Dame Dash Say New York Daily News & New York Post Are "Racist" News Outlets

Dame Dash says NY Daily News reporters never write about "the good stuff about a black man." He also says the reporters are nerds.

While leaving the Manhattan Supreme Court in New York Thursday (March 13), Dame Dash confronted NY Daily News reporters about their coverage of his court case, a case that has Dash fighting a $1 million lawsuit filed by Linda Williams, the mother of his son, who says that he falsely had her arrested during their custody battle in 2009. 

“How come you never talk about the positive stuff?" Dash says to the reporters in a video that appears on NY Daily News' website. "‘Cause I’m Black? Because you’re Republican? Why? When you come in the court case, you don’t go just to court case. You talk about the history of which you’ve written about before. So how come don’t speak about the good stuff? Why don’t you guys ever write about the good stuff about a black man? Why? 'Cause you’re a racist Republican paper. That’s why. And I know you it’s killing you that Obama is in office. I know it's killing you. I know it kills you that you went to college to write for a paper that’s not credible...Why is it that you don't talk about the good stuff, ever?" 

“Why don’t you say, ‘He has art galleries around the world'?" Dash adds. "'He has independently owned companies that do well over $50 million’? ‘He employs 10 people at any given time.’ How come you never say that? Why? ... Why would anyone believe the Daily News? Nothing you say is credible. You only talk about things that you think are gonna sell papers. So, yeah, people buy into negativity, but why don't you talk about the positive aspect to this whole situation?" 

Dash also posted an Instagram video of this exchange. The Instagram video is below, followed by the clip's caption.


Funny how pathetic the ny post and daily news writers look when asked questions...these are the nerds that dare have an opinion on what I'm doing....these squares that can only survive speaking on other people...I feel sorry for there lame life's...I'll give names later #thenotfuckingaroundcrew #realmenwin #tycoonshit and please don't think I'm mad I'm just having a lil fun

Dash also posted a photograph of his legal team on his Instagram account and added additional commentary regarding the New York Daily News and the New York Post. 

Me and team legal... @seidmansays and the photographers in front of the court house...there will def be some stupid shit in the paper in the next couple of days....the New York post and daily news are some racist mother fuckers they always try to make a black man look crazy unless he is a corporate puppet....I ll show you the scumbag writers after they put this stupid story up...so much court for nothing

On March 14, the New York Daily News reported that Dash was more than one hour late for the start of the trial. The paper also said that Dash "started bothering two female newspaper reporters sitting in the audience and got into a shouting match with the elderly judge." 

Moreover, the paper said the following regarding Dash's statements outside of the courtroom to its reporters.

"He then capped off his spectacular meltdown by waiting outside the courthouse for the reporters with his three aides," the paper wrote in its report. "Dash then followed them down the street, videotaping the reporters as he screamed, 'racists!' and other taunts, his voice bouncing off the buildings, causing passers-by to stop and stare." 

The NY Daily News also says that Dash was ordered to erase a recording of a separate conversation with one of its reporters. 

"In the morning, before the trial started at 71 Thomas St., an angry Dash started chewing out a Daily News reporter, calling her a 'racist,'" the report says. "He then began videotaping her with his phone in the courthouse, which is against state regulations. Court officers then ordered him to erase the tape." 

The video posted on NY Daily News' website is below.

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  • Anonymous

    Nerds is where the money is at.

  • DAMN

    As long as there is racists like NY Daily News exist, the war will be forever on between the races, stop this shit now before it escalates very quickly

  • How The Mind Of Dame Dash Works

    So what I kill niggaz and rape bitches, talk about the good stuff I've done!!!

  • BraveHeart

    Haha same old Dame Dash aka The Original Ass Hole in business! lmfao. If he truly knew how to do business he would be a lot further than he ever got. I'm not knocking his hustle as an independent marketer because he does know his shit on small scale, the problem with Dame has always been he never wanted to change or make changes and sometimes in business you gotta change a bit. You can only take out what you put in. On a positive note though keep doing your thing Dame.!!

  • imho

    old black people think everything is racistlol

  • Steveo

    Are you guys stupid? You realize Martin Luther King JR was a republican right? You realize Democrats founded the KKK? You think voting for government dependency and killing free market entrepreneurs (like Dash) is going to help the black community?

    • Steve

      The free market is what elevates black people. Most everyone you discuss on this site is a wealthy entrepreneur. Obama hates the private sector and is trying to destroy anyone successful. Chicago, Detroit have been electing black politicians for years while black killings increase. Democrats want everyone enslaved to the government. That's why a guy like Herman Cain is republican. You confuse skin color with good intentions.

    • Tea party=modern day kkk

      That was the old Democrats who were the kkk they became republicans in the 1960's and every thing switched around.All white republicans are not racist but most white racist are republican. That is a fact. They have a code word conservative meaning they would like things in America the old way which if you are a black person is not good.

  • Anonymous

    "No he is NOT right. Hiphop is NEGATIVE music and never uplifting. Shooting, killing, robbing and beefing with other rappers and talking bad about other persons is NRGATIVE! Rapper themselfs must be changing there attitude!" ^ so much wrong with this that it's either a goofball trying to stir the pot, or someone who has no idea of the music trying to be a scholar on the subject

  • Anonymous

    This just in.. The sky is blue...wow!

  • Anonymous

    I wonder what garbage can they found him in?

  • Anonymous

    And he's 100% accurate!

  • Anonymous

    Waiting for these right wing goons to call him a racist for, well, calling out racism.

  • Anonymous

    They do look at the bad things you get a brain rdcj you little BITCH

    • Anonymous

      you right the people above don't know what the fuck they talking about.

    • Anonymous

      This is not about hip hop though...what about the art gallaries or the other positive businesses he runs/ran at some point. Hip Hop is what they project to the masses, but dude has not really been on the music scene in years.

    • rdcj

      It's funny how ignorant the guy that's generalizes that "Hip Hop is negative/' Get a brain and search for the truth you ignorant person!!

    • Anonymous

      what about christian rap

    • Anonymous

      No he is NOT right. Hiphop is NEGATIVE music and never uplifting. Shooting, killing, robbing and beefing with other rappers and talking bad about other persons is NRGATIVE! Rapper themselfs must be changing there attitude!

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