Lil Boosie Discusses Justin Bieber Collaboration & Daughter's N-Word Usage

The rapper reacts to an Instagram video of his daughter happy to hear he's coming home.

Continuing his post-prison round of press, Lil Boosie spoke with AllHipHop about staying out of trouble now that he’s a free man.

When asked if he worried about the prospect of extra police scrutiny given his status as a rapper, Boosie said that while they’ll be watching, he’s playing it safe. “They not gon’ stay off my radar. I just ain’t—I was doing nothing last time but smoking a little joint or two,” he said. “I ain’t even gon’ do that anymore. They can stay on me all they want, pull me over I ain’t got nothing. I ain't around nobody who got nothing. I ain’t around no negative people, so I’m straight. I ain’t worried about them.“

Speaking on an Instagram post of his daughter excited about his release, Boosie explained being too happy to be angry at her use of the n-word in the clip. “I was too happy to fuss,” he said. “After that, I told her I didn’t want her saying the word, you know. She was one of those that went through ‘Your daddy ain’t coming home’, ‘Yo daddy this’ in schools and such. So, I think it was just..when I called her and told her I was coming home, I think it was all the stuff she went through coming out. I didn’t know she had it in her like that...She went off or whatever. I just told her don’t use the word no more like that. But I ain’t whoop her or nothing. She a straight-A student.” The Instagram video in question, which is available below, features Boosie's daughter saying, "I told y'all niggas...He comin' home today...Told y'all. Y'all better believe it." 

During the interview, Lil Boosie was asked about his time in the Angola prison. In response, he described developing a bond with fellow inmates and keeping his time spent behind bars in perspective. “You around somebody so much you develop a certain kind of association with somebody,” he said. “When y’all both exchange stories about pain from y’all families, y’all have a lot in common. You never trust them 100 percent. But, you know, you just—it be somebody who be like, ‘Keep your head up, man. Look at how much time I got?’ Dudes like that, ‘I got 190 years man, you getting mad ‘cause they keep sending you back three or four months.’ They got a lot of real dudes in their, and a lot of fakes.” The rapper went on to describe maintaining his sense of humor while in jail. “Everybody love me in jail,” he said. “I made everybody laugh, I drove everybody. I put that drive down on everybody. That’s the only way I stopped from crying, you know, is to laugh and joke all day.”

Lil Boosie Says People Will Say Justin Bieber's "A Bad Boy"

Boosie also shared some extra details about his possible collaboration with Pop singer Justin Bieber, saying it has the potential to be a classic. “I can’t run the hook right now, but the song, it’s a hit,” he said. “It’s a hit. It’s a hit. Bieber and Boosie coming soon on the album. Yeah, Bieber and Boosie. Oh man, it’s gon be a classic. Oh, they really gon’ say he a bad boy. Oh man. Boosie and Bieber.”


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  • Anonymous

    Wherever did she get the idea to use that word? Oh that's right. From her father lol

  • Anonymous

    LMAO the so called realest street rapper beggin Bieber to do a song with him.

  • Mr. Tibbs

    Dear HHDX, Please stop talking about this irrelevant nigga. He got out of jail and ain't done music in 10 years. WTF? Ya'll even posted about him taking his first selfie, really? I dont consider you guys a true hip hop site because ya'll commercial as fuck with the Rick Ross's and 50 Cent to death shit. And every once in a while ya'll with throw a Blu or Jean Grae article out there but overall your sight is top 20 saturated and I get it. But this shit is not news, are ya'll bored or some shit? Everybody is laughing at that little girl who is happy her dad is getting out of jail. But the sad part is that she is happy he is getting out of jail. Even sadder is he is just another nigga that has missed out cause he was in jail. Go find a concert to report, talk about who's touring, do an interview on some relevant shit, find out what happened to all the NY MC's, when is Dre releasing Detox? Where is Jay Electronica? Is T-Pain Gay and insecure about the homophobia in Hip-Hop? Do Some journalism!!!!!

  • boosiebieber

    that would be pretty crazy if bieber and boosie linked up for a hit.. sign me up

  • dante

    Lil' Boosie and Bugatti Biebs, it's what the streets want and the game needs!

  • Anonymous

    he called dat boy biebler!!!!!!!!! lmfao

  • Anonymous

    "But I aint whoop her or nothing. " I'm glad to hear he didn't put a shoe on his 5 year old daughter for saying a word she probably heard him and his friends say thousands of times in their music. LOL

  • GRiiP

    I got to give Boosie props for having all 7 of his children with him in his hotel room the same night he was released. Most cats would have had a broad the first night. He looks as if he has matured into an older wiser Boosie. Look how he thinks before he speaks now and he ain't talking all hype and crazy. It took jail to turn him into a complete man. Funny how him and Pimp C were the same age when they were released from prison.

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