King Los Leaves Bad Boy & Says: "I'm Not Going To Get To This Level And Just Be Stagnant"

Sway says on "Sway in the Morning" that King Los is no longer on Bad Boy.

Sway said on his Sway in the Morning radio show that King Los is no longer signed to Diddy's Bad Boy Entertainment.  

King Los neither confirmed nor denied the reports, but said that he spoke with Diddy about his relationship with Bad Boy last week. 

"I went to his crib and we talked,” King Los says on Sway in the Morning. "We sat poolside and we just chopped it up. I told him, ’There’s a lot of miscommunication when you don’t communicate.’ I said, ‘I just gotta be more vocal about things and he was just like, ‘Yeah.’ Basically, I still have the whole entire Puff engine, his influence or whatever I need, if I come to him with a plan. I can do whatever I want, but I just had to let him know, 'I gotta get out here and get this ball rolling.' I gotta do it because I’m just like a special person. For me, it ain’t on nobody. If I sit on the label for five years, I did that. I don’t look at it how people look at it. You’re a man. You’ve got to do what you got to do in this world. I came from nothing, so I understand that and I know that it takes 10 times nothing to make something. So, I’m not going to get to this level and just be stagnant or anything. I just got to keep it movin’ in a way that satisfies me because when things don’t feel right in my heart, I can’t perform them.”

Though he did not specifically address leaving Bad Boy, King Los did retweet other people discussing the news.

King Los, who is slated to release his Zero Gravity II mixtape March 24, says that his relationship with Diddy is one of teacher-mentor.

“He’s in a mentoring kind of thing when you’re around him, just for you to soak up as much game, as much knowledge and wisdom as you can," King Los says. "You’re less talkative and more trying to receive the things." 

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  • Anonymous

    nobody taught this nigga math cause ten times nothin is still nothin

  • Anonymous

    Who is this guy? What level is he speaking of?

  • carry a blade

    people still fuckin with puff after all the bullshit moves hes made fuckin liar n a thief. But I hope he keeps MGK in limbo at bad-boy I know he owns his publishing already that wigger is a fuckin idiot hope he never drops another project his fans are fuckin lame they the emos of hip hop

  • COCA


  • Anonymous

    just another failed bad boy contract.



  • Anonymous

    That was the most nonsensical, poorly worded, and mind-numbingly stupid paragraphs I've ever read. " I gotta do it because Im just like a special person. " You are a special person King Los. And you probably still ride the short bus just to prove it.

  • Jermaine

    The funny thing is people saying Bad Boy didn't do nothing for him. Bad Boy can't do shit without a hit records. This shit be funny. The nigga needs to drop a hit record!!!! Nobody going to push you if you not dropping no hits. Diddy don't push nobody if they don't have the music. Smdh!! Nobody would have heard of him if he wasnt associated with Puff. The music business is tough.

  • djfranknice

    If you need hot beats, I'm your man ....

  • Anonymous

    King Los never wanted to work anyway. King Los had been fighting with diddy some time and was lazy. Bad Boy doesn't keep dead weight like Los.

  • Anonymous

    he a fuckin liar he kno he left cause bad boy aint doin nothin fa him!!! he talkin its time to branch out?BITCH U AINT EVEN DROP AN ALBUM YET!!! LOL

  • Yaowa

    well that's the 2nd time he's been dropped/left bad boy. i hope he smartens up this time. King los is one of my favorite artists but he's not going anywhere on a label. he needs to just go the independent route. he was dropping mixtapes like no other by himself and maybe put 1 out since he was back on bad boy. he's NEVER going to be a mainstream artist and he's never going to be understood/appreciated by the higher ups on these labels. KING LOS IS A MONSTER. just watch and see what he does over the next couple months. #TheCrownAintSafe

  • Keon

    New 50 Cent music!! Check out the link!And follow me on IG!

  • Jaron

    King Los makes good records. Good move.

  • Anonymous

    1) You're already cursed 2) Who?

  • Anonymous

    Bad boy ain't doing anything any other label is doing. The label is just a cosign nothing more nothing less, it all boils down to whether you make good music or not

    • JRich

      Smh, that's definitely an oversimplification. A label is supposed to do a lot of things, most of all promote their artists. There's a list of 10+ artists that Bad Boy's done dirty I can think of just off the top of my head.

  • Fish

    Good move, Bad Boy is a graveyard for careers since Biggie died. The only signee that's really made it big since is Jeezy and he only did that when he left bad Boy.

    • Young Guwop

      Jeezy wasn't signed to Bad Boy as a solo artist. Only to Boys N The Hood group only. He already had a solo deal at Def Jam when he done the Boyz N The Hood album.

  • Anonymous

    Who want to sign to that fucking snake

  • Satchmocoltrane

    Get 'em Los!! Finally an artist taking responsibility for his own destiny and not just blaming a major label.

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