YG "My Krazy Life" First Week Sales Projections

YG is expected to debut near the top of the charts with "My Krazy Life."

YG's My Krazy Life album is expected to sell between 45,000 and 55,000 copies its first week in stores, according to Hits Daily Double.

Official sales numbers are set to be announced March 26. 

The debut major label album from the Compton, California rapper features the platinum single “My Nigga” with Jeezy and Rich Homie Quan. 

The collection also features Kendrick Lamar on “Really Be (Smokin N Drinkin)” and Drake on “Who Do You Love?”

My Krazy Life earned 3 out of 5 Xs in its review on HipHopDX, which included a discussion of  “Really Be (Smokin N Drinkin).” The song "takes a sudden turn to stray from the script,” the HipHopDX review says. "Venting about stresses including paranoia and the pressures of fame, YG puts his machismo to the side to hold his own alongside a barrage from Rap’s leading firecracker Kendrick Lamar. This welcome glimpse into reality is uncharacteristic for an emcee most known for bragging on his hard earned criminal reputation and prowess with a variety of women.”

YG’s My Krazy Life is available for stream below.

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    MKL is bumpin'! YG put together a dope album - Salute!

  • Anonymous

    the shit leaked like 4 days before it actually (*50 Cent voice) dropped and y'all still expect nikkas to go buy it like some law abiding white folks? lol

  • POPE

    IDK about everyone else but this album knocks! it brings back that n80's/90's west coast feel. the production and the story line how the songs tie together. i think it's dope and 80% of the album he can drop as singles. P.S. with a name like mastermind for an album i expected way better. ross should just do coke rap. that stepping out of his lane.. i'm personally not a fan of.

  • Anonymous

    Tyga and French Montana numbers

  • Rozay O'Donnell

    Those seem like mighty fine figures for an absolute flop. Too bad this isn't a masterpiece like Mastermind.

    • Anonymous

      50K was horrible for French.

    • Rozay O'Donnell

      50k was also a good number for French Montana, who also released a flop.

    • Anonymous

      "Too bad this isn't a masterpiece like Mastermind." HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!

    • Anonymous

      so why are you taking time out of your day to comment on something you think is trash? your life doesnt suck huh...

    • Anonymous

      same numbers as self made 3.

    • Anonymous

      LOL at this second nigga....YG is wack as fuck and will be in jail within 2 years. I didn't even bootleg his album he so wack.

    • Anonymous

      absolute flop? its a flop when you spend more than what you get back...my nigga is a platinum single he more than likely already made the money back that was spent on his album during this first week... ygs a new artist who just got a buzz outside of the west coast a couple months ago 50k is a good starting number...n he might stay doing consistent numbers every week when that drake song starts picking up

  • Anonymous

    It seriously disgusts me how many of you are judging albums off their first week sales. Judge the album off music, lyrics, content, quality, etc. A couple people commenting actually listened to the album and like me just wanted to see his first week performance but most of you are parasites. Plus with all the streaming services available now album sales don't mean shit. I listen to every album on Spotify before I decide if it has replay value and I want to buy it

  • Fuck it who cres neway

    Thought he would of done double that after my nigga n that song with drakes bitch ass self. He aint a likeable guy tho if u seen his interviews something seems off with him to me n that shit gon affect ur sales these days cause everyone got a fuckin camera watching how u move

    • Anonymous

      " while rozay q and cudi wont be on the charts for more than 4-5 months" sure if you repleace months with weeks

    • staying power

      i guarantee you pharrels album is going to be on the charts for a year while rozay q and cudi wont be on the charts for more than 4-5 months arent kelly osbourne and jojo on the album?

    • Anonymous

      Cudi had a 91% drop Schoolboy had a 78% drop Rozay had a 75% drop Pharrel had a 60% drop The fans that actually go out and buy the albums typically cop it the same day or have their Pre-orders DL the day of the drop which is why "Yeezus" had an 80% drop and despite Wiz having a Platinum single and a Gold single he only did 40K second week. Surprised that Pharrel didnt sell more with Miley Cyrus, Daft Punk, and Justin Timberlake on his album, he might as well have put Kelly Osbourne and JoJo on that album at that rate.

    • Yayo

      Lmao Ross sold 45,000 this week 75% drop I fuckin knew they was buying up the album over there to try get his buzz goin again fuck that chicken wing killer

  • Anonymous

    He will still outsell 50 Cents

  • Anonymous

    Maybe Snitchy Cent can convince Interscope to buy 50K of his albums so he can each 80K but I doubt they care enough about his life to help his struggling career.

    • Paperwork?

      50s not on interscope anymore and wheres the paperwork? the lyrics in ghetto qua'ran? kill yourself...

  • Anonymous

    To bad TDE didn't bought 100k. Like def Jane did for gusto=officer ricky

  • @Artise1

    That's what Ross sold before Def Jam bought 100 Stacks.

  • Anonymous

    Mastermind outselling them all.


    I hope his numbers goes up to 100K. His album is dope. I actually became a fan.

  • Anonymous

    That is disappointing, YG put out an album far better than it deserved to be. Hope it holds out for a while.

  • Anonymous

    It's unfair to compare this to Schoolboy, shit Schoolboy benefitted a lot from his association with Kendrick and he still had a 78% drop in his second week. My Hitta was a huge hit but we all know that Def Jam is stingy on the promo budget so you have to have your own team to back up Def Jam and I don't think CTE has a strong team on that level. ....it's weird how Jeezy is a head A&R at Atlantic and his artist ison Def Jam.

  • Anonymous

    shit leaked a week early, and sites like this streaming it for free prob doesn't help

  • Anonymous

    I'm shocked. This album is actually good.

  • Scary J. Blige

    lol he should've dropped the album while "My Nigga" was hittin and maybe it would generate more interest, anyway, YG of Toot It & Boot It fame is gonna flop and get dropped from Def Jam

    • Anonymous

      my nigga is a platinum single but singles dont sell albums...yg hasnt developed a big enough fanbase to do big numbers like kendrick who took a good amount of time to build his base before he dropped

    • Anonymous

      I think My Nigga is still going strong though, which is what makes this disappointing.

  • Anonymous

    schoolboy q sold more. big singles don't make a rapper career.

  • ab

    he better keep them 6 figures in that bank of America account..

    • Word

      yup. trash "Anonymous: 50k for a debuting artist isn't bad at all. Most new artists start with 5 digits." Actually that is fucking terrible. If you think thats good then you need to do your homework. All these indy artists think they hot they aint shit. fuck em

    • Anonymous

      50k for a debuting artist isn't bad at all. Most new artists start with 5 digits.

  • Anonymous

    Album looks dope, I will support it, I thought with a huge hit like My Hitta it would do more but Street Rap is not that popular nowadays.

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