50 Cent Threatens Steve Stoute & Says He's Entering Shallow Waters

50 Cent questions why he's been labeled a bully following confrontation with Steve Stoute at Madison Square Garden.

Following remarks Hip Hop executive Steve Stoute made in regards to 50 Cent during an appearance on Hot 97 last month, Stoute was confronted by the Jamaica, Queens lyricist during a New York Knicks game at Madison Square Garden weeks ago.

When asked to reveal what was said during the confrontation during an interview with Complex, Fifty remained silent on the matter, but did question why he’s being labeled a bully when he says Stoute was the one who attacked him.

“They call me the bully. I’m responding to them,” he said. “To something that he said. Do we say ‘good for him’ if I smack fire out of him in front of everybody at Madison Square Garden…Does anyone say ‘good for him?’ Or do they go ‘Oh man, why 50 do that? He bullied him. You saw how he did that’…I don’t understand how you’re the bully for responding to someone else attacking you.”

Prior to addressing the bully label, 50 Cent offered a warning to “The Tanning Of America” author and also criticized the media for not choosing to question Stoute about the confrontation at Madison Square Garden.

“He’s getting into shallow waters,” 50 Cent said. “Like he’s getting closer to actually getting his ass whooped. You feel what I’m saying to you? Once you start saying things and then I actually feel like I have to come to you. I don’t know where—Whose fault is it later? If the journalist pushes and pulls and pushes and pulls. And then asks the question that forces the artist into saying things that—You didn’t force me to say. Never, you never forced me to say. He said it himself…But it sets him up. It sets him up because it provides the opportunity for him to go down that actual lane. And some of them are not smart enough not to.”

The February 28 confrontation between Stoute and 50 Cent came days after Stoute stated that the G-Unit rapper had not released a hit “in a really long time,” and also questioned the delay surrounding a new album from 50.

“He hasn’t had a hit in a really long time,” Stoute said. “I mean, he has not made anything musically that’s changed anything in a very long time. And I feel like he’s always like gearing up for something that never happens…And without having any music that’s meaningful over the last—probably the last great song he’s made was ‘I Get Money’…Kanye’s put out three albums, four albums since then.”


  • Anonymus

    People been talking about Steve Stoute's funny style ways, it just gets magnifified more once 50cent's doing it. Combat Jack called him scarf hands, and the source had shitted on him before, but that was during the Benzino days so we didn't take it seriously, how many more people need to expose SS? I believe 50 cent just scratches the surface when comes to this guy.



  • Anonymous

    fuck your album release nigga

  • Another Pointless Article

    Is there gonna be a article about the actual album

  • Anonymous

    Dude,talk about that wack azz music you are putting out. He's talking about everything but music.

  • Anonymous

    50 Cent has been doing this for years, now he's crying? GTFOH

  • Anonymous

    you 50 cent stans are the worst

  • COCA


  • bllack child

    Word to God, fuckin snitch ass nigga 50 Cent Fuck is wrong with you nigga? Actin like you Ferrari nigga, you can't never be me Boy (uh huh), cause You a snitch nigga you ain't gonna pop nothin Pay a nigga to do it, so you could tell the cops somethin 187 your "Unit", Hector Lynn and Cotch dumpin You hear the shots comin (5,0), start runnin [Verse 1] You knew I was comin, dumpin, who wanted a hundred rounds Didn't I stab you up?, don't make me gun you down Your whole career's nothin, but a publicity stunt Until I kill you and give you the publicity you want Yeah front page, rapper that's over paided Found under the stage, felt under from the gauge Nigga I got women that do the evil men do They got more heart than you and want no parts of you You hit chickens I used to, I fuck bitches that use you And lose you, for the loot, big fists from Hooptie Nigga you say you a gangsta, but we don't believe you I come through 134 and don't see you Pull up in somethin tinted, nothin rented Pull out the Mack 10 and dump everythin in it And ain't no witnesses, witnessin shit Except for the four fifth and you on the floor stiff (uh huh) Wanksta [Verse 2] I got a lot of killin to do 'fore I die and I ain't got bullets to waste shoot this nigga in the face How you call yourself Ferrari?, you don't ride like me In the hood, everyday "Ready To Die" like me How does faggot nigga do a song with B.I.G.? When he the snitch of the city, I'ma have to talk to Diddy Fiddy I had a knife, you had a gun You ain't pop one shot, poked you, you called 911 What you know about AK's and AR 15's? Nothin nigga, you up in the precinct at the 113 Damn homie, you a bitch, you a snitch On your man homie, what the fuck wrong with you? I got a fourth and Beretta that says revenge is better Put holes through your leather, they have to sew you back together Black could never chirp like that bird to the cops He got a camera is his drawers and a mic is his watch (uh huh) Pussy [Chorus] [Black Child - talking] (*echo*) Word to God you fuckin faggot Keep playing games, go 'head drop your fuckin album talking about how much money u got nigga we dont give a fuck nigga !! aha And I'ma do a fuckin interview with the fuckin arrestin officer nigga Don't keep playin games man Fuckin Officer William Fitzgerald from the two thirty-four nigga On 54th Street nigga, you know Stop fuckin playin games, actin like you don't know what happened nigga Word to God, this Black Child too nigga Black Child a.k.a. Ferrari Black nigga It's Murder Inc, faggot pussy

