Master P Calls Lil Boosie & C-Murder's "Came 2 Da Can" Disappointing & Says "The Beat Was Wack & Outdated"

Master P says that it was sad to hear C-Murder "talk negative about his family."

Lil Boosie released his “Came 2 Da Can” collaboration with C-Murder Monday (March 10). C-Murder’s older brother Master P is not pleased with the cut, calling it “disappointing” in an exclusive statement to

C-Murder, who is serving a life sentence after being found guilty of second degree murder in 2009 and was once a cellmate of Lil Boosie's, raps on the song: “I used to love my own brother, but I don’t love him no mo’ / Don’t want to hug him no mo’ / ‘Cause there’s a limit fo’ sho’.”

Master P rose to fame via his No Limit Records in the mid-1990s, releasing albums from C-Murder, Snoop Dogg and others.

Below is Master P’s statement to

“I want to see Lil Boosie get a second chance and take over this Hip Hop
game as a Louisiana street artist but getting on that song with C was
disappointing. Honestly, the beat was wack and outdated. He gotta know that
C has a problem and we’re dealing with family issues. I’ve always put C and
family first. It’s funny when I seen the press conference and Boosie talked
about doing a project with C but he said it would be “down the line”
because he got “bigger business to do” like take care of his family. And I
respect that. But I’ve made C a priority while taking care of all of our
families in good and bad times, but he got more love for his friends. My
grandfather told me, “If you don’t have a dollar, you don’t got a friend” I
told C that you shouldn’t be putting out negative music while you’re
fighting a life sentence. They’re going to use those words against you. I
taught him the music business, it is sad to hear him talk negative about
his family and take advise from people who are in it to just get what they
can get from him even while he is incarcerated. I love my brother but at
times he can be ungrateful and disrespectful. I didn’t look at the record
as being a diss, i thought it was more hilarious, like a comedy then
gangsta rap.

I’ve spent millions of dollars towards his legal fees in
fighting all of his cases. Even when I’ve told him, “No”, I still came
through. If that isn’t love, I don’t know what is. I’m not God, I can’t
break somebody out of jail. I wasn’t at the club with him that night, he
put himself in that predicament, he just beat two cases before that, in
which I paid for and supported. It’s funny how when I say “Yes” 99 times
it’s all love but I say “No” once, then it’s all hate. I know he’s innocent
but he needs to grow up and face reality. He chose to put his friends over
his family and his freedom. Why isn’t he angry with them, none of them
turned themselves in, only testified against him, nobody else gave him a
dollar for his case, visit him in the can or put money on his books. I’m
the on that should be upset but I’m not, I never received a birthday card,
Christmas card, belt, wallet or anything; not even a thank you.”

“As a man, we have to be responsible for our own actions. I realize this
is not about love, this is about money. And this often happens to families
that are dealing with relatives with addictions, lack of education and
financial literacy. I was taught that wise man learns but a fool never
will.” At the end of the day, all family fuss and fight but when it get
real only your family gon be there for you. I’ve been dealing with this
for 10 years now with C, but never really responded to it. It’s just a
sad day for our family, It hurts but this shouldn’t be media gossip.

“God gives His strongest soldiers the toughest battles. Today, I’m
growing up as a man, I will no longer enable immature, unappreciative
people in my life, even if they’re family. The money that I was sending to
lawyers, instead I’ll continue to donate and help even more underprivileged
kids that would appreciate my love and support. I forgive C, I hope my
brother will pick up a bible, I will always love him and keep him in
prayer. Just to keep it 100, I would never do a song with Webbie talking
bad about Boosie even if we has just mad at him. I got love for the lil
homies and I want to see them do well. Nobody is perfect, we all got issues
we’re dealing with. I can’t change people, I can only change me. And I’m
going to continue doing what’s right. There is no limit to what you can do
when you put God first, educate yourself and grow up. This is just
motivation to me, the devil can’t stop what God has planned for The Miller
Dynasty… No Limit Forever.”

It shouldn’t be us against us, it should be us against the world. Look at
the love i have in my heart, on my new record “Let it Happen Twice” from
“Return of the Ice Cream Man”

“Im Screaming Free C Murder
MyBrother Innocent Homie, I Dont Mess with you Haters, Cause Most You Haters
Be Phony, I Say Love Your Hitter, Hug Your Hitter, When Boosie Touchdown We

Gon Flood These Rivers”

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  • doggy

    Master P is one of the greatest rappers of all time. His high energy vocal delivery is incredible. That's why P is who he is. All of these garbage ass rappers today don't have good voices. They can eat a fat dick. You gotta sound nice barking through the speakers. All of these guys P even put on throughout his life are straight trash except for P. The man put his far less talented friends and family on. Even all of this No limit Forever stuff, I'm only really ever going to check for P. Somebody kiss this mans ring. This man even helped promote 8ball and MJG & UGK. With those classic compilations twenty years ago. Two of the greatest groups of all time in all of music. Period. He's a true classic act. When you look back on black music fifty years from now, Master P will be mentioned in this new wave of university courses. These fuck boys wont. Trust that.

