Memphis Bleek Says You Can't Compare The Notorious B.I.G. & Tupac

The rapper says "you can't do that to Biggie...he didn't have as much material as these other artists."

Answering questions about The Notorious B.I.G. and Tupac on VladTV, Memphis Bleek explained having met family members of the All Eyez On Me rapper.

“Nah I never met him,” Bleek said. “I wish I would have met him. I met his sister, I met his Mom, I never met him though.”

Declining to make any final judgments between the rappers, Memphis Bleek pointed out their differently sized discographies as a hurdle to any comparisons. “Like I said, you can’t do that to Biggie. Biggie didn’t have as much material as these other artists,” Bleek said. “Remember, Pac got about forty albums my nigga, Biggie has two. So it’s unfair to compare them to each other. I could say this on another level like—matter of fact, I’m not even gonna say this ‘cause people take things the wrong way nowadays so I don’t wanna say nothing. Like I said, it’s not enough compare the two. That’s just it. We gon’ leave it at that.”

Pressed with the question, the 534 rapper appealed to international recognition as an aspect often left out of the conversation. “You can’t compare’em man, I’m not gon’ be the one to compare them,” he said. “You could ask somebody else, in my eyes they both great. I hold them both to the same standard. Put it like this, that’s people locally telling you, ‘Yo, he better,’ [or] ‘he better.’ Tell them niggas get off a plane in Dubai and tell me what artists they singing man. They singing both of them, so who better? Don’t tell me who made it in Manhattan, tell me who made it around the world.”

Returning to the question of Tupac’s discography, Bleek named several of the rapper’s albums released before his death before a general comment on his cultural significance. “Just off the fact I even said ‘Brenda’s Got A Baby,’ name me any other artist making a record like that. Besides like artists like [Dead Prez] that you wasn’t even thinking about.”

Responding to a comment about Tupac dissing Jay Z, Bleek referenced the title of the rapper’s third album. “Yeah, uh huh. Who didn’t Pac go at?” he said. “Pac went at everybody, you heard him, Me Against The World nigga.”



  • Anonymous

    Everyone Tom ford is gay guy right

  • Fuck Marcy

    Memphis Bleek Says He's A Bitch Ass Failed Nikka That Tried To Be The Next Jay-Z But Couldn't Cause He Sucks

  • Anonymous

    Biggie is better

  • Anonymous

    "had less of a career than Tony Yayo!" Bleek actually went platinum before.

  • Absetiley92

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  • Spinderelly

    Good answers Bleek.

  • Anonymous

    Two Bleek articles in a week. He's back lol

  • Anonymous

    not that it matters but Biggie was a better MC. When it comes to skills on the Mic...Biggie would have destroyed Pac.... Oh and so what if Pac has 500 songs. How many of those are good? I'll take Ready To Die over Pacs entire catalog.

    • ETK

      ^^ Wack? C'mon son, just man up already and give credit where it's due. Hit 'Em Up was a CLASSIC. And as far as saying "Pac got stuck on the Bishop role from Juice and ran with it", you are aware that Biggie grew up a catholic nikka on Clinton Hill, right???

    • Anonymous

      ^^ Hit Em Up was wack. Come with SKILLS! Any TRUE hip hop head will tell you, Big would destroy Pac on a SHIT TALK bull shit. ..A BATTLE! Anyone can talk shit on the mic...go ask pac.. Oh yeah, and im from Los Angeles....East Los Angeles.....CITY TERRACE to be precise. Pac got stuck on the Bishop role from Juice and ran with it. Loud mouth sucka!

    • Best2doit

      "When it comes to skills on the Mic...Biggie would have destroyed Pac..." Yet, funny enough, Pac shitted on BIG with Hit Em Up and other songs and Biggie could do nothing about it.

    • some nigga on a block

      pac from harlem niglet

    • Anonymous

      shut your new york cocksucker!!!!

  • Best2doit

    Tupac was way more than a rapper, can't say the same about Biggie. Also, comparison is more unfair to 2Pac, who made like 2-3 songs a day since getting out of jail, in addition to several movies and countless music videos.. his work ethic was just crazy. It's not Pac's fault Biggie sat on his ass and only delivered 2 albums. People who can see only the more technical side of Biggie are one-dimensional, Pac showed way more heart, soul and range than Biggie ever did. With that said, they're both legends that deserve to be remembered.

  • Nasir Styles

    You can compare any rappers who gives a fuck Biggie >>>> Pac Biggie had nicer lyrics sounded better and he just flowed over beats better IMO

  • Anonymous

    Memphis Bleek is a poet

  • nuc

    Substance & Material alone, PAC has it in the BAG ( for all those who DO want to compare)

  • ggggrrrrrrrzzzzuuuuiop

    Man, someone talking about comparing those two guys to eachother. Never seen or heard that being talked about before. Might as well have an article about the Chronic not being out or about Hammer gone broke after his hit singles while you are at it.

  • Anonymous

    Tupac was evolutionary/ camparison to that level whatsoever. He had legit Black Panthers as parents too.

  • Verbal Tim

    Stones or Beatles? They were good rappers but both of them are DEAD almost 20 years ago. Stop comparing, stop hyping, stop giving more cash to their money hungry labels and start to look for new idols.

  • R.Pgh

    Two completely different styles, so it's too difficult to compare. Biggie was more of a lyricist, Pac was more inspirational though.

  • Anonymous

    Shouts to BIG, but Pac is the greatest...GREATEST, point blank period

  • Black KiiNG

    I now have a new found respect for Bleek.

  • MeiaONE

    Why does he get to comment so much on that subject? Ofcourse you can compare, you can ALWAYS compare. It's not about the quantity, it's about the quality, and that is by preference. Every human thinks differently towards how they relate to the artists and etc. Even if you don't wanna compare or pick, you got that question so put yourself in the position where you have no other choice than picking/comparing and just do it. People always tend to steer of to a whole 'nother thing than the question just to take up something they feel like. Could've said something like: My most honest answer is I actually don't want to compare but if I had to........ let the haters hate man, what you scared of? that's why you behind lil man. get it straight damn.

  • godin

    when did memph's opinion start mattering. i know he was nice but still.

  • magic mike

    Yo BIG had too many suspect lines. Like the "Ill suck your daddys dick" line and the RuPaul line. Pac was raw and wit it u feels me.

    • anonymous

      that "daddy's dick" line was actually a richard pryor joke first..(still suspect as hell though)...and the rupaul line, you must have never seen Xscape...those bitches were ugly as hell....

  • Anonymous

    It's been said a million times, but I think its true: Pac made more meaningful music than Biggie, but Biggie was more lyrical than Pac.

    • dr van nostrand

      @ 'Anonymous': "Pac made better material and was more creative" very subjective... I love Pac, and yes he has MORE material than BIG.. but was nowhere near as consistent. All of Pac's albums have at least SOME filler.. even his best albums (Me Against the World and All Eyez on Me) each have at least one third filler. Meanwhile both of Big's albums are practically filler free. Opinion of course but I'm sure plenty of others will agree. Pac made no bones about churning out material quickly with German efficiency, which certainly was a talent of his.. but doesnt always make for the best quality work. BIG was more of a perfectionist and didnt rush in the studio like Pac did.. and you can tell by listening to their bodies of work.

    • Anonymous

      Pac made better material and was more creative. Biggie was rapping about eggs, cheese and Welch's grape. Foh.

  • HRH

    Tupac was able to recognize his flaws, something that makes a great artist. Biggie would just speak about a world of exaderation, and was a terrible liar.

    • Cage

      What the fuck is exaderation?? Neither one of them did all the shit they rapped about.. If you believe that you're a bigger fool than your typing shows

    • Anonymous

      Thank you! Even Big's mom said it. Pac exposed that clown.

  • dhint32

    memphis bleek is becoming the new lord jamar

  • Anonymous

    Memphis Bleek is America's Leading Black Public Intellectual Memphis Bleek should be a professor at Brooklyn College. Memphis Bleek has no idea who Medgar Evers is. Memphis Bleek is worse than bedbugs. Memphis Bleek is worse than AIDS. Memphis Bleek is Brooklyn.

  • Anonymous

    Why would anyone care about what Jay-Z's lifelong weed carrier has to say. This nigga had less of a career than Tony Yayo!

  • Anonymous

    Ross is comparable to biggie and that's it.

  • Anonymous

    this dude should shut up and hop into jay z's used bentleys. dude probably wears jay z's old boxers.

  • jude

    You can't compare Tupac to anyone, no one was like that man he's on his own level.

    • Anonymous

      The most overrated rapper ever. Those early albums were garbage.

    • nuc

      yeah, he was a great dancer, AND WHAT!? lames with no ammo on the GREAT.

    • Shock G

      he was a great dancer

    • P C

      Straight up! Nobody honestly compares to Pac! Name a rapper who can make a song like Shed so many tears, I get around, Ambitionz of a Ridah, Dear Mama, and so on! Dude encompassed everything in his raps. Very few, if any rappers are able to make ou feel they music like that.

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