  • blunz

    fuck this snitch ass nigga !! queens aint ridin wit you no how!! punkmuthafucka i heard about u boo boo!! ahahaha

    • jni

      you obviously aint frm queens then homie, we ride or die with 50 since day 1, stop pretending u from here mayne you juss got exposed

  • Monte Plus

    I wonder what was said in the confrontation....lol

  • Not Rich & Still Tryin'

    "week after week i see him on this website once or maybe even twice a week and he hasn't had an album in like 5 years and all he has to do is sneeze." And that's success for you???

  • A Trillionaire

    50 is like a shark without teeth at this point. He's a former gangster with a lot to lose now. I wish 50 would assault me, shiiiiiit.

  • Anonymous

    shallow waters? like 50s music career?

  • Anonymous

    50's insecurities are still alive and well. He needs to stop caring what people say even when what they say is the truth. 50's had zero hits in years. Stoute is only one of many who say this on a weekly/yearly basis. Does Curtis plan on attacking them all?



  • Anonymous

    i gotta give 50 credit. week after week i see him on this website once or maybe even twice a week and he hasn't had an album in like 5 years and all he has to do is sneeze. it funny to see the same old haters come back and say the same stuff week after week.

    • Anonymous

      Nelly was one of the most successful rappers of all timeand he did it without Em and Dre but he doesent have a legion of male groupies sucking his brown dick, if you want to Dickride a successful rapper/entrepanure then Dickride JayZ who has 10 platinum albums and a successful record label after 20 years in the game.

    • Anonymous

      One of the best selling rappers of all time and one of the few rappers turned successful entreprenuer and you say that he failed to reach his potential. What a clown. And what are you doing?

    • Anonymous

      If Fiddy was as popular on Billboard as he is on gossip blogs he might be able to revive his rap career but people enjoy his antics more than his music so he will always be considered a washed up rapper who failed to reach his potential

  • Anonymous

    Curtis knows his place, he would never run up on a white man like that, his job is to go at Black men and that's all he is allowed to get away with in the music game. Run up on Jimmy Iovine and youll be back in Queens selling crack to teenage mothers with a ragtag crew of Yes-men who applaud you on your boxing skills.

    • Anonymous

      MonkeyBuzz, when your music is ass just divert fans attention to beef and bullshit to get a buzz, thats why his career is in the toilet because fans desire music and not the circus shit.

  • Anonymous

    Ja Rule killed him though

  • Officer Roberts

    Officer William Roberts reporting for duty. Who's ass do I need to check for contraband?

  • David

    This nigga need to shut the fuck up. We know an album is comin out cuz they aint no buzz on it and 5.0 comin out and talkin shit. Same shit wit every album wit this nigga, a lot of shit talkin then the album flops. Too bad this nigga wasn't able to do what Feminem was go full on pop and make hits. Feminem aint hip hop no more and 5.0 isn't even relevant. Haven't heard shit from his new album down here in the A which means this new 5.0 album gon go triple wood. Flop city for this nigga.

