Juicy J Has No Beef With Wale & Wants To Be The Next L.A. Reid

Juicy J says his next studio album, "The Hustle Continues," is 90 percent done and will be more motivational than trippy.

During D.C. rapper Wale’s heated phone conversation with one of the editors at Complex magazine, the Maybach Music Group emcee mentioned fellow artist Juicy J while criticizing the magazine’s "50 Best Albums of 2013" list.

Despite being mentioned during Wale’s rant, Juicy J revealed that he has no beef with the rapper and even referred to Wale as his homie, during a recent radio interview.

While speaking with Power 105.1’s The Breakfast Club, Juicy J also added that he has no issues with fellow Tennessee rapper and former Three 6 Mafia member Gangsta Boo. Gangsta Boo recently criticized Juicy in a series of tweets sent late last year.

“Yeah, I talked to Wale. Man, he good. It’s all good, dog,” Juicy J said. “I don’t have beef with nobody, man. I’m a chill guy. Y’all see me. I’m getting money, man. Wale good. That’s my homie. You know what I’m saying? They just had him on—they recorded him. You gotta watch these magazine people, man…Like I said, I’m a O.G., man. I don’t—Beef is in the streets…But that’s my homie, man. At the end of the day, man, like I said they just—he was frustrated about some things. It’s all good…Nah, she good, man. I love Gangsta Boo, man. Nah, she good. Everything great.”

Juicy J also addressed his next studio album, The Hustle Continues. He says the album will have far less features than his last project, Stay Trippy, and will be more motivational than trippy.

The North Memphis, Tennessee musician later revealed that the album is 90 percent done.

“Nah, because I got a lot to say on this album, man,” he said when asked about The Hustle Continues features. “You know what I’m saying? I been doing this for so long, so I got a story to tell. It’s like I gotta tell ‘em where it all began and where it is now. But I been doing this for so long, man. You know what I’m saying? So, I’m just taking advantage of everything, man… On The Hustle Continues it’s gonna be more like from six people living in a two-bedroom apartment to where I am now. So, it’s like a motivation. It’s gonna have some trippy stuff on there, but it’s gonna be more motivation and just talking about what went on with the group [and] everything.”

The Stay Trippy emcee then spoke on his interest in executive producing and becoming the next L.A. Reid.

“I’m interested in doing that. My main goal is I’m tryna be like the next L.A. Reid,” Juicy J said. “I wanna run a major label. You know what I’m saying? That’s my next—that’s where I’m trying to be. Yeah, I’m into some talks right now.”

During his interview with The Breakfast Club, Juicy J also expressed interest in working with Lil Boosie, an artist he says he’s “got some stuff I wanna do with him.” The Baton Rouge, Louisiana rapper was released from the Louisiana State Penitentiary earlier this month on March 5 after serving nearly five years in prison. Juicy J serves as one of a number of artists who have expressed interest in working with Boosie following his release.


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  • Anonymous

    He don't want it with Wale who knows aikido.

  • Anonymous

    someone please just murk this fuck ass nikka already, ain't nobody tryna hear no goddamn Wale, the local rapper who's no Drake

  • .

    "Talk in the mic, Juicy!" -DJ Envy


    Lol lets look at Juicys's legacy and what him three 6 contributed to rap and all the hits done with them and ALL of hypnotize...n look at Wale's weak ass. Case closed. Wale make disposable songs for the radio. Juicy been on some pop shit lately but his history more than makes up for it so its cool. Trippy was actually way better than I thought it would be but those tapes he did with Lex luger are classic

  • Truth

    I Still aint met a wale fan. nigga is fuckin lame

    • Anonymous

      i still got some old pre MMG wale tapes on my ghetto mp3 player i plug in like once a year

    • Scott

      I'm was a big Wale fan. His mixtapes a few years back i.e More About Nothing, were fucking sick. As soon as he started clowning around with the rest of MMG, he went downhill.

