King Los Discusses Bad Boy Departure & Diddy's "Nobody" Rant On Rick Ross's "Mastermind"

King Los says he will forever be a part of the Bad Boy family, but that he has decided to explore other endeavors.

Yesterday (March 19), it was announced that King Los was leaving Bad Boy Records. Los spoke about this in an interview with MTV following the initial reports of his departure. 

"Forever in the Bad Boy family, just I've chose to explore other endeavors just like my mentor, just like Puff," King Los says. "He had his situation before, him and Andre Herrell. Look at how it worked out for him. I'm just inspired by those who have radical thinking. Sometimes, you gotta do bizarre things. If it doesn't start as a thought, how could it ever come to fruition?"

King Los Addresses Diddy's "Nobody" Rant 

During the interview, King Los was asked if he was the person targeted in Diddy's rant on Rick Ross's "Nobody." 

"I know some things about that," King Los says. "I love the mystique of this, so I'ma let this play out a little bit, but boy, your intuitive skills. Nah, I had something to do with it. I won't say that he was...He knows how to prepare moments and in those moments, have something rollin'...I will say this. I have the full conversation. That's only bits and fragments that y'all heard...There's much more. Man, listen, there was more devastating things said."

Trina, who was next to King Los at the time of the interview, said she also heard the rest of the rant. "She knows how it got leaked," King Los says. "She guilty by association." 

The interviewer, Sway Calloway, says "All roads lead to French," referencing French Montana, who appears on "Nobody." "There's always a Coke Boy somewhere in the mix," King Los says. 

Diddy's rant on "Nobody" is as follows.  

You wanted to fuckin' walk around these roaches. These niggas is roaches. These niggas is mere motherfuckin' mortals. I'm tryna push you to supreme bein'. You don't wanna motherfuckin'... You don't wanna embrace your destiny, you wanna get by. You don't wanna go into the motherfuckin' dark where it's lonely. You can't handle the motherfuckin', the pain of the motherfuckin' not knowin' when the shit is gonna stop.

You fuckin' wanna walk around these niggas? What the fuck is their culture? Where the fuck is their souls at? What defines you? These niggas with these fuckin' silly looks on their faces. You wanna walk around with them or you wanna walk with God, nigga? Make up your goddamn mind.

Fuckin' wanna talk about fuckin' jewelries and Bentley's and Hublot's and fuckin' art that niggas ain't got on their fuckin' walls and fuckin' mansions niggas ain't got. Niggas can't even pay the IRS, let alone their fuckin' staff, nigga. You gotta tell the truth, man. The truth'll set you free, son, the truth will set you free.


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  • drake runs rap

    los is nothing more than a free style rapper. He will never know the concepts of making a tolerable & listenable song. This is why all these so called lyrical free style rappers like cassidy, Los and many more will never be on drakes level.

  • Anonymous

    The funniest part of about that whole Diddy rant to me was how he said "You gotta tell the truth, man. The truth'll set you free, son, the truth will set you free." on a Rick Ross album and song full of blatant and obvious lies.

  • Odd

    Didn't Bad Boy shut down? They released all there artists about a month ago. Its no longer in existence. They are just trying to save face by not officially announcing, but sad to say another hip hop institution has fallen.

  • IROC

    Is badboy still in bizness where this guy been? Diddy sound so fake and wack on that Ross track talking to who ever he was talking to

  • Anonymous

    50 Cent Animal Ammbition Leak

  • j

    Best move of his career. Did anybody see him MURDER Sways 5 Fingers Of Death?! OMG

  • Anonymous

    maybe puffy stop fucking his ass those faggs

  • Anonymous

    u would sign to that fucking snake

  • james

    diddy thinks he is God...yeah a devil....diddy had pac killed and contributed to the environment that got biggie killed....why anybody would do business with this lowlife is beyond me he is a fuckin sellout...he would sell anyone out for some cash....most his artist been robbed and are broke.....Diddy is the type of nicka the white man would of had on the plantation makin sure the field slaves dont escape cuz they know he is a good lil sellout ...sam jackson django......los is wayyyyy doper than french montana....and what happened to red up cd,,, lol cassie no music after a platinum joint w ryan he just fuckin her.....i hope she marries him and takes his cake.....he prolly believes she loves his old washed up azzz....sell that vodka house nicka

  • Anonymous

    i heard someone else ghost wrote that rant for diddy

  • Anonymous

    Somebody tell me why Puff went in on Los. What's the story behind this?

  • Anonymous

    W/out question Puff was preachin' to this was pretty much Los' swan song...pahahahahaha...#roaches

  • Sooo

    Los basically admit Diddy was talking to him? He said Sway was intuitive when he asked "was it you?" and he claims he knows the full conversation and how it got leaked. Ehh

  • Anonymous

    Shit, I KNOW it must have been hard sitting next to Trina. If them cameras weren't there, best believe I would've smashed her sexy ass on that couch.

  • Anonymous

    damn Puffy really laid it on him

  • Anonymous

    another bad boy artist bites the dust.

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