Nick Cannon "White People Party Music" Release Date, Cover Art & Tracklisting

Nick Cannon's "White People Party Music" album features collaborations with Pitbull, Future and Migos, among others.

Nick Cannon has released the cover art and tracklisting for his forthcoming White People Party Music album.  

The 18-cut collection is slated for an April 1 release on the actor-rapper’s Ncredible Entertainment

Guests on Cannon’s first album in 11 years include Pitbull (“AMERICA”), Future and Migos (“PAJAMA PANTS”) and Akon (“FAMOUS”).

In addition to his musical career, Cannon also hosts America’s Got Talent and Wild N’ Out.

The cover art and tracklist for Nick Cannon’s White People Party Music is as follows:





4. "AMERICA" f. Pitbull 

5. "PAJAMA PANTS” f. Future & Migos 

6. "DANCE FLOOR" f. Ryan Bowers & Kehlani 

7. “OJ"  






13. "FEEL THE MUSIC" f. Colette Carr 


15. "ME SEXY"



18. "FAMOUS" f. Akon 

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  • Anonymous

    I cannot believe the ignorance and stupidity of some people. There are entire sections of music stores all around the world labeled BLACK MUSIC. Damn, Black Party Music describes almost every genere of music our ancestors have put out. What isn't Black Party Music...never mind, I am tired. No worries over Mr.Cannon. The guy isn't trying to disrespect anyone. PEACE.

    • Anonymous

      Honestly, who gives a fuck what some ignorant shit stirring cowards have to say about a Nick fucking Cannon album name for God's sake?

  • EarthToneDaProducer

    I'm SO not mad at this...

  • The Show

    Nick Cannon will follow this up with a Wayne Brady Collab album

  • Ncredible Entertainment

    Thank you for for showing interest in the first installment of our party series. Please keep an eye out for the next release, Steve Aoki's "Techno Jams for Black People" which will be followed by Garth Brooks' "Country Music for Pacific Islanders" and finally "Mariachi Music That Will Appeal to Middle Easterners" by Enrique Iglesias.

  • Anonymous

    at the end of the day Zimmermann is free, black people killing each other and white men rule the world. end of story

    • Anonymous

      and at the beginning of the next day i am still a sad little troll that lives in my parents basement and my only joy come from writing impotent comments on hip hop message boards

  • Anonymous

    who'd you rather ? A. Macklemore B. Ryan Lewis C. Nick Cannon D. Lord Jamar

  • Wonder Bread

    Jesus and Gandhi had a baby. That baby grew up to be Nick Cannon.

  • Rilla

    The cover art is a photo of the mosh pit from his last concert.

  • Honkey

    I am a white person and I must admit, I LOVE Nick Cannon! If anyone knows what I like to party to, it's him. This is going to be epic, my brohams!

  • imho

    not that i care or am upset bc either way im not listening to a nick cannon song let alone and album.. but if a white person tried this there would be 10 lord jamar articles, a cnn story for a week and a million man march on my front lawn.

    • Hans

      I am a white German man and I love to party. I party down all day long, you could call me a party expert. I love spandex and I love listening to Nick Cannon. He knows exactly how I like to party.

  • Anonymous

    "If a white dude released a CD called Black People Party Music it'd be instantly shunned" I seriously doubt it. Eminem trashed black people in every way possible on that "Foolish Pride" joint and is still considered one of the greatest rappers of all time lol, aside from being also the highest selling one. I see white so-called comedians making jokes about black people regularly and getting away it, as well a white so-called journalists pushing the most racist stuff on the media and also getting away with it.

    • Anonymous

      Well, I'm a Bangladeshi dude and I'm offended. Why exclude every other race from feeling welcome to listen to some great party music? Nick Cannon brings the fire for us Bangladeshis, he is in the pantheon of the many gods we worship for his ability to make party music like no other. I would like to see him call his next album Bangladeshi People Party Music.

    • Anonymous

      ^^^ THis... Im a Black dude who notices all the shit thats pointed out above, and at the same time I wouldnt even trip on a "BLack People Party Music" album... If it actually sounded like GOOD party music a black person would party to... hence trendy club bangers with mainstream hip hop artists (which is what Cannon is doing) . So I dont see what the problem is.

  • Anonymous

    "I tried tellin the dude that Pitbull was Cuban, not white" You are aware that Cuban's NOT a race and Pitbull actually IS white and is considered as such in every place of the world, right?

  • Khalid Muhammad's Spirit

    Change the name to Recessive Gene Having Devils Party Music, it's sounds more proper.

  • Anonymous

    "what does this dick hope to achieve by an album title that segregates races?" Did I REALLY read this? So you actually calling an fuckin ALBUM TITLE segregationist?!?! I didn't see u complainin when Eminem did that White Trash Party joint, but anyway, shut the fuck up forever cac, you LAME lollollollollollollollol

  • Anonymous

  • K Dot Dot Dot

    Anyone else think its super funny how unbelievably racist white people get when they feel they have the right to? Like they play all good, until you bring their race in a humorous way, then its 1945 all over again.

    • Anonymous

      ^^^NO, actually I don't see what you mean. What I see is you getting called out as a hypocrite. Golden rule, motherfucker. Treat others as you want to be treated. You started out with a sweeping generalization of ALL WHITE PEOPLE and now you are acting all high and mighty.

    • K Dot Dot Dot

      See what I mean?

    • Anonymous

      i don't have humble opinions. my opinions bend you over, have their way with you, and nut in your eye. nick cannon is the new age liberace. his shit is that good. his shit floats up 32 feet in the air to gain momentum and then lets gravity do it's work down to your face. his shit gets in your eyes and mouth. it tastes nutty and you'll never be the same.

    • imho

      black people are the biggest keyboard warriors in the world..i go 2 sites and see all types of guys win e-thug race of the century.

    • black person

      yeah IMHO cosign we are ethugs. were usually broke and poor and need someone to blame for our mishaps instead of looking in the mirror. great insight, im going to apply for a job right now.

    • L Comma Comma Comma

      Anyone else think its super funny how unbelievably butthurt black people get when white people talk about them in sweeping generalizations or stereotypes but then feel they have the right to do the same? Because I don't.

    • White Person

      lol both y'all on point tho

    • Anonymous

      They only react that way online. None of these people would say these things if a black guy (or even nick himself) told them about this album. They're just cowards.

  • da1

    I didnt even know he was coming out wit an album. But that album title does sound kinda racist. I bet people would be very pissed if macklemore came out with a album called Black People Party Music. And i used Macklemore as an example because to me Nick Cannon and Mack are lyrically equals. Lol Nick Cannon should just be a stay at home father and count his wife money.

  • Anonymous

    What happened when the guy put his hand in the jellybean jar? The black one stole his watch .. Lord Jamar and Nick Cannon have sex with each other ..

  • DXDetectives

    The people in this comment section need to pursue a job in the field of private investigation or some sort of detective work. Just the fact that you can decipher someone's race, sexuality & age off a couple sentences they wrote anonymously in a comment section is an incredibly talented feat.

  • Fish

    As a white person, I can safely say that we do not party to anything this streak of piss produces. As someone who is in a mixed race relationship, what does this dick hope to achieve by an album title that segregates races? Nick Cannon is a fucking moron and I hope Eminem goes in on the dickhead again.

  • Anonymous

    and Nick Cannon loves white people

  • anonymous

    White people love Nick Cannon.

  • Anonymous

    This is so disrespect able to our people and our culture! Nick cannon is a racist!!

  • Anonymous

    white people are more intelligent than black people aka monkeys lol

    • British brains

      Ok now, this is weird. I write the original comment and come back hours later to find all of these imposters hijacking my name! I am British brains and I can prove it. How else can you explain to my clinging to past history when my nation peaked decades ago? I mean come on, we have given nothing to the world since the Stones and the Beatles hit the scene 50 years ago. I also like to use the word British because then I can claim ownership to the original James Bond and anything else Scottish, Welsh, or Northern Irish people do because it makes the world think England is more relevant than it really is. I love football (come on you Hammers) and the world has hijacked the sport from us, we created the sport and haven't won shit since 1966 for God's sake. So can you blame me for having small penis syndrome and delusions that we still have any power over another country or group of people when the reality is that we are losing our own country to immigrants? England has fallen. It is rotting to it's very core. It survived by robbing the rest of the world of precious resources but those days are over. So my only outlet is to go onto a hip hop website article about a Nick Cannon album and spew hateful nonsense. Cheerio!

    • British brains

      ^^^These guys are ALL imposters, I am British brains and I have the small penis and loose anus to prove it.

    • British brains

      I would lick Hugh Grant's taint clean if he'd let me.

    • British brains

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    • British Brains

      ^^^^^^^^^^ It seems as though an imposter above has used my name, most likely an inferior dirty black bastard who is angry at me for stating the truth. Just remember that it was the British who made blacks our bitches and brought you dirty bastards to America. The only thing I hate more than a ni66er is an Irish person, both are still our slaves.

    • British brains

      I just farted into a plastic bag and huffed the fumes in and out for as long as I could........

    • British brains

      This is scientifically proven but considered racist because of all the politically correct bullshit.

  • TDE

    Mariah Carey is Bitch Cannon's "Daddy"

  • White Person

    Can't wait to party to these tunes brosef!

  • George Zimmerman the Hispanic Jewish Devil

    I'm going to drop an album called: TRAYVON MARTIN MUSIC: music 2 murder 2.

  • TruthFag

    This is the perfect opportunity to get up on my little soapbox and spew out fake uneducated comments.

  • Anonymous

    Yo come check out my new album: Black People Turnt Up Music.... its a sequel to my Black People Going HAM Music album... depending on how sales go, I'll drop Black People Ratchet Music..

  • Danny Brown

    "our true jewish identity" ROFL, this made my day. I'm guessing this retard is talking about the Israelites?? We are not all descendants of a tiny sect of North African Jews.

  • Anonymous

    tex 6 you molded piece of shit, the white man has stolen everything of the black man, even the khazarians stole our true jewish identity fuck boy, they made noah white, cleopatra white, 100 years from now they'd try to make michael jordan , and dr martin luther king white, because you have no real leaders , just murderers

  • Nick Cannon( aka Fido)

    After 11 years this is the best this nigg@ can come up with.............lame. This bitchnigg@z biggest achievement is being Mariah Carey's lap dog, smh. This dude comes off as real passive, You can bet that white bitch is the one fuckin his gay azz.

  • Good job nick!

    I support anything that makes white people mad. lol

    • ^^^^^^^^^

      Somebody jus got ethered

    • @Rimjob Nick

      Who said I was white? The reason I responded is cus u was dickridding a no-talent nigga like Nick Cannon, so I had to put u in your place. How does his dick feel wedged down your throat? Lol.

    • Good job nick

      Just the fact that you whites keep responding to this and are getting defensive shows that you're mad. lol So keep on commenting. :)

    • Anonymous

      I wouldn't be putting to much into the comments on here to back your argument.. you must not read most of them. 99% of these you wish you had the time in your life back it took you to read them.

    • @Rimjob Nick

      The "comments" don't represent anything. Prolly the same 2 people going back and forth. Even if this shit did make white people mad I could never support a wack nigga like Nick Cannon.

    • Is that u nick?

      "I support anything that makes white people mad. lol" Yeah I doubt anyone is gonna get mad at this gay shit, lmao,

    • Good job nick!