    • Anonymous

      i met a few overweight black chicks that are really into wale music but thats about it. one of them bitches told me french montana was her fav rapper and i laughed inside but just smiled.

    • Anonymous

      He a weak ass radio nigga like the rest of em

  • Twisted

    Man one thing I get tired of Wale, Drake and so many others saying is how you gotta watch the media. The media has been ever-present for decades in the hip-hop realm. And if you notice, 90s rappers like Pac had reasons to doscredit the media because the media painted them in certain lights. Regardless of whether he meant it or not, Wale did mention his name. Regardless of whether he meant it or not, Drake did badmouth Jay and Kanye. These softer rappers need to get over themselves and stop blaming the same media that makes them famous and turns them into household names. It's a two-way street and you can't refuse to accept responsibility for your own words and still cash that check.

  • Anonymous

    Man, man, man.. Does this guy know any other words than 'man'?! Oh, man.

  • Anonymous

    this man is a closet pedophile

  • Anonymous

    Wale aka Olubowale Victor Akintimehin Folarin When son brought his slave wave to the game... nobody thought he would amount to shit b. NOBODY.... And they was right. There aint one muthafucka in the industry who crowns hisself for more accomplishments that he never actually accomplished than ya boy Olubowale be doin nahmean. To be honest tho... son aint even trash like that... he jus emotionally delicate n he got the personality of a 7 year old white kid from Bel Air namsayin.

    • Anonymous

      The Olubowale struggle is real my nigga.. WHY this nigga always beefin wit video models n retaliating back at mutharfuckas on twitter who only got like 27 follows tho? Why this nigga gotta make a youtube video errytime he gets his feelings hurt b? Cmon son... that emotionally fragile shit aint whats popping at all bruh bruh.

    • Anonymous

      If you aint never seen the nigga throw a tantrum you either dont got access to the internets or you jus dont actually kno who the fuck son is at all son. But son is mad protective over his image b. Like.. more than normal niggas usually is namsayin. This the type of dude who updates his own wikkipedia page b.

  • Juicy J

    He wants to run his own label?...What the fuck happened to Hypnotize MInds? Juicy sold his soul for the almighty dollar,Its a damn shame

  • Anonymous

    When wale says dumb shit, everyone understands its wale having a bad day. When Tony Yayo says dumb shit, everyone, including 50 abandons him.

    • Anonymous

      That doesn't justify what Wale did. Dude was acting like a diva.

    • Anonymous

      1. Yayo was dead weight but then attacked 50 when he was still supporting him. 2. We say dumb shit all the time. You probably threatened to kill your father after an arguement once.

    • Anonymous

      lmao @ having a bad day = threatening journalists who don't like your music

    • Anonymous

      yayo said dumb shit after 50 abandoned him for being dead weight, theres the difference

  • Anonymous

    If you trying to be L.A. Reid and run your own label why sign to Wiz..

  • Anonymous

    Whatta bitch. Wale dissed your album, basically said it wasn't good enough to be on that list but all you wanna do it get money with pop stars instead of bein a man.

    • Anonymous

      Tough day, my ass. Wale was being a diva. J Cole ain't bitchmade, Wale is. "Oh and Juicy J should have a streak of no.1 singles from his next album. He had his first one with dark horse." Juicy J is not gonna have any #1 singles and Dark Horse is not his song.

    • Anonymous

      Nah, Wale ain't bitchmade, that's J Cole. Wale just had a tough day that day. Like I said, we say dumb shit when we are mad. Doesn't mean its true. Wale would not attack others for bashing him. He just had a tough day that's all. Like you never had tough days.

    • Anonymous

      Other artists didn't threaten to come to their office and beat them up for not putting them on their year end best albums list. LMAO. Wale is bitch made.

    • Anonymous

      People say dumb shit when they get mad. Wale just had a bad day that day. And it is true that complex was biased towards wale. They released the recording of wale's complaint but not other artists'/ Oh and Juicy J should have a streak of no.1 singles from his next album. He had his first one with dark horse.

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