o l, F R E S H 2 D E F, B o b y a h e a d, R I C K Y R O Z A Y, the Anally Pussified Anon Guy (Anonymous & :^) who says "Everything You Say Is BULLSHIT LIES" and "Haha Good Joke", Q u o t e m a n, is the same pathetic fuckface immaturely replying, cosigning and arguing with himself (as other trolls) to look convincing because he is a waste of fucking space in real life. This comment section is a humongous piece of elephant shit now with the same bullshit posts and arguments being made by little ass high school/middle kids everyday. Only very few posters here are legit now. Fuck Generation Z, Alpha, and almost anyone born after 1994. Go the fuck back to your KanyeToThe, LilWayneHQ, Tumblr, HotNewHipHop, WorldStarHipHop, Twitter, OddFututeTalk, TrShady, or any other faggot-like website you came from. Between bullshit TMZ-esque articles and its editors and the retarded "hip hop" stans, it's safe to say that this site (along with much of the Internet and the world) is officially dead and pointless!

    • Anonymous

      You sound emotionally unstable, ESPN. Like someone who sleeps with his mom. This is the internet, not real life. R u really buying into anything being sold on here? lol Fucking idiot.

  • shade45

    I actually like Drake, but in all seriousness, Fab will eat this dude.

  • Anonymous

    Dude Beyonce even made fun of Drake with her replica of his style in "Drunk In Love". Hardcore.

  • Anonymous

    To the main point, why the fuck does Drake care if Jay Z talks about paintings hey buys when he rhymes? What does that have anything to do with Drake. He said it was corny, he cannot blame Rolling Stone. I never liked him, I always thought he was a prima donna bitch. I wish it were different, I do not think he's a bad guy Drake can be so fucking stupid.

  • john

    All these industry niggaz so lame

  • Anonymous

    fuck drake and his ovo homos

  • True

    Drake = No Classic Albums. I got no love for Jay-Z, but he had to put the kid in his place. Drake has been dissing and sneak dissing waay too many people and he hasn't even put out one classic album. Just "hot" singles that people forget after 6 months.

  • Brooklyn80

    Teach these young boys a lesson a two.

  • KJunior(EA Streetwear)

    Nice..Jay-Z not playin' with the youngster Drizzy...lol...let's see what Drake does with the ball in his court...your move Mr. OVO... #Dopeness #FuxWitIt #HipHopCompetition Follow Endless Ambition Streetwear. Urban wear for those who grind nonstop and want more out of life. IG: @endlessambition_streetwear @kingstutter Twitter: @Gwillisjr89 @EA_StreetWear @Kongo4488 Blog: eastreetwear.blogspot.com

  • Anonymous

    I'm far from being a Drake fan, but this just lets me know Jay's true colors. You cannot honestly admit you think such a irrelevant comment as that one Drake made at Rolling Stone got Jay so mad he had to go at Drake's head so bad on this song. If anything he just did for the hype, just like Kendrick's control verse.

  • Anon

    For all the love that Drake gets (not saying that it's unwarranted) he has released 3 albums and none are classic. Each album is decent and this is coming from a Drake fan. He has plenty of good songs and catchy one liners that people tweet about but as a whole he doesn't have a classic album. As a fan, that is disappointing. Going back and listening to Thank Me Later all the songs on that album aren't timeless, instead it feels like those songs were only good for 2010.I was not a fan of Take Care at all. Same with NWTS tho. I feel like 10 years from now we won't be talking about Worst Behavior or 305 to my city as classic songs. Not saying that every song has to be classic but for an artist with Drake's talent each song has the potential to be great.

    • ANON

      Haha you're right. I became a fan when I heard his version of goapele's closer to my dreams. Honestly, he hasn't released anything amazing since that song. Everything has been average, to below average, to wack.

    • Anonymous

      It's even sadder when I think about the fact that you openly admitted you are a Drake fan.

  • Anonymous

    there is no reason to think I can have a conversation with trolls, stans, and adolescents who just started learning about what a friend really is or not jay called little man out tho...."mrs"...lol

  • anonymous

    Drake just basically told you it's cooler to be dumb and ignorant. He knows his fanbase and can't afford have them become cultured, classy or educated or he won't eat. Eventually Drake's fanbase has to grow up and he's gonna have to grow along with them or have no career, most rappers with 10+ year careers understand that, that's why they're still around.

    • wassup

      what u talking bout drake is already so rich that he can eat forever so i dont think he cares about what people think bout his music

  • Mike

    Jay really called him "Mrs.Drizzy". Jay really killed that verse though forreal. Idk. I fuck with Drake still. I don't think Drake was trying to diss, when he made the art comment. It reminds me of this book called " Flows : Verses That Count, where they talk about how Jay Z Flosses throughout a lot of his latest bars. He mentions how Jay Z mentions over 8 luxury brands over 20 times throughout Magna Carta Holy Grail. Peep. http://alltheseflows.co/dont-write-another-verse-until-youve-read-this-book/

  • Anonymous

    Why does Drake look like he's 5'0" If jay-z 6'2" and Drake is 6'0" then whats up with is picture then?

  • Anonymous

    That camel face need to stop wearing skirt

  • Champaign Papi Life

    Still Jay's legacy in Hip Hop is waaay too big for Drake to compete with, especially because most of the time Drake doesn't even make Hip Hop. He's just some whiny bitch talking stupid shit over RnB instrumentals (like that he started from the bottom bullshit) and sadly THAT is what sells today" Drake does make hiphop and R&B Music. Drake's already running ahead of jay z at this point in his career. It took jay z 3 albums to have a no.1 album while drake did it from the beginning. Jay's first album couldn't even make the top 20.

    • Anonymus

      Damn you're wrong for a Drake fan. His dad was Jerry Lee Lewis drummer so he was born connected to begin with and eats off Great ball of fire. Wayne signed him after so far gone blew up, if he remained indy from that your argument would be valid. Face it your boy's an industry baby.

    • Papi Life

      Drake started from the bottom too. He had a hard life in canada. He became known by winning rap contest and wayne then signed him.

    • Anonymus

      Drake didn't have to experience the struggle Birdman went thru with CM records or the struggle jay z went thru with Rocafella so he better have had better success from the begining since all dues have been paid for him already. Drake couldn't build what his boss or Jay z built from the ground up instead he was born into it.

  • Birddude

    Drizzy vs Camel face And(OvO) is the winner.

  • Drizzy4Life

    Drake's semen is magicallly delicious. From bars, to hooks, to semen, Drake is hottest nigga alive!

  • Real_ish

    Drizzy Mixtape outsold your favorite rappers album. #OVOXO

  • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous

    That nigga jay need to stop wearing skirt first

  • Anonymous

    Nobody is checking for that camel he can't even go plat

  • theBavarianIlluminati

    Drake is a garbage person. Who cares what that chum has to say. Him and Kanye need to start dating.

  • Anonymous

    When's Electronica's album coming out?

  • Media Anarchist

    i guess you guys never heard of guns and butter huh? do you research.

  • Anonymous

    Jay looks sorta like bill cosby in that picture.

  • Factual

    Drake has to go at Jay Z or risk losing his career. Jay trying to give the young boy a chance at greatness, by going at him lyrically.

  • Factual

    Drake was disloyal to Birdman and Lil Wayne by still associating with Jay Z after Jigga had dissed them already. Jay Z probably lost all respect for Drake after that. He probably figured I dissed the men who made you filthy rich and you still associating with me, a man that met your after you became a millionaire.

  • Hova

    Time's up Mrs. Drizzy!

  • Anonymus

    So it's corny to rap about buying shit that holds value, but it's cool to rap about shit that loses value as soon as you get the receipt. I swear you dumb niggas are ass backwards, like god forbid you get put on to something different. smh

  • Anonymous

    Listen up!!! and Listen carefully! Rap music started with ppl rapping about there community, hustling whats going on around them and there struggle NOBODY was really buying that music when Nas, Jay Z was coming out the music wasn't POPular u feel me i'll say it again RAP music wasn't POPULAR at the time MAINSTREAM as it is now!!! AS WE MOVE TO what 7yrs ago maybe that it has a huge and MAINSTREAM and HAS BEEN GLOBAL now depending on what type of MUSIC IS BEING MADE you will find yourself CASHING IN!!! JAY Z has reached his prime but still hanging in there what he rap about money,art key word though check he RAPS DRAKE is a new rapper on the scene and raps/sings about relationships and sings key word SINGS and RELATIONSHIPS which one are you as white ppl lol well ppl who buy albums then going to purchase?????? c'mon lets be HONEST no HATE...

  • Yo123

    It definitely says "Mister", and not "Misses Drizzy". smh Ya'll will say anything for a headline.

  • B

    Dont be surprised if Baby had something to do with this friction. You know him and Wayne was going at Jay and Kanye not to long ago. Just saying, this shit aint over.

  • Champagne Papi Life

    Drake is the realest nigga in the game. What he said in the Rolling Stone interview was the truth. The fact is that Jay-Z needs gimmicks to sell now (see Samsung app, see his techno album with Kanye). Outside of American Gangster everything that Jay-Z has released since the Black Album has been garbage. Drake's opening week sales are increasing with each release. If Drake was putting out albums back in the late 90's/early 2000's he would be going 5-10 times platinum easily. In five years dude has the most tracks featured in billboard hip/hop R & B top 100. Drake is already a hip-hop legend and he can say whatever the fuck he wants about anybody, he's earned that. He has classic mixtapes. He has a Grammy. He's nominated for World Music awards like other global icons like Shakira and shit. He wins songwriter awards...ETC. Drake's hustle and skill are unparalleled. Jay-Z responded because he's threatened and he wants to stay relevant. Jay can now allign himself with Kendrick and Black Hippy if he so chooses due to this diss. Meanwhile less than a year ago Jay-Z was begging to be featured on NWTS. That's how Jay operates. It's the same reason why he did the album with Kanye. It's the same reason why he did tracks with Rick Ross, Justin Timberlake and Mike Will Made It on his last album. Jay-Z has no integrity whatsoever.

    • Anonymous

      " He has the biggest hiphop sales week of 2013 and didn't need samsung or some gimmick to push those" 792k > 658k so Marshall sold more.

    • The Real

      Still Jay's legacy in Hip Hop is waaay too big for Drake to compete with, especially because most of the time Drake doesn't even make Hip Hop. He's just some whiny bitch talking stupid shit over RnB instrumentals (like that he started from the bottom bullshit) and sadly THAT is what sells today

    • Champaign Papi Life

      Like I said, Drake selling. He has the biggest hiphop sales week of 2013 and didn't need samsung or some gimmick to push those. He has 2 top ten hits, all by himself with SFTB and HOWGH. Jay Z can't do that anymore. He's fallen off after black album.

    • traxx trigga


    • DD

      Okay clearly your getting a little to upset about this topic. You throw around that word "fact" but the truth is you are completely wrong and you have no idea what you are talking about. Plus your acting like Jay is or has falling off. He comes with a new hot album every year and doesnt need anyone to keep it going. Drake on the other hand wont be around another 5 years. Thats a fact. lol

    • Champagne Papi Life

      Regardless of what album Pound cake found it's way onto, the fact is Jay-Z asked for that collaboration. Drake didn't call up Jay-Z and ask to be on a track scheduled to be on MCHG. Secondly, Drake's collabos with JT and Mike Will were not on his albums, that was those artists (like Jay-Z and everybody else) calling up Drake because they know Drake sells. Finally, Drake has been collabing with Ross for a long time due to their affiliation with Khaled and the fact that Khaled and Ross have depended on Drake in order to have hit singles. Those are facts, try telling the complete story. Another related fact is that Drake's albums (minus Thank me Later, which Drake has admitted to being too label influenced)are a reflection of the artist. Drake, 40, T-Minus and Boi-1da do whatever the fuck they want, they aren't doing collabos and shit with people just because they are hot. Jay-Z has made a career of hopping on the dick of whoever is hot at the moment and putting them on his albums. That's what Jay-Z does, that's just who he is.

    • Anonymous

      Okay, first off, "Pound Cake" was originally supposed to be for MCHG, then Jay decided to let Drake have it. Second, Jay did the album with Kanye because they've made songs together numerous times before, so why not make Watch the Throne? Third, Drake has also collaborated with Ross, JT, and Mike Will, but of course, you'll find a way to defend that too.

  • 1000W

    Drake calling people corny? Really.... C'mon I like Drake's music and all but seriously drake... The devil is a lie!

  • Ghost of Mrs. Drizzy

    Jay Z killed me.

  • Durag

    I detest Drakes music but hes right here. Jay-Z is terrible now, all hes rapped about on his last 5 albums is bout how much moneys hes got, its the same shit over and over again. BORING

    • R.Pgh

      Not for nothing but Jay has been rapping about how much money he has since Reasonable Doubt. "without rap I was crazy straight, partna I'm still spending money from '88"

    • 614grind

      And what does Drake rap about over and over?

  • mikee


  • COCA


  • Anonymous

    I don't listen to drake. He's more for the kids but he's right. Jay z and all that art rap shit is corny. Kanye west and all his art gallery rap shit is corny. It's like these people make a little money and forget where they came from. Nobody who actually listens to hip hop can relate to 90 percent of the artists rapping today.

  • Anonymous

    Jay-Z is wearing a skirt. Google it!!! lmao

  • Grave

    An after all those "stats" drake is still light years behind jay what tend has drake ever started. Drake's biggest song hasn't sold halfof what Empire State of mind did. We can sales, money,respect Whatever you want drake 's career can't even be talked about in the same breath. He is years Behind

    • Anonymous

      But can Drake keep this up after 10 years?

    • Anonymous

      But Drake's achievements in such a short time are nothing to scoff at. The fact he's even being compared to Jay-z who has a 20+ career is nuts when Drakes only been on a major-label for like 4 years. Drake already has the most number ones. Frankly, I think this makes Jay-Z look corny. I mean, Drake is still a kid. Jay is a lot older and a undisputed legend. He shoulda ignored the Drake comment.

  • Anonymous

    When jay stop wearing skirt he can talk

  • Anonymous

    Jay need to stop wearing skirt first b4 start talking about drake eventhough drake is gay

  • drake runs rap

    jay z is a washed up turd camel who no1 gives a fuck about. No people who get pussy and have fun lives gonna listen to an old man rap about irrelevent stuff. Theyd rather hear someone fresh young and popular which drake is. Jay z needs drake to make himself relevent again in the year 2014 jay z is a nobody unless he mentions drake.


    1) Age has a lot to do with it if you are young and stay consistent your fan base grows you sell more you break records you grow larger and more established 2) How many hot new artists since 2005 have came and had a big impact as drake in hiphop? How many have went double platinum and had countless hit songs like drake? no body 3) Who else in the rap game has a the buzz drake has right now? Drake is everywhere on the radio on youtube his songs get the highest views most dounloads he is the 1 talked about by mainstream music fans 4)Drake has officially set the record for most number one singles (10 total) on Billboard's R&B/Hip-Hop Chart. And it appears that he has 2 Chainz to thank as their collaboration, "No Lie," just hit topped the chart. With this news, Drizzy passes previous record holder, Jay-Z, who had nine chart-topping cuts. Below is a breakdown of the top four artists in this realm. And just to note: the total number, like Drizzy's 10, for example, includes both his own tracks and those he appeared on as a guest. 1. Drake [2009] - 10 (3 Lead, 7 Collaborations) 2. Jay-Z [1995] - 9 (4 Lead, 5 Collaborations) 3. Lil Wayne [1999] - 8 (3 Lead, 5 Collaborations) 4. Kanye West [2003] - 6 (3 Lead, 3 Collaborations) There you go in 4 years he has had more chart topping hits than jay z and the rest of the vets so you are the 1 claiming false. 5)Drake sold 700k in the first week last album he dropped and he has gotten more popular eminem is a vet in the game but he has lost his buzz 6)Drake secures the Number 19 spot on the "Top 50 Worldwide Tours" list thanks to his Club Paradise Tour.Other artists featured on the Top 50 Worldwide Tours list include Red Hot Chili Peppers, Jennifer Lopez, Justin Bieber, and The Black Keys.

    • hey "drake runs rap" you rat

      your points are irrelevant 'DRAKE RUNS RAP" just coz he sold alot it doesnt mean he runs rap, he runs pop my niqqa, that is why he sells so many records, because he makes POP MUSIC. sick of all these fools acting lke the ONLY thing that matters is how many records a niqqa sold. hardly any real rap/hip hop fans like drake lol, so how does he run the game? the only people that by his shit are girls and white kids in the suburbs

    • Rider

      LOL Eminem sold 800k his 1st week and MMLP2 just went double platinum and this kid saying he lost his buzz? Just stating facts I dont even like Ems new shit but lets keep it real mofo sold 100 mill records drake aint sold 1/10 that lol facts bruh

    • AnonymousDarkeFan

      Lets be honest Drake has 3 lead singles to JZ 4 and album sales are more important than singles last time i checked. Plus that word tour rank is from '12 and a more modern ranking has him behind JZ and Ye.

    • whoa

      Jay has 13 number 1 albums plus Jay sold 500k in the first week and 1 million before that through his deal with Samsung. Drake has 0 number 1s on the US top 100 billboard charts Jay has 4. So if you are going to name fats name them all.

    • sam

      because mrs. drizzy's got a vagina. and eminem sold more records than drake, and macklemore had a bigger year than drake. And rihanna just ran back to chris brown. lmao

    • kron

      why dont ya jus suck his dick then


    You YMCMB lovers are fucking idiots. Because I'm a janitor slave for Cash Money Records, I spend a lot of time jackin off to Birdman. What some of you may not know is Michael Jackson was planning on signing to YMCMB at the time of his death. He had even changed his stage name to Mic Jackoff He was planning on releasing 2 Major albums of hard hitting Pop shit, one a collaborative album with Lil Wayne titled Rap(e) Kids. Since Michael's demise Cash Money records have actually got used by NASA and are creating a local headquarters in your local dumpsters. The reason for this is to create a new genre of hiphop called "Zero BS Rap". Lil Wayne was hospitalized because during his first zero BS rap training session he raped Detail so hard he created a Blackhole that nearly engulfed him. The universe was not ready for his lack of talent so it tried to take him, luckily all it got was his chain and a couple of Big Mac vouchers. All you fans are gonna be sorry soon YMCMB will be destroyed it will have all their artists leave the label with me Birdman and lil Wayne having a mnage a tois.

  • David Tran

    i love rap but i cant stand rap fans, all you fucks do is talk shit about artists you don't like, but wont buy a fucking album for the ones you do. Say that mainstream is trash then motherfucker try making some music! fucking hipster faggots just following what people say instead of listening to music for yourself.

  • Anonymous

    Jay Z is the GOAT... end of discussion. Check his stats man


    Gucci Mane is the realest rapper outthere: - this nigga throws bitches out his car - shoot niggas dead - beat niggas up. Gucci aint no fantasy nigga like: - mobb deep were 12/14 years old when they met at the school of arts, - nas escobar lol nigga only had a ticket for parking his car wrong - 2pac and snoope were never gangbangers - rick ross is a legend but not a streetlegend but a foodlegend - ice cube was bullied at school and this guy calls himself a G? - Eminem says he hate gay people but did a song with Elton John??? Gucci aint nothing to fuck with!!!!!!!!!!!

    • fjhk

      you know what else gucci is? A FUCKING RETARD! Also eminem never said he hated gay people and what does it matter what school mobb deep went to you sick fuck. It must be great being the worlds biggest keyboard gangsta, keep living that real life homie hahahaha funy thing is you are probably some weirdo white kid who has some fucked up obsession with gucci mane. One day you will grow up little child.

    • eldee

      Real is staying out of prison. I bet you want to be just like his dumb ass.

  • OVO

    In terms of style, delivery, Passion and flat out talent Drake takes it in every category, and not to mention he's just better overall. I will say this Jay Z is a pretty good MC, but there's more to rap than just stringing random words together, painting abstract pictures, making funny sounds and using alien voices. Drake has mastered the art of hip hop hubris and message delivery.

    • toronto

      lmao, omg i cant believe people who believe drake can ever come near jay z as a rapper really exist. Jay z isnt even in my top 5 . K dot would eat drke. that boy knew not to walk into that trap.

    • Anonymous

      hahahah good one

  • G

    He can criticize all he wants to OFF THE RECORD. This is how you get in trouble Drake. Keep better rappers' name out of your mouth during big interviews DUH!


    You YMCMB haters are fucking idiots. Because I'm an accountant for Cash Money Records, I spend a lot of time with Birdman. What some of you may not know is Michael Jackson was planning on signing to YMCMB at the time of his death. He had even changed his stage name to Mic Jackin. He was planning on releasing 2 Major albums of hard hitting Trap shit, one a collaborative album with Lil Wayne titled Trap Kids. Since Michael's demise Cash Money records have actually teamed up with NASA and are creating a Global headquarters in Space and on the Moon. The reason for this is to create a new genre of hiphop called "Zero Gravity Rap". Lil Wayne was hospitalized because during his first zero gravity rap training session he rapped so hard he created a Blackhole that nearly engulfed him. The universe was not ready for his talent so it tried to take him, luckily all it got was his chain and a couple of Big Mac vouchers. All you haters are gonna be sorry soon YMCMB will be so big it will have its own gravitational pull meaning you will be drawn into it no matter what you do.

  • Poohcaneasy

    If Drake is smart, he will fall back and not even respond. Hov rarely mentions anyone by name, especially in recent years. For him to even respond to a quote made in an interview on a random track (no album or major single) lets me know that he has something cooking up. Hov is one of if not most strategic artist in the game. He literally picks who and when he responds. I know one thing, Mrs. Drizzy better not go for the bait!!!


    WTH? DRAKE IS CORNY!! Him calling anything corny is like a homeless drunk bum saying DAMN SUMTHIN STINKZ. GTFOH DRAKE is dope but he a half-time rapper. Dude dont have enuff full rap songs for me to even cred him on a BEST level. Drop a full rap album and fall back on the singing if you really dat nlgga.

  • Anonymous

    even if 50 did snitch in some ppls eyes he probably done did most the stuff he talks about unlike others

  • Dentaldamb0y

    drakes a cool guy that makes good music and better rap songs than your favourite rappers with little effort. Yet people keep hating on him just because he doesn't potray a fake gangster like all the rappers do. Just cause he doesn't try to be tough and raps about relationships which is a subject most of these virgins on the site and over the internet know nothing about they hate on him.

  • Ricky Rozay

    most of these rappers aint REAL niggas. Word, Nas bankrupt never was a drug runner, Lil Wayne aint no blood, Jeezy aint no BMF, 50 a snitch, Game a stripper, 2pac a ballerina, Drake was gay, JayZ is broke. None of these niggas real you guys. If they was all real they all be dead now. Like it or not Ross is the new Biggie. BAWSE!!!!!!!!!!

    • Anonymous

      Umm... Forbes has confirmed that Jay Z's net worth is more than $500 million. Not only is he not broke, he is doing it better than any other rapper that you might mention, while maintaining 18 years of relevance.... next!

    • drake runs rap

      drake has never been gay only jealous hasbeens like officer ross and his fans would try to start rumors about him since they know that hes on top right now and is there to stay intill the end of times



  • Amp'd upped

    Last I checked drake was begging king hov for features nshit ! Hov damn sure aint asking drake for features ! Hov wins.

  • Gravel

    Come on man! Did you really just say that do you how long jay has been relavent ...... Since 97 bro it's 2014 no other rapper has come closet to that nor will they ever. I like drake and he can rap but to compare jay-z in business or longevity or even Hold on pop culture is absurd.

  • magmatic123

    i do agree dat swagheli line was corny but but drake over yae or jay helllll no

  • um

    Dont get me wrong i do thing hov is corny as fuck... BUT SO IS DRAKE! so he has no right calling other people corny SMH

  • DAnm Son

    Jay Kill it he went Hard and i don"t feel like this is a diss but just a WARNING like to put nigga right at his place before shit go wrong and Danm yo this verse from Hov i had to repeat the verse like at least 5 times

  • drake runs rap

    its obvious that jayz needs to bring up drake to boost his own fading popularity since everyone knows that jayz sold hip hop out to the suburbs while drake attracted absolutely everyone from poor to rich to the music with his incredible talent in the next ten years drake is gonna outsell and outsmart jay z in every way and gonna go global with his own brands and artists if you dont blelieve me look up the numbers and do the math drake is the official face of hip hop like it or not

  • marcella

    King drizzy!! Don't hate on the boy Hov!!!!!!!!

  • DD

    Luda vs Drake = No Contest Drake Lost (Bad excuse for not responding) Common vs Drake = Drake Lost (He was super corny with his reply) Pusha T vs Drake = No Contest Again! Drake Lost (Flat out scared, didn't want to reply) Jay-Z vs Drake = He better fall back and take that jab! That's Jay Brother! lol Notice the trend, Drake talks some slick shit about key artist in hip-hop and then they hear it and say okay got your response homie and he ends up getting very emotional after they respond with hip-hop aggression. This is the new generation of hiphop? Yo fall back brother, let Kendrick be the face of the new school. Your from Canada brother, you will never understand our culture.

    • NO LIE

      Drake pulling the jay z moves. Ignore and disdain things like the 48 Laws of Power said. Drake just gotta keep dropping hits and avoid beefs. That's how Jay still remained relavent after losing to Nas

    • Anonymous

      " Your from Canada brother, you will never understand our culture." There's people in Canada who are 1000 times more hip-hop than you that could school you on hip-hop all day.

    • Anonymous

      you forgot how butthurt he got over Control

  • Drake

    I ain't did shit to you niggas, why y'all niggas playin with my emotions like that?!?!?

  • TrillOG

    Drizzy its time to shit on these bullshit c(rappers).

  • alexgt

    I don't like Drake at all. like at all (Except for Worst Behavior) but I agree with him about the rap/art thing. that shit is super corny. but its still Drake sucks

  • Anonymous

    People are reaching lol the gun reference might not be about 50 Drake has made gun references in his songs a few time to act tough

  • Anonymous

    that gun reference could be about anyone doesn't actually have to be a diss towards 50

  • mike

    drake scared of confrontation he don't want these boys being mad at him

  • Anonymous

    This killed 50s Internet buzz nowhehas to diss somebody hot.

    • Ms Drake is that you??

      nah he said mrs, check the lyrics and then listen. Mr ends with "ah." I didn't hear no ah before frizzy foool

  • Anonymous

    i hope drake responds because he went at common. if u can respond to common i don't see why u can't respond to jay

  • Fabolous should slap drizzy

    lmao at drakes singing crying ass callin anything corny you signed to a nigga rollin around on a skateboard at 30 sumthing pretendin to be a blood while kissing a 50 year old man on the lips in clothes tighter than ur fuckin sisters

  • Anonymous

    All Jay-Z has to do is mention Drake's name on a record and theres a major uproar.. And No, HHDX, it's not a diss, surely if it was a diss then.. well we've seen Jay got at it before

  • Anonymous

    He said Mr., not Mrs.

  • Anonymous

    Stop wearing skirt jay

  • Jay Z way betta than Drake ever will be..

    Well this is major. Drake will apologize (aka damage control) on twitter in 5,4,3,2,....

  • Me

    Drake is such a girl. Jay who is very non confrontational even considers him such a lady that they'll be no repercussions. Drake is softer than chinchilla fur.

  • claradaveyyma

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  • claradaveyyma

    Start working from home! Great job for students, stay-at-home moms or anyone needing an extra income... You only need a computer and a reliable internet connection... Make $90 hourly and up to $12000 a month by following link at the bottom and signing up... You can have your first check by the end of this week.......http://x.co/48Caq

  • The Gospel

    "Back when if a nigga reached it was for the weapon Nowadays niggas reach just to sell they record" Here Drake is being nostalgic for a day when when people killed each other rather than just talking out their beefs in songs. This is ironic because Drake has never even so much as pointed a weapon in someone's direction with the intention to do harm let alone kill someone, and because he is in fact "reaching to sell a record" in the exact same line that he is dissing Common for it.

    • Anonymous

      for real i dont see how thats an insult

    • Anonymous

      Analyzing lyrics like someone who works for Rolling Stone... So someone who is a professional writer and music critic whom people pay money to read about their opinions? Good one God.

    • Lamb of God

      There's a good chance he wrote that comment with a bomb strapped to his chest and immediately ran out and blew up a group of innocent school children after posting it.

    • Anonymous

      Whoa we got a cyber therapist in the hizzouse! Anyone need to get analyzed?

    • Disciple of Khalid

      "Here Drake is being nostalgic for a day when when people killed each other rather than just talking out their beefs in songs. This is ironic because Drake has never even so much as pointed a weapon in someone's direction with the intention to do harm let alone kill someone, and because he is in fact "reaching to sell a record" in the exact same line that he is dissing Common for it." Here we have a broke christian nikka who lives in his mom's basement and ain't got shit to do, analyzing a corny lightskinned nigga's lyrics like he works at Rolling Stone or some shit like that. This kind of people are known by real niggas as "bitch niggaz", "dick riding faggots" or "cornballs". They're usually underage, unpopular at school, stuck in the 90's, pokemon playing Nas stans that bring up Jay-Z's "alleged" L's in every single article, even when no one has brought up Jay's name at all. Always remember to despise and talk down on a kind of person like "The Gospel".

  • riv216

    Now you know ole boy don't like when you refer to him as feminine.... google riv nobody cares

  • Dentaldamboy

    As a young money groupie bitch with no accounting skills I can confirm that drake is now sucking off birdbitch at this very moment because he's so upset jay z killed him with this verse. Personally I'm crying like a bitch because I know that us young money bitches don't want it with jay.

  • JG

    Is this nigga bipolar? How is he gonna say that he never said the quotes a magazine prints from HIS interview??

  • Anonymous

    Hova has been sneak dissing 50 for years and just when 50 was struggling to get a buzz.

  • Anonymous

    @FiddyFan Jay gets a buzz off his music, he got his Roc Nation artist song trending on Twitter while 50 is still trying to force Kid Kid down the throat of a nauseous public.

  • Fiddy Fan

    Thanks a lot Hov, you just stole Curtis E-buzz with this little diss and now Curtis is going to have to diss Tony Yayo on his Instagram to get his buzz back.

  • Jay Electronica

    jay murk'd that mulatto bitch

  • anonymous

    he says "mrs" drizzy you deaf faggots

  • Fuck Marcy

    wow, great to see Jay gets butthurt by such small, irrelevant comments about him.

  • Anonymous

    It's about time someone smacked this emotional bitch down to earth.

  • Anonymous

    Jay stop wearing skirt

  • DeVaughn

    This is definitely B.S. lol Jay-Z would lyrically kill Drake. He need to stop while he's ahead. i'm just sayin'

  • Fuck Toronto

    lol this nikka Jay BEASTING on Drake and his ovo ho's

  • poetic assasin

    poeticassasin.com first time in a min that hov actually said the persons name he was dissing - he spazzed on the track

  • Anonymous

    Jay is the best to ever do it. Be sure to checkout thegrandreport, they have some good hip hop and viral videos on there

  • Anonymous

    both Jay-Z and Drake are metro-sexual faggots

  • newnenew

    I wonder if drake be licking Rihanna booty hole

  • Anonymous

    drake is a hoe ass jew nigga, fuck that faggot shit

  • Anonymous


    • sam snead

      BP3 in 2009, he said drake is the next big thing with only a couple of his crappy mixtapes out, comeback was ok. wayne is scorching pass the torch to him and whatever lame cosigns on that track

    • sam snead

      Ya it was all that this is a big fraternity and lets co-sign these new cats and questionable artists until every young money rapper is the next coming crap that was going on years back, now they be co-signing macklemore and whoever else.

    • Anonymous

      lol Jungle aint fuck no ones daughter

    • Anonymous

      Nas would smack the shit out a white boy, just check his Nardwar interview or the fact that Jungle fucked Marshalls daughter and Nas had his back.

    • Anonymous

      Nas meets his daughter once a year so he don't give a fuck about her. Everything he says is completely studio.

    • Anonymous

      i cant see nas smacking anyone except his daughters boyfriends

  • Anonymous

    Called him Mister Drizzy, listen closely. Good attempt at a reach though, to stir up a nice Sunday discussion

  • Anonymous

    Damn he called him MRS DRIZZY. Then he went on to diss Rick Ross for rappin bout guns he aint never shoot.

    • Anonymous

      Jigga been dissing Shiity Cent and Shitty been sad because Jigga refuses to do an actual song with him.

    • Anonymous

      He was rapping about 50cent getting shot in front of his grandmothers house and then hiding out in the Pocanos and telling the police to listen to his lyrics for clues about the shooting.

    • Anonymous

      He was rapping about Rick Ross for getting shot at while he had a loaded gun on him getting so scared he crashed into a wall and asked the police not to release his name because he was in fear for his life.

    • Anonymous

      Ross fans caught feelings

    • Anonymous

      He was dissing 50 cent for rapping about guns he got shot with and never shot back.

    • Anonymous

      Thought he was talking about Nas for rapping about guns he never shot.

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