Kanye West Pleads No Contest To Misdemeanor Battery In LAX Assault Case

Knaye West has been placed on probation for 24 months and must complete community service as part of his deal.

Kanye West pled no contest to misdemeanor battery regarding a July 19 altercation at Los Angeles airport that was caught on tape, according to TMZ. West was shown trying to take a camera from a photographer who spoke to West as the rapper exited the airport.

The rapper-producer was charged with battery and attempted grand theft. The latter charge was dismissed as part of his plea.

West has been placed on 24 months probation and must attend 24 therapy sessions for anger management, TMZ says. 

He must complete 250 hours of community service and pay for the damage to the photographer’s equipment. 

If West does not violate his probation, the case will likely be removed from his record. 

Video of the altercation is as follows:

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  • Animal Ambition the best

    This troubled fool cant wait for Animal Ambition by 50 cent that's why he acting up lol chillout bro its coming soon

  • Johnny

    All those photographers are hanging around waiting to see Kanye do something. He's giving them what they want. Wouldn't even be surprised if he planned it with his photographer buddy ahead of time.

  • PAhiphopFAN

    This may sound like hate, but I hope this in someway opens Kanye's mind, lyrically. It would be awesome if he walks out of this situation feeling like making another Spaceship song.

  • Anonymous

    Kanye in prison would be the funniest shit ever

    • Irene

      Yes, I don't know why black people aim to go to jail. Well I guess they don't but they just got caught.

    • kanye dont give a fuck bout u y u suckin his dick?

      fuck kanye it would be funny if they locked him up don't matter that he black he a fuckin asshole maybe a few months inside would get his head out his ass cause he been making a fool of himself for years

    • Anonymous

      On this website, there are a lot of black brothers that would say some dumb ish like that. Did you not see the comments some dude posted wishing Weezy would put a gun in his mouth?

    • bogreen

      @anon1 that's why i can't stand ya'll germans. go somewhere and hh bruh. get off a hip hop website. damn koreans.

    • Anonymous

      feelings were caught

    • Anon1

      What is with the constant stream of stupidity on this site? I see dumb comments every day where people claim to decipher someone's age, race, social status, gender, sexual orientation, intelligence, nerdiness, etc from one comment. This intellectual says it based off one line. Both comments are dumb but the 2nd one is why hip-hop is regarded as having the most ignorant fans. My 2 cents

    • Anonymous

      I can tell you're a white nerd. No black man would ever say it would be funny for one of their black brothers to be locked up.

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