    • Anonymous

      If you still use the term "Feminem" in 2014, you need to go back to 1999 nd give ICP their words back. At least come original with your hating instead of biting Juggalo slang for another century

  • Anonymous

    Steve Stoute's remarks aren't serious ... something I would ignore. Anyway, I don't understand these rap niggas. If I were 50 I would fuck up who ever I had issues with discreetly, carefully and thoroughly. I wouldn't be making threats, veiled or otherwise, telling the whole world my drama.

  • Anonymous

    Steve Stoute would beat the living shit out of Curtis Wackson.

  • Anonymous

    He wouldn't do a White Boy like that....real talk....

  • mac DIESEL


  • blkviper

    That's funny, all that intelligence and he always reverts back to needing to intimidate someone physically, you never see this dude in some white guys face like that, he knows that will go bad for him, problem is Steve Stoute is not intimidated and 50 talking that game but he knows Steve Stoute connects run very very deep, this is not some ordinary rapper he can punk. actually I can't wait until he hits Steve Stoute,he's going to find out how truly fast things will end for him.

  • Headshot

    say what u want but 50 a real street nigga in a street fight the top 5 rappers would prolly be 50 Cent Sheek Louch Game Bumpy Knuckles Ghostface Killah. I dunno theres a lot of crazy niggas u prolly wouldn't expect to be able to fight would whip yo ass

    • Anonymous

      lothario is a cornball, mad he wasn't there, lol, like, you read to reply to say who cares? what a fuckboy anon1 on point, although should recognize none of the heads ever said they ain't know wtf a curtis was, so curtis was there and a LOUD lmmfbao @ bob perry, we've ALWAYS been dealing with them fuckboys donnis mac

    • Anonymous

      "killed a nikka back in 1999 and got away on some self defense shit" wow, can anyone confirm this???

    • Anonymous

      "plus I heard he went to Landspeed Records like 200 deep to get his money right" Yo i heard that white nigga Bob Perry jumped out the fucking window! Then Bob Perry went on to partner with RZA for Soul Temple Records and proceed to rips off thousands of Wu-Tang fans and RZA off for money they paid to buy music!

    • Lothario

      You niggas are groupies. Who the fuck cares..

    • Cage

      ^^^ That anonymous cat was on top of his shit

    • Anonymous

      yo dunn as far as 50 and Game go, they're fake, yeah I know they come from the hood but they got NO thorough backup, but them other nikkas you mentioned are surely the realest in the game: Sheek Louch - He killed a nikka back in 1999 and got away on some self defense shit Bumpy Knuckles - Pistol whipped Lord Jamar in a Brand Nubian concert back in 1990, put a gun in Benzino's mouth during the Flavor Unit tour, used to rob nikkas chains back in the 80's with the REAL 50 Cent, plus I heard he went to Landspeed Records like 200 deep to get his money right Ghostface Killah - The nikka was being searched for a robbery when the Wu first came out, that's why he always wore a mask during those days

  • Anonymous

    50's a smart motherfucker. Doesn't seem humble. But he's a G.

  • Anonymous

    you speaking on a man you left for dead. 50 been dope listen to power of a dollar 50 the future and guess whos back. and he was writing for diddny. he made eminem come to him. niggas hate 50 i guess only niggas that aint been thru no real shit. all this shit happened to him cuz another nigga whooped jarule and took his chain. he see 50 with him and toooo pussy to run down on the street nigga. so he think 50 a fake rapper like him, wrong in my charlie murphy voice. he whoop ya ass start exposing you then gets shot up for it. that was all some ho shit. but thats what fake gangster do. stoute a fuck nigga he was shitting on that man for nothing and thinking its funny. stoute said 50 is the same guy in that interview with the breakfast club that was 2 that day he dissed him. and 50 showed he still that same guy. like he kicked out game for being scared, got back at rick ross instead of ignoring it like jayz. and the police saved gunplay. they swung that boy like he wore 5 pounds until they came with that mace it was a wrap. and thats the only time we know of gunplay getting in a fight and not getting knocked out cold. saved by the boys!

