A vehicle reportedly plowed through an Austin, Texas crowd outside of a South By Southwest (SXSW) Tyler, The Creator concert early today (March 13), leaving two dead and 23 others injured, according to the Los Angeles Times. Five of the 23 people who were transported to the hospital are reportedly critically injured.

The motorist, in a grey sedan with a cracked windshield, was fleeing from police who were trying to stop the car on suspicion of driving under the influence, according to the Los Angeles Times. The car reportedly plowed through a temporary SXSW barricade and went the wrong way on a crowded one-way street. Many concert goers were waiting outside of the venue where Tyler, The Creator was scheduled to perform. 

The driver stopped his vehicle after multiple collisions and tried to flee the scene on foot. A police officer reportedly apprehended the suspect and used a taser to subdue the man, Reuters reports. The suspect is set to face potential capital murder and aggravated assault, Reuters says. 

Tyler, The Creator spoke about the incident on Twitter. “Show Isnt Happening, Something Sad Happened. I’m Bummed,” the rapper said. A series of the Odd Future emcee’s posts is below.

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