Big Boi Signs New Management Deal, Promises New Material

Big Boi inks a new management deal and plans to release a new EP in coordination with OutKast's appearance at Coachella.

Big Boi has signed a management deal with Jordan Feldstein's Career Artist Management and guarantees that there's new material on the way.

In an exclusive statement via Billboard, the six-time Grammy-winning emcee, producer and half of OutKast says he signed with Feldstein's management team because he likes his hustle and feels he would be a good fit.

"Jordan is a go-getter, mover and shaker, and my kind of guy," Big Boi said in the statement. "I love his energy. We have a lot of new material and content coming this year, and can't wait to get things started."

The Atlanta native also guarantees there will be a new solo project on the horizon as he plans to drop an EP timed with OutKast's Coachella appearance in April and subsequent tour. There is no publicly known title or solid release date for the project just yet.

Jordan Feldstein is the founder and CEO of Career Artist Management, which has managed Maroon 5 since their formation over ten years ago and Robin Thicke, among others. Combined, the group has helped guide to three Grammy Award victories and sales of more than 10 million albums worldwide.

"I’m proud to have a Hip Hop icon like Big Boi join our management roster," Feldstein said. "We are all ready and excited to get started and continue to expand Big Boi’s overall brand as an artist."

Big Boi's last project release was in 2012 with Vicious Lies and Dangerous Rumors. OutKast as a group hasn't released an album since 2006's Idlewild, which was the soundtrack to their movie of the same name.

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  • Prick James

    Chico Dusty was dope, Vicious Lies was weak. Still fuck with Big Boi but I'm wary.

  • Anonymous

    Jordan is Jonah Hill's brother. Fat ass with a kind of hot ass chick.

  • Anonymous

  • Anonymous

    don't worry lil nikka, we ain't checkin for you anymore. you been promising new shit since 2006 and nothing; now we already moved on to new talented people like them nikkas at TDE

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    • Anonymous

      Ha just because we're taking the time to correct your dumb ass doesn't mean you hurt us. You're the one suffering cuz, it's evident in your comments that you are rotting with hate. Big Boi is the man, I don't even care if he puts out another Outkast album because his solo albums were great!

    • Anonymous

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    • Anonymous

      ^^^ Stopped giving a shit so much you took time out to comment about them Nobody cares about you or your "New Niggas", you represent the worst time period ever for rap, musically and sales wise, you era is dogshit and will be laughed at like 80's New Wave Pop by future generations

    • Anonymous

      more like one GARBAGE album and one album no one ever even heard of. If you niggas hating on my opinion that's fine, it just lets me know y'all on my dick and I got you niggas hurt inside, and to the suburban cac that said I missed 8 years of my life, nah cuh, I just moved on and stopped givin a shit about these southern nikkas

    • PAhiphopFAN

      Hold up! ONE great solo album (Sir Lucious) and ONE average solo album. Still, Big Boi is a legend. Fuck off to the hater who said we ain't checking. Bring on the EP.

    • A Trillionaire

      He's come out with two great solo albums since 2006. Sir Lucious Left Foot in 2010 and Vicious Lies and Dangerous Rumors in 2012. You just missed out on 8 years of your life.

    • Anonymous

      U don't speak for us nikka, so hush.

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