ScHoolboy Q: "I Love Interscope, But I Wish I Could Have Just Stayed With TDE"

ScHoolboy Q also says he may do a line of bucket hats.

Known for wearing bucket hats, ScHoolboy Q says that he’s been approached about doing a line of the accessory. 

“Everybody wants me to do a line,” ScHoolboy Q says during an interview with “There’s so many bucket hat companies offering me so much money, but I’d rather do it myself. If you wanted to give me that much money, I know I could make that much money on my own.”

The TDE rapper then says he has another reason for not doing a line of bucket hats.

“I already did wrong by signing a rap contract,” ScHoolboy Q says. “I’m not talking about TDE, but how we ventured off with the majors. I wish we would have still stayed indie. I don’t care about being on like 100 radios or shit like that. I love Interscope, but I wish I could have just stayed with TDE.”

ScHoolboy Q’s TDE/Interscope records debut album, Oxymoron, was the #1 album in the country last week, selling 138,950 copies. The Los Angeles rapper says that neither he nor his labelmates is working on a mixtape, though.

“We don’t do mixtapes,” he says. "We don’t put mixtapes out. Everything we drop is an album– we don’t play that mixtape game. We put all our time and effort into one project, to make it great instead of just doing songs for a tape. That means you’re not focused on your album.”

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  • Royal

    That's why Top Dawg is running things, making all the business decisions. They saw a chance to move up and create more visibility for their artist and a larger cash flow. Can't be mad at Top Dawg and Punch for making that decision.

  • Papoose

    I would love to join TDE!!Love me some Kendrick Lamar son!!

  • d

    I guess he found out that he is not gonna sale records.Nigga sold his soul for advance money plus those days are over for us of sellings millions of records. white man has def turned it to his cash crop while these niggas want to impress the people who aint got it they getting pimped.

  • Anonymous

    This nigga on his 50 Cent shit. Maybe he can join G-Unit when interscope shelves his next album.

  • michael

    I'm a guy who has listened to 80-90's hip hop for all my life until I heard Kendrick and Ab soul in 2009 I never thought the genre will ever come back to a golden age but I was wrong. I can't believe people to this day hate on Kendrick the man put real shit back on the map if you cannot reconise that you are a fucking retard. You cannot go hard like people did in the 90s anymore you get in trouble look at 2pac look at biggie look at Lupe DMX you simply cannot go hard anymore without having issues. Kendrick draws a fine line between hardcore and mainstream and hes doing a very good job at it.

  • John

    hello, Im a gay and bisexual rappers like Drake, Frank Ocean and Lil Wayne helped me to come out. thank you!

  • Anonymous

    But do you pay the people who help you put those "albums" together? And I'm not talking about the Interscope ones.

  • yeah what

    fuck all these over-rated internet-fueled rappers and honestly if kendrick lamar is the best we've had in recent memory, i'm not impressed. i hate the fact that we basically acclaim the best by default (in comparison to what else exists), not whether or not they hold up in the long-term. i say hip hop is so watered-down with the desire to make money that there's no art in it anymore. and i'm fine with hype-rap and future and 2 chainz i just feel like it's so rare to have GOOD hype songs and then continue to have a career worth following, and that's not even getting into those who try to be hype but miss the mark and still seem to stick around

    • Anonymous

      he was a fool for signing to jay-z. i been waiting since 2007 for a project, even a mixtape but we're lucky to get 1 original song or a new verse a year. he joined the illuminati with that rothchild fam

    • Yo

      Yea Kendrick is the best right now but if Jay Electronica drop a album he can be the GOAT for this generation since music is so wack nowadays. Thanks Jay-Z for holding him back

  • Real

    In other words, TDE sold out.

  • Anonymous

    "you're reaching like crazy. they brothers and its all love" They brothers until they go to a strip club and one guy gets comped all night while the other has his debit card rejected.

  • FoozyBrooklyn

    shYce maYne - Prom Night 3 will be the mixtape of the year furrr surrr

  • Youngin

    Damn he takin shots at kendrick, cuz kendrick on interscope but he on Aftermath too and schoolboy Q hella jealous that Dre fuckin with Kendrick and not bucket hat Q. Plus Ab soul not fuckin with black hippy either they both disloyal and jealous. Ab soul and schoolboy are gonna go to war against Kendrick next year mark my words

  • st herman of alaska

    how can you not believe?

  • Frank Knows

    Not a fan, indie or not.

  • Anonymous

    Jimmy can put a stop to your career now. be careful

  • this fkin guy

    first off who told yall to sign there..noone u wanted the money n got it 2nd if not for kendricks classic you wouldnt have that platform 3rd oxymoron was just ok if it wasnt for interscope he would of did maybe 35k TOTAL instead of just presales.. Q complains about more than my bitch.

    • Crip4Life

      nigga fuck kendrick. he a sellout cause he sold his soul to tha devil for fortune, money and fame. just like 98% of the mainstream rappers. they all fake, FUCK em all. UNDERGROUND FOR MUTHAFUCKIN LIFE! #ESGN

    • this fucking guy

      we all know you don't have a bitch

  • Jimmy Iovine

    Keep yapping your trap and an will send you back to the slums boy.

  • Anonymous

    They getting treated worse than death row


    Schoolboy Q has some nice songs but as a whole i wasn't impressed at all with Oxymoron

  • jg

    So the dozens of rap artists that have put out better music that Oxymoron, while also doing mixtapes, were just super talented eh?

  • nigga we know u mad

    U mad cause Jimmy lovine slaps you with his dick.

  • Anonymous

    they not getting paid

  • Johnny

    That's great that the TDE artists make albums instead of mixtapes, but if they're going to sell these albums they should release decent CD versions! In other genres of music much smaller bands and artists are releasing fully packaged CD's at a decent price. I would pick up all 4 of the physical albums TDE is selling if they weren't $15-$20 for a thin paper sleeve and a nearly blank disc. Does anyone know what TDE does it like this?

    • Johnny

      Habits & Contradictions has sold 48,000 copies, and it charted on the Billboard 200. That might be indie for hip hop, but it's a lot of sales. If you go to a decent music store you will find thousands of albums which sell less than that. I'm just saying TDE is focused on making these rappers blow up, but it wouldn't be that difficult for them to put out better physical CD's if they wanted to.

    • Anonymous

      nigga, if you're buying their indie albums then what do you expect? its indie. oxy and gkmc were in store, cd case, etc.. what u trying to prove.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    After two or three cds with Interscope he will be independent again... I mean sells ain't so high, and it's debut..

  • imho

    i swear the whole group except kendrick act like they been in the game for 20 years and are owed soething..stfu. tbh without interscope noone would be looking for Q. his album was average.

  • Anonymous

    And I wish that i would have never EVER heard your CD. You make Lil Wayