40 B.A.R.R.S. Says She Wasn't Surprised Daylyt Exposed Himself During Queen Of The Ring Battle

Exclusive: 40 B.A.R.R.S. says props and gimmicks can take away from the sport of Battle Rap.

Battle rapper 40 B.A.R.R.S. spoke exclusively with HipHopDX about her battle earlier this month with Daylyt at Queen of The Ring. During the battle, Daylyt exposed his genitals to the crowd.

“I wasn’t surprised,” 40 B.A.R.R.S. says. “I was sure that he was going to do a gimmick. That’s what he does. I was trying to give him as limited reaction as I possibly could because I know that’s exactly what he wanted.”

Known for his antics during battles, Daylyt had plans on having sex with a sex toy on stage before the venue ultimately shut down the battle.

“I wouldn’t have reacted,” 40 B.A.R.R.S. says had Daylyt been able to follow-through with his aborted plan. “I would’ve just tried to rebuttal it.”

40 B.A.R.R.S. may have tried to keep her reaction to this act at a minimum during the battle, but she says she isn’t completely opposed to the use of props and gimmicks in battles. 

“Depending on how applicable they are to the bars, then they can be really good,” she says. “Like I’m not totally against using props and gimmicks for battles, but when they’re just for no reason, I think it takes away from the actual sport.”

The event was shut down during the third round because of Daylyt’s act, but video of the event is set to drop April 11. 

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  • Max Payne

    I can't believe that 40 B.a.r.r.s Fucked Daylyt right afterwards...smh

  • Will $teel

    damn wish 40 barrs woulda exposed HERself. that fat ass would actually b somethin worth reportin

  • Yall Are Either Sex Offenders or Yall Love Cock or Both

    Every dude who was at the battle, who watches or reads about the battle--AND gives Daylyt the "O.K.", I got a question for y'all: If a dude started wagging his dick in a crowded bus/train car/metrolink car, would all you Daylyt fans give that dick-wagger his props? You all probably would because you either are sex offenders on the low--or you simply love dicknballs.

  • Anonymous


  • Proud Weirdo iLLer Draft

    fuck yall I fucks with Daylyt and ALL his antics too and I'd hate to be one of you programmed mechanical sheep robots with the word N O R M A L branded on your hind parts living your boring lives 2 centimeters outside of the big ass meat grinder smh burgers and breds for everyone..fuckin clones

  • battle rappers is weak ass niggas

    That nigga weak as hell so he need to have a gimmick. I'd choke his ass out though if I was in that crowd n he did that to me.

  • Anonymous

    Other battle rappers hating on Daylyt, because he is already a millionaire. I wouldn't be surprised if he promotes the events himself on the low.

  • Lame as shit

    The lame promoters who pay this fuck-boy daylyt 5 or 10 grand to battle are fuckin retarded. He just an attention seeking weirdo don't even have the bars to back up his fuck-boy shit even sum geeky lookin whiteboy gripped him by the neck at one his battles lmao and he claiming crip with a fuckin spawn tattoo on his face FOH

    • beezy

      He's got bars he just focuses to much on the bullshit, his battle against b magic he brought some bars, he also brought alotta bullshit. He is a true fucking weirdo tho.

  • Anonymous

    video of the event??... after hearing about this faggot shit... no thanks

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