Lil Wayne Says He Was Once Shot At By A Fan, Shot Himself

Lil Wayne says that a fan once shot at him while he was in a tour bus and talks about a time he shot himself.

Young Money artist Lil Wayne recently sat down with Jimmy Kimmel for his SXSW edition of Jimmy Kimmel Live to talk about recent events.

When asked about the craziest fan moment he's ever had, Wayne responded by telling a story about a time where he was actually shot at by a fan.

"I've been shot at by a female fan," Lil Wayne said when recalling the story. "It was after a show and she was just a very persistent fan. She wanted... actually we didn't know what she wanted it was a good thing we didn't find out. And once we got on the road the bus driver was like, 'Hey, those girls [are] on the side of us.' We weren't paying them no mind, we was all hype and we was dancing. I was standing up in the window and gunshots went off and he was like, 'It was the girls, it was the girls on the side of [the bus].'"

Wayne also talked about a time he was actually shot. He said it was when he was younger and on accident.

"I was 14, I was at the crib," He described when asked about when he was shot. "I was watching Notorious B.I.G.'s [Big Poppa] and my ass was trying to be hard looking in the mirror, trippin,' and it went off, I woke up to knocks of the police at the door. I was in my mom's room and I was kind of far from the door and that was another room. So I heard them stop knocking and I was like, 'Ah, they left me [laughs].' I live in the hood so for the police it's like two knocks. So I gathered my self and I slid on my own blood and I kicked the door and they heard me kick the door, and they opened the door."

Wayne recently said that his upcoming album, Tha Carter V would be his last solo studio album. He also said it would take him "25 to 35 million" dollars to entice him to make another solo album after Tha Carter V. Even with that, Wayne says this won't be the last time he records material, however.  

Watch both segments of the interview below:

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  • Anonymous

    cant believe this faggot

    • yeezy new world order

      and you now what bitch i cant belieev you talking shita bout wayane he raps biggets mogul and most recognized musician of this day look up the numbers if you dont believe me

  • Anonymous

    Young money flop 35k lol

  • AR

    At this point, Wayne is just too easy a target. And it mostly self inflicted. This "retirement" album deal is just a ploy for more sales, just like his "seizures" publicity stunt deal right before his last album, which was terrible, but sold extra with all the pre-release hype and Lil Wayne being "close to death" prior to its release.. As for his music itself, to each their own but to me its bad. I've always felt Lil Wayne is ignorant and derivative, and raps in a lazy ass flow where you can barely understand what comes out of that guy's mouth. Apparently a lot of kids like that because I've heard many call him the GOAT. As in, better than Rakim, Kane, Nas, KRS, G-Rap, etc. I guess to everyone has their opinions, informed or uninformed.

  • Anonymous

    but nobody is a better MC than Lil Wayne, he is a gifted lyricist, he killed Eminem 3 times!

    • Anonymous

      Eminem already admitted he was jealous of Wayne. He also admitted doing a song with Kendrick really hurt his rep, and caused many fans to return the new album.

    • Anonymous

      LMAO lying thru your teeth. Em bodied Wayne on No Love and Drop The World. and if you wanna count Forever too, then its 3-0 for Em...easily

  • Anonymous

    lol He shoot himself, was shoot by a fan, he kisses man and still niggas listen to lil wayne. americans are so dumb here in europe we dont act that stupid.

  • Ianahb

    Funny how all the haters are still stuck in the past with the "OLD Wayne." I love the Old Wayne just as much as I like the New Wayne. Why do people insist on taking sides? Why do people HAVE to pick a favorite Lil Wayne? Times change, people change, circumstances change, mentalities change, and so does music. Just because Lil Wayne is not the same Lil Wayne pre-Carter 3 doesn't mean people have to be loyal to a Lil Wayne in a certain time period. One can enjoy Lil Wayne at every stage of his life.

  • Bakunin

    Damn, bitch, motherfucker where the weed? If no kush is available, then pussy is all I need Every hoe wants to be a priest in Weezys creed They gotta to be baptized on the face with F Babys holy seed The worlds greatest rapper, 2Pac in the sack Bitches call my dick Makaveli when it disappears in their twat Me and Birdman often role play, Im the goon and hes the cop The only thing thats real is that Im the bottom and hes the top Lil Wayne (leaked lyrics from his upcoming album)

  • Proud Harlem Nigga

    Lil Wayne is just part of a long line of FAGS turned THUGS that the South has embraced as their Own PROUDLY. I swear something is wrong with y'all country nikkas.

    • Young Guwop

      You can't say shit with all the suspect shit Cam'ron did. Wearing pink and shit and saying no homo too. Diddy dick in the booty ass and ASAP Rocky wearing dresses. GTFOH!!!

    • AR

      You wouldn't last a second in New York coming with that Lil Wayne swag rap ish, guaranteed.

    • N.O Blood

      I DARE you to come down to N.O and say that, you wouldn't last a second down here!

  • David

    This might be a dumb question, but it could be a marketing scheme that Wayne was giving garbage verses and albums/mixtapes to make you slightly forget his good years like its a restart button so he could start giving better(or more so decent) verses than the last years so it makes you want to buy the next album or is he just sobering up?

    • E

      and all his shits probably written by a team...when you get that big why wouldnt you have a team write your only makes sense...why not sell words that that stick in peoples heads and why would a team not create an exact image they want with the lyrics and everything included in that...straight business 101

    • E

      it is a marketing scheme...been done before....eminem relapse recovery perfect example...ur not overthinking anything.....hes been keeping people talking about him the whole time thats all that matters....he fell off hes back he fell off hes back thats the scheme

    • Anonymous

      reachingggggggggggg. wayne is just wack now. doesnt care about the craft anymore

    • Anonymous

      lmao y'all conspiracy theorist nikkas need to stop yo

    • Anonymous

      you're overthinking wayyyy too much


    And I, dont believe these rap niccas You can front for your fans but I know its an act nicca Judge a man by his character and not by his wealth a real G never kissed niccas or shot myself...

    • Faith Evans' Lightskinned Ass

      nigga u wack lol no lie tho those lines are horrible. if u the one who wrote them I hope you never make it into the game.

  • Anonymous

    "I aint never killed nobody i promise" - Lil wayne

  • Jacc

    "Lil Wayne is a true Crip. He shot many gangsters." Cosign. Here's a list of all the people Lil Wayne shot: 1 - Lil Wayne 2 - Lil Wayne 3 - Himself 4 - Lil Wayne 5 - Lil Wayne 6 - Lil Wayne 7 - Weezy 8 - Lil Wayne

    • Anonymous

      Wayne only shot himself.

    • Anonymous

      He shot himself on accident once, not the same thing. Getting gunned down means you die by a gun. Wayne shot down crips. He wasn't shooting innocents however, just other niggas.

    • Anonymous

      The only person Wayne gunned down is himself.

    • Anonymous

      Cosign, gangsters acting like lil wayne or weezy got gunned down. He only shot himself by accident. Other than that, Wayne gunned down criminals using lil wayne.

  • Anonymous

    Dude should've had better aim

  • motherfuck lil wayne

    such a shame he didn't fucking die!

  • Young Buck

    Birdman sucks Lil Waynes dick

  • Josiah

    The world would be totally different if the cop didn't come back. #WeezyWorld #CarterV #PraiseWeezus

  • Anonymous

    lmao corny ass show

  • Anonymous

    lol this guy is so gangster he shot himself smh

  • Anonymous

    Lil Wayne is a true Crip. He shot many gangsters.

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