      The comments say otherwise. :)

  • Tex6

    imagine if eminem or Rittz (or any white rapper) would drop an album called Tru Nigga Muzik or the world would fucking EXPLODE and he would get killed or chased out of the country!

    • Tex6

      for all y'all thinking i'm dissing blacks, i'm not, i'm agianst racism people are still hypersensitive bout racism and if people would just pay less attention to being called out, it would eventually die down... btw truthman, i would laugh my ass of cause that shit would be hillarious if it was called like that, cause i have a sence of humor and my OP was meant to be interpretated with a bit of salt, a smile and a nod

    • truthman

      Thanks, anonymous. Now I'm off to masturbate into my Jason Collins jersey.

    • Anonymous

      lmao @ truthman. Kill um

    • truthman

      So now the word nigga=black. Thats exactly why you albino devils are not allowed to use it. You are sneakingly trying to diss black people. What if Nick Cannon made album called albino pale devil reccessive gene party music.

    • Anonymous

      And rightfully so.

  • Is

    White pp party when this nig is fking his wife,the white lady

    • @truthman

      Nigga u real, real dumb. Mariah's father is Latino/south American and her mother is Irish. This dumb bitch don't even look remotely African. She always gives that bullshit spiel about her Dad being part black to sell records to idiots like ur dumbass and u believe it.simple ass nigga. Btw we don't need ur uneducated dumbass to jump on every comment defending black people. U sound real butthurt and emotionall, did a white devil rape u when u was a child??? Lol, idiot.

    • truthman

      Mariah Carey is half clack you stupid albino reccessive gened devil

  • CJB

    I was in prison for 18 months at Snake River Correctional Facility in Ontario, Oregon. This one 40- something-year-old-white-supremesis-dude told me there was a white rapper named pitbull that was the only rapper that he could stand. I tried tellin the dude that Pitbull was Cuban, not white, but he wouldn't believe me. Hella funny.

  • Anonymous

    Wow, that's racist hahaha. I'd love to see a white dude or latino dude do that shit ha

    • truthman

      If feminem or gayclemore made a album called black people party music no one would care. So get over yourself you ugly pale recccessive caucosoid devil.

  • Anonymous

    And no one cared!!!

  • JRich

    It's like he saw into the not so distant future, read his own hhdx album review, summed it all up into one sentence, & made it his title. Lol, bold strategy

  • rthrt

    This little n1gger is so racist. i hope you gets burned by the KKK

  • Anonymous

    Well, this garbage dude really stayed true to the title, having Pitbull's faggot ass on a song. White people love that faggot.

  • V-Nasty is God

    Just when you think the nigga couldn't get any more lame....

  • Anonymous

    This dude is such a Disney rapper and is more famous for being Mariah Carey's husband than anything. What a dumb album name. If a white dude released a CD called Black People Party Music it'd be instantly shunned

  • Anonymous

    what does jamar have to say

    • truthman

      Lord Jamar is superior to both pf you white devil cum guzzling faaggots.

    • Anonymous

      hahaha for real though waaay too much attention is being paid to that faggot known as lord jamar what is doing to be relevant besides being a faggot?

  • No BARS none

    Cannon is one them ppl who got rich n famous with absolutely no talent at all lol. One the worst rappers of all time really shit actor and one the worst comedians I ever seen that wild n out show was fukin horrible He wifed Mariah instead of becoming a u used to be on tv nigga now he Mariah's bitch husband

    • Anonymous

      The first couple of season of wild n out was funny but that was because of the rest of the cast.

    • Anonymous

      Well-said, actually. If you told me 15 years ago that this dude would be semi relevant, i woulda laughed in your face. Makes no sense.

  • Anonymous

    just want my music heard thats all, im not looking for no record deal, getting famous 'r anything like that.! so please just spare a few sec. to check me out, & if you like what you heard please SUBSCRIBE so ill know you actually listen & support


    YES!!!!!!! thanks guys!!!! and thank you Nick Cannon!

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