R.A. The Rugged Man Responds To Gene Simmons' Recent "Hall Of Fame" Comments

R.A. The Rugged Man calls KISS frontman Gene Simmons a "clown" in responds to the singer's recent comments about Grandmaster Flash and Run-DMC.

R.A. The Rugged Man has responded to recent comments made by KISS' Gene Simmons. 

"You’ve got Grandmaster Flash in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame?" Simmons recently said. "Run-DMC in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame? You’re killing me. That doesn’t mean those aren’t good artists. But they don’t play guitar. They sample and they talk. Not even sing.”

Upon hearing about these remarks, R.A. posted a Twitter update regarding the KISS frontman.

"Gene Simmons from KISS says Grandmaster Flash & RUN DMC dont belong in Rock N Roll Hall of Fame. That make-up wearing clown can suck a dick," Rugged Man said in the Twitter post. 

Following this, Rugged Man also posted a message to Gene Simmons. "Yo! this is a good look. You should try this more often," R.A. said in the Twitter post, which also included a link to a scene from the film Wanted: Dead or Alive, where Simmons' head explodes. 

R.A. The Rugged Man also posted the following comment on his Facebook account: "RUN DMC's biggest records had live Rock guitars and rock instrumentation on them. They also put Aerosmith back on the map. And Run DMC's mix of the two genre's unquestionably influenced future rockers like Red Hot Chili Peppers, Rage Against the Machine, Korn, etc. Any one saying they dont belong are just clueless and ignorant."

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  • Rozay O'Donnell

    While I do agree with Gene Simmon's earlier comments, no ones a bigger rock star than Rick Ross. His presence on stage is out of this world.

  • jimjim

    kiss my ass fuck that muthafucka he can you got it kiss my let me say it again kiss kiss my ass all of it fuck him

  • Anonymous

    I would like to say to gene Simmons that if you want to be technical then why the hell are kiss in the rock n roll hall of fame? It's not Rock hall of fame. Chuck berry is rock n roll, little Richard is rock n roll, fats domino is rock n roll I love how rock musicians claim rock n roll like its there's. If little Richard the king of rock n roll has no problem with hip hop being in the rock n roll hall of fame then neither do I.

  • Jord Lamar

    By "our culture" you are referring to hip hop i assume? LMAO. You think you somehow own some shit cuz u listen to it? Rugged has more hip hop in his hair follicle than six generations of your seed combined will have. Lord Jamar.. fuck outta here. The dude says somethin on a video blog and becomes Jesus? "This is our restroom, stay out of it".. sound familiar? Someone call Buckshot to shut this dude down.

  • Anonymous

    A white person tryna call out other white person being that both these goons benefit from our culture. Somebody please go call Lord Jamar to shut this shit down.

  • Legends Never Die was a dope album

    why didn't the nigga with the grenade try n take one of them with him he was dead no matter what.............who cares bout the rock hall of fame anyway

  • Anonymous

    If you are hungarian, you are "white", an EDOMITE, european, yes, those fake ass jews are not the true jews they are EDOMITES AMALYKITES, THE REAL REDSKINS

  • Anonymous

    I think that point is what made Gene simmons wrong. If it wasn't for the artists he mentioned. But we should have a hip hop hall of fame and r.a. should be in it.

    • ChrisWallace

      Wether r.a should be in a hall of fame or not is open for debate. But if there was a hip hop hall of fame he would be in it. He is legend. Probably more respected by true hip hop heads then eminem. At least he still makes hip hop unlike eminem.

    • nasirjones

      no he shouldn't..

  • John Rios

    Forget the BS of whether or not they belong in the Rock Hall of Fame, I'm more concerned at what Simmons thinks of Hip-Hop music and how dismissive he is of it. Let him try rhyming and sampling and coming up with a top-notch musical production under Hip-Hop's standards. F it, Kiss sucks.


      You don't know what it means to be 60 and wearing leather tights You don't know what it means to be a diva, so fuck all that fight for your rights I rock on stage, I rock and a roll I'm better than Little Richie, hey man, I got soul Groupies love me, but yet, their husbands hate me I got female accountants, and if you count them, they all want to date me I'll set my guitar on fire like I'm Jimmy Hendrix I'm a Gemini too, and you don't like it? You can suck both our dicks You're fucking crazy if you think I can't spit these bars I got a 30k square foot mansion and about 16 cars My son is a drug addict, another one is a faggot My daughter's a whore, my wife had a kid and he's labeled a bastard I can rap all day, I can rock all night I'll run circles around your favorite rapper, all right? If I put out a rap album, I can do it, I'm 60 it's still in me Afterwards I'll light up a blunt and let it smoke like a chimney

  • tim johns

    That old jew has a right to be bitter. Kiss sold more albums than both those groups-and played their own instruments and sung.

  • Reality Check

    RA is in my top 5 of all time, maybe even top 3......so ill give him a pass for such a ridiculous statement


    lmao big up RA for this one, he just mad that better artists have been inducted

  • Absetiley92

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  • anonymus

    Gene Simmons isn't White, he's Hungarian-Jewish born in Israel. A white man with humus jars

  • GA

    These are the kind of responses that make people think hip hop is childish. How about an intelligent response?

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    I don't agree with Ra this time. Gene is right on this. If it's such a big deal to hip hop then start a hip hop hall of fame, problem solved

  • Anonymous

    Good thing the artist are selected by well rounded musical scholars, not some salty attention starved has been from some faggot ass glam metal group.

  • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      yall both wrong... and gay AF... get off the gonads.

    • Anonymous

      No, you have it backwards, if he was the Lord Jamar of White People he would be saying Run DMC and Grandmaster Flash are guests in the music industry and especially in the Rock N Roll HOF

  • Too many white people on this site

    "Shaq: Seeing that Rock N Roll started in the African American community, why is Gene Simmons apart of it?"

  • Lo

    I agree with Gene Simmons 100%.... You don't see Aerosmith in the hip-hop hall of fame!

  • Anonymous


  • OUCH!

    I actually agree with Simmons, they are great songs but they should not be on the RHOF. they should make a Hip hop hall of fame for hip hop acts. RA is taking things to far. no need being disrespectful and curse. Thats one of the things hip hop acts do and thats why they dont take them seriously.

  • fhf

    RA looks for attention too fuckin much

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