  • Dukes

    May God be with you CMurder what a soldier keeping it real since 90's

  • AD

    C feel like he would have never turned his back on anybody in his family. So it hurts when you see its being done to him

  • Anonymous

    P hasn't lost a minute of sleep over leaving C high and dry. It may seem cutthroat, but C was guilty and no amount of money was going to change the outcome.

  • Anonymous

    why don't P just got visit C and talk about this? nigga talking about he love his brother but ain't go see and do it face to face

  • roy

    how was he sending money to lawyers, if c-murder lawyers were free harvard lawyers working on pro bono...... something doesnt sound right here.....

  • roy

    master p is a B!cth, hes been wack and out dated since 2002, and his beats when he got rid of beats by the pound.... he needs to take his a$$ back to nickelodeon instead of trying to be a gangsta rapper again, which he never was living off c-murder's stripes.....

    • real

      So since you have never released any music or done anything relevent does that make you wake. C always said P was real as well as those that grew up with P. So that statment about living off C's strips is false. A people grow up. If C had he wouldnt be locked up for life know. And just becasue he is rapping again does mean he cant rap about what he wants eventhough he did other projects during his retirement from music. You sound dumb!

  • Riq

    WoW...P musta had a secretary type this ish out while he paste back and forward cause HE WENT IN!!! Music wasnt that great but man P put the wise intellect on out there!I mean he even bust ole Boosie in his shit with the line about he wouldnt do a record with Webbie if he beefin wit Boosie...BONG Thatsa real O.G wackin erbody if all do respect!!!

  • Down South Po City Playa

    C Murder is just frustrated, because Master P told the truth about him being stupid. Every family has a crazy member like C Murder and lil BG from Cash Money.

  • Bankroll

    "on my new record Let it Happen Twice from Return of the Ice Cream Man" sounds like he wrote that whole letter just to promote his mixtape! lol but who cares about all this... THE GREATEST RAPPER SINCE TUPAC, BOOSIE IS A FREE MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • F the fake

      Not the best rapper, but one of the realest to ever do it. R.I.P. to 2PAC and Soulja Slim!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    "There is no limit to what you can do when you put God first, educate yourself and grow up." This man says put god first and grow up. Absurd. It's 2014 you fools, there is no fucking god. Get real.

    • e

      "the whiteman got you thinking there is no God"...ignorant blacks always gotta bring race into something

    • Edubb

      You need some serious help! I pray for people like you who have no belief system. The whiteman really got you thinkin that there is no God!!! smh What a lost fuckin generation!!

    • e

      "History Channel and scientists even confirmed stories in the bible to be true" ignorant negroes crack me up

    • Bankroll

      God aint real?? shut that ignorance up & read a book. yo mama aint real! the history channel and scientists have even confirmed bible stories in the bible to be true.

  • Kingb901

    If you agree with this you ain't shit just like p. I use to think p was real until I read this. First off this feud with them ain't just start it's been going on so when a nigga finally get to voice how he feel you want to respond HOE MOVE better yet hate true enough the beat was wack but a nigga had some to say. Yeah true enough you paid for all the lawyers( that's what you suppose to do y'all family you rich ) but that shit don't mean shit when you not there for a nigga. Write a letter go see a nigga actually be there EVERY CHANCE YOU GET cause that's the only thang that's gone get a nigga through what he going through. He talking about he told C not to put that business out there but you doing the same shit lol?? A real MAN would've listened to that shit and said fuck him but NO you gotta keep that image cause a nigga FINALLY GOT TO VOICE HOW HE FEEL

    • Edubb

      Hoe move by you for writing that stupid shit you just wrote. Bottomline C-murder put himself in that position like P said every family has 1 knuckleheaded fuck up and I imagine your the fuck up in your family from that bullshit you just wrote. smh

  • Anonymous

    Funny thing is this the same thing 50 cent is doing with his crew G-Unit...

    • Anonymous

      how is that the same at all? no one from G-Unit is sitting in jail dissing him for making them millionaires. tony yayo talkin slick but wont say no names.

  • N/A

    C is a prime example of Chappelle's "When keepin it real goes wrong".

  • Anonymous

    " I told C that you shouldnt be putting out negative music while youre fighting a life sentence. Theyre going to use those words against you." I agree with this. He should have changed that name a long time ago.

  • Anonymous

    Did C Murder record that song from prison, i never listened to it cause Boosie sucks

    • Anonymous

      Hey you never know, maybe Rick Ross put in a good word with the warden for him....

    • Anonymous

      yeah i guess you're right i thought maybe it was an old verse but thats not likely.

    • skiler714

      @Put u in check. I just pissed my pants. way to kick some knowledge to these lames.

    • Put u in check

      U serious?? Where else could he have recorded it from?? Prison Warden: Hey C we goin let u out for a day so u can put down some vocals for a Boosie track. C Murder: aww jeez thanks Mr Warden. u fuckin retard boy, lol.