  • Sensaye Sixkiller

    These fuckin' rappers are so used to everyone jockin' 'em and tellin' em how great they are that they can't stomach any criticism. Anything short of calling them the greatest human being to walk the face of the fuckin earth is considered an insult to them. I really think that rappers being oversensitive is the number one reason why rap music sucks. Everyone is so fuckin' scared to not be accepted or praised. Bitch ass niggas. Not everyone is gonna like your shit, you're supposed to learn that in 3rd grade. This will just result in some no-name from 50's camp or Steve Stoute's camp getting beat down and robbed. Then some no-name from the other guy's crew will go to jail. This shit is played out. I always wondered what it would be like when rappers got old and started turning 35, 40, 50 years old. But nothing happens. They just never grow up. Now they're 40 year old kids with inflated egos and inflated pockets, and nothing new to say. It's weak.

  • Anonymous

    No one considers this Gorilla a Bully. At all. He was only able to win the Ja Rule beef becos one Ja was almost done as a rapper at the time and two Stupid Ja rule had the nerve to diss Dr Dre (wrong move). Three if it wasnt for the Dr Dre,Eminem and Interscope machine making sure that every 50 cent record was in constant rotation(Ja Rule at the time he was hot didnt show love to DJs, So when the beef came around DJs were not playig his 50 cent diss songs in constant rotation)

    • Anonymous

      usually because they don't pay their taxes LOL

    • Anonymous

      You left out the fact that Murder Inc was under federal investigation at the time and they couldn't attack the Gorilla at full strength. All of 50s enemies end up in prison or with the Taxman on their ass.

  • Anonymous

    game? couldnt knock a nigga out cold that wasnt blocking or fighting back! come on man. game on bra said game was a hoop star. he had scholarships in shit to washington univeristy. 50 was selling dope and had workers in high school you heard what bangem smurf said me and yayo used to hustle for 50 and they were older then him. game owes 50 his life. game a disloyal ass nigga. crossed his brother and 50. and im from cal i root for game. but he aint kept it solid yet. but i salute him for the robin hood project. dont forget 50 staff shot at game staff first day of their fall out.

    • Anonymous

      ain't no loyalty is right. look how jimmy henchmans crew all testifying on him

    • Zach

      Say duke, anybody and everybody in the hood can sell drugs it's the easiest hustle in the hood because all you need is some work and a dope fiend and both are easy as fuck to find. You form a little crew with your neighborhood buddies and sell a few drugs to your crackhead uncle and his friends and all of a sudden youre Scarface. Aint no loyalty in this shit, look how 50s former friends dont even talk to him anymore. Game should have beat the shit out that nigga.

    • Anonymous

      Funniest yet most delusional and false facts post thus far! Of course its from a 50 cent cheerleader too.

  • Anonymous

    Coward ass nigga, why he want to flex on a corporate dude like Stout? Where was this tough guy act when Game was demolishing his whole label and career? Game shitted on his dead mother and he didn't say shit but Steve says he ain't made a hit since "I get Money" and this coward wants to puff his chest out.

  • south Africur

    50 just pleads for realness in the industry but biacthes when the realness is directed to him...dont back down Steve

  • Anonymous

    50 is the rap games D-BO

  • Amz Ali

    50 Cent Animal Ambition Leak http://www.jamplify.com/91237d

  • Anonymous

    50 fucks with trannys

    • Young Guwop

      @Craig Internet nigga you gay. Ole thuggin luv ass nigga.

    • Sensaye Sixkiller

      I don't care if every single part of their body has been morphed or made to look like a woman. If they got male DNA, then they're a dude, and that shit is gay. Maybe it is the future, but I'll be the last nigga on Earth still fuckin' with women. I'd rather fuck the ugliest woman in the world than fuck with a tranny. That shit is gross.

    • Craig

      Real niggas fuck with trannys. As long as they are the fake boob, fake ass trannys it's all good. Most are hotter than biological women and are better in the sack. Trannys are the future.

  • Anonymous

    "Actual(ly)" tally only at 3? 50 "actually" stepping up his vocab.

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