Top Dawg Says Kendrick Lamar, Ab-Soul & Jay Rock Projects Are "Coming Soon"

Anthony "Top Dawg" Tiffith tells TDE fans to "be patient" and announces that several Top Dawg Ent. releases are "coming soon."

Anthony "Top Dawg" Tiffith, CEO of Top Dawg Ent., says several albums are "coming soon" from the imprint. 

"@justsza Z 4.8.14, @abdashsoul ,@jayrock and @kendricklamar coming soon be patient...#TDE #0XYMORON #CilviaDemo OUT NOW," Tiffith said in a Twitter post yesterday (March 20).

In January, Top Dawg said his TDE imprint would release six albums.  


Isaiah Rashad's TDE debut release, Cilvia Demo, sold 8,534 copies in its first week of sales earlier this year. Cilvia Demo received a 4 out of 5 X rating in its HipHopDX review. "One BET Hip Hop Awards Cypher rhyme is all it took to catapult Chattanooga, Tennessee native Isaiah Rashad into the mainstream consciousness," HipHopDX said of the album. "Ultimately though, it was not a case of what he said, but who he said it with—appearing alongside the rising in Rap prominence, Top Dawg Entertainment crew—that mattered. However, it’s in recalling the moments that made us initially love another rapper (with a government name similar to Rashad’s) once known by two names—Common Sense—that makes his 14-track debut Cilvia Demo a hopeful sign for more intriguing and insightful material to come." 

ScHoolboy Q's Oxymoron isold 138,950 copies in its first week to earn the #1 spot on the Billboard Top 200 albums chart. Oxymoronwhich can be streamed here, earned the Top Dawg emcee a 3.5 out of 5 in the collection's HipHopDX review. "In many ways, Oxymoron delivers exactly as advertised," HipHopDX said of the album in its review. "It’s an ominous project that also needs a few radio reaches to provide ScHoolboy Q a platform to achieve mainstream success. You want a guy like Q to bring home a gold or platinum plaque, but will you endure the strategic placement of some Top 40 bait to see it happen?" 

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  • Anonymous

    Cilvia Demo is decent and Oxy is trash...and 2014 is half over so how you going to release 3 more albums in 6 months? I don't believe it. All these guys were dropping mixtapes every year before 2012. Wtf you doin tony?

  • Anonymous

    "sure but only 2 rappers have pulled it off this year" That's because only two albums have come out lol Ironically, there are no major hip hop releases in April, so Q and Ross just might get to gold.

  • Anonymous

    I'm tired of seeing this nigga in that same generic ass 5x polo. Hiphopdx.....get a new photo!!!!!!!!!

  • claradaveyyma

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  • jonh

    q is not better kandrick and asap rocky, if you want money make money here

  • jonh

    Q is talk is cheap he said his better than kandrick but kandrick killed it but his not better than asap rocky if want money make money here

  • john d

    Q his talk is cheap he said his better than kandrick but kandrick killed it but asap rocky is the best. if want money make money here

  • Anonymous

    "schoolboy q did sell though, anything over 100k first week is great" I wouldn't say great. Try respectable.

  • Anonymous

    Ran 2013? lol Whatever helps you cope with Q's flop.

  • Anonymous

    Don't keep us waitin, nicca. You just gonna turn they projects into Detox.

  • strange music

    ran hip hop last yr

  • Anonymous

    TDE aint got shit on Strange. Argue all you want, but if it ever comes down to it, Jay Rock better choose the right side.

  • Anonymous

    only q and Kendrick on interscope

  • Anonymous

    onlY 16 replies, lol the hiipower movement aint really moving now is it? SMH while im lmfao

  • Fuck jail

    Should put out Kendricks next get another platinum plaque under they belts then Jay Rock that nigga is the real deal fuck wayne Tyga n these other fools false flagging sould be embaressed if u reppin a gang u have nuttin to do with

  • Anonymous

    who's this nigga at the picture tho???

  • Dino

    Really looking forward to Ab-Soul's project. Control System was phenomenal. /on top of this, we're getting Pharoahe Monch's album, this is turning out to be a great year for hip-hop. PS Stop comparing who's better and who's taking over. You're corny and ignorant. Music is subjective, not everyone is gonna like the same rappers you do.

  • TDEwegotthebelt

    Black Hippy yeeeeee

  • insane child

    mother earths a bitch, she got a glitch im fucking her, while rubbing her clit shes sucking my dick, i hope she swallow dont spit else not her il have to hit, so fucking hard she'll be starring up at the stars, im colder then pluto these other rappers, only colds as mars and il still be down on earth here killing these bars im sicker then sars, deadlier then cancer but i still get under them bra's it goes here i am and here il be the insane mother fucker, from the west country im hungry, i feel alife, mess with me il have you wishing you comited suicide cause i aint here to survive, im here to live forbid, i dont forgive, nor dwell, may be big headed but my brain swell, while my brain cells try to figure out, if this is heaven or hell, still cant tell i be family guy, remember the time i met the provit Muhammad and gave him a hot dog he sucked the pork threw his gob, like he was giving a blow job im a nob, fuck god, jesus, my bitch im always on top you think your better then me, your hallucinating im elavating, im demanstrating, if your hating, im anihilating- you, jew? no i aint hitler, im bitter, you a pussy, il fist ya call me Mr, no Master, got more rhymes then dizaster il blast ya, into orbit, im morbid, when out with a fat girl call me Norbit

  • 101

    back to the drawing board again for all these wack ass rappers now in the game. nobody even needs to drop any projects no more when TDE be puttin out some real shit i swear nobody else matters fuck all o' yall #HIIIPOWER

    • Anonymous

      TDE was pretty small 2 years ago, the other members in Black Hippy are actually selling way, way more than they ever did. How is that not selling?

    • Anonymous

      schoolboy q did sell though, anything over 100k first week is great

    • nalej

      8,000 in the first week for Isaiah & 75% drop for schoolboy in the 2nd week so who needs to go back to the drawing board? STOP DICKRIDING!!! Kendrick will sell... sadly everyone else won't

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