  • Anonymous

    if any of yall seriously like lil need to seriously reevaluate your taste in 'hip hop'

    • Edubb

      Bossie is the new Pac!!!!!????? LMFAO Thats like comparing ice cream to horse shit!!! LMFAO Dude go kill your fuckin self!!! stupid little fuckin kids everywhere

    • Bankroll

      stfu boosie is the new pac who you listen to? wayne? drake? gtfoh!

  • Anonymous

    damn this reminds me of my relationship with my own brother a lot... just with way less money involved. lol wise words from master p

    • Anonymous

      "damn this reminds me of my relationship with my own brother a lot... " But C murder and master P ain't gay

  • Anonymous

    "Honestly, the beat was wack and outdated" Better than 90% of the shit that's passing for beats today...

  • Anonymous

    I consider myself a real Ni**er, I went to prison for guns and drugs and I smoke weed aroun my kids, if you honest living fucks want to live a fantasy through a real Ni**er like me then go to Datpiff and Download Sheik Dice, I be shooting niggaz and sipping syrup or else I be Pimpin hoes.

  • Anonymous

    c murder a bitch ass ho

  • Anonymous

    Guilty or not I wish C was released and Bossie stayed in Angola, lil Donald duck soundin ass nigg@

  • T

    i can bet that if they diddnt lock up c murder his azz would dead just like soulja slim

  • Sean Luther

    this nukka aint never gettin out

  • Anonymous

    No limit was they iish back in the 90's. If y'all want to see some dope hip hop and viral videos, come check out thegrandreport, they got it all

  • Anonymous

    Damn that letter has gotten me thinking about my own family lol.

  • The_Observer

    " I was taught that wise man learns but a fool never will. - Word Son! But it about to get ugly, we will hear C-Murder's side of the story soon why he said what he said

  • The_Observer

    " I wasnt at the club with him that night, he put himself in that predicament, he just beat two cases before that, in which I paid for and supported. Its funny how when I say Yes 99 times its all love but I say No once, then its all hate. I know hes innocent but he needs to grow up and face reality. He chose to put his friends over his family and his freedom. Why isnt he angry with them, none of them turned themselves in, only testified against him, nobody else gave him a dollar for his case, visit him in the can or put money on his books." ---Word P

  • Sean Luther

    c-murda was that nigga, but this shows what u get for keepin it real, nigga had everything but was more concerned bout his rep on these streets.

  • Frosty

    Respect to Master P for that statement.

  • imho

    if thats not the realest statement ever idk what is.

  • Anonymous

    C Murder just back-stabbed the only guy left who cared enough to put money in his commissary lol

  • Anonymous

    on the real it C came off like a bitch for that shit but i dont know the whole story or what made him feel like saying that. family gotta stick together though.

  • Fuck Outta here

    C-Murder is dumb fucking human being. Dude was in his 40's beefing with a teenager at the club, then shot him on video, talking about he's innocent. Glad P ain't supporting his ass anymore. Ungrateful piece of shit. Rot in your cell.

    • Anonymous

      "somebody said he was on video killing the you idiot, that was a separate shooting." oh thats good to know he killed multple negros, LMAO

    • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

      I agree, if he was 40 he wouldnt have been in the clubs nowhere near as much as if he was 30

    • Anonymous

      "Damn Mike, that's the same damn thing! How old was the kid he killed? 17? 18?-Damn Dummy." Theres a big difference between the mindset of a 30yr old compared to a 40yr old u fuckin dumbshit, especially when it comes to goons like C.A 40yr old wouldnt have as much stamina and as males reach 40 their testosterone levels have dropped alot. This dude was still in the streets at 30 surrounding himself with young niggas so he haddnt matured much mentally.

    • Hollywood

      lol @ all of yall comments..first off he wasn't 40...he was like 30 or 31...second of all none of you niccas was there so you don't know if he did it or not...third, somebody said he was on video killing the you idiot, that was a separate shooting. please do some research before you speak on someone

    • Anonymous

      Damn Mike, that's the same damn thing! How old was the kid he killed? 17? 18?-Damn Dummy.

    • R.Pgh

      I don't think being 30 or 40 warrants getting into fights with teenagers. Especially not letting shit progress the way he did. I feel zero sympathy for someone who is as well off financially as he was, that pissed it all away.

    • Mike

      C-Murder wasn't in his 40's when it happened he was 30.

  • The Legendary Sonny G

    He makes some good points, but he should have cut it short. He sounds real hurt by C's accusations over the last couple of years and if that's the case he need not put it in a long page rant.

    • Anonymous

      he said he put millions of dollars towards trying to get his bro out but instead he wants to rap negative shit, perpetuate the image and diss his fam, thats fucked up.

    • The Legendary Sunny D

      We need to hear c murder's side of things

    • g

      he sound hurt its cuz its his fuckin blood brotha plus C put P in tha situation to come out & let folks kno whats really happenin wit their situation. i agree it wuz prolly a long rant too but necessary at the same time

    • Hollywood

      ^^^^^this guys an anonymous idiot. real niccas don't put shyt on wax...I do agree with sonny g though...p sounding real butthurt

    • Anonymous

      put that shit on wax

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