Bun B Addresses His Future In Music & Youth In America

Bun B participates in Mass Appeal's "Time Alone" segment and interviews himself regarding youth in America and his future in music.

Bun B recently participated in Mass Appeal's "Time Alone" segment, a video series where rappers are shown interviewing themselves. 

The Port Arthur, Texas native discussed his future in music during his "Time Alone" segment.

"Hopefully I'm able to branch out, start a label, help other up-and-coming artists in the industry," Bun B said in the interview. "I don't know how many more albums I personally want to do, but I still want to contribute to the culture."

When addressing how America should handle its youth, Bun said that politics are "completely upside down" and there needs to be a more focused approach on young people in the nation.

"It's definitely something we should address right now," Bun B said. "Hoods all over America are upside down and the politics are completely upside down and there is no honor amongst thieves, I guess, so to speak, so we just gotta be more hands-on with the youth of America."

Bun B's last project release was last year with Trill OG: The Epilogue. Bun's efforts as an educator include work at Rice University in the School of the Humanities on Hip Hop and Religion.

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  • Anonymous

    The real king of the south. Be sure to checkout thegrandreport, they have some good hip hop and viral videos on there

  • detroit slim

    Sorry Bun but hood ass niggas don't give a fuck about the future or politics. The youth don't either. Shit is only gonna get worse.The only way some change is gonna happen is by getting rid of our government and congress since its become so corrupt. Niggas marchin with signs n protestin don't accomplish shit. police will just beat n pepperspray yo ass

  • Anonymous

    Surprised he doesn't have a label already. Seems like most new rappers already have their own label before they sell 1 record these days.

    • Anonymous

      Trill Entertainment is a record label, created by Turk, Mel, and the late Pimp C in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, that publishes music by rappers native to Louisiana, such as Lil Boosie, Webbie, Foxx, Lil Trill, Lil Phat, Mouse & Shell.

    • TheREALDooK

      Yea thts strange because I could've sworn Trill Ent was his, pimp c's and tht other cat.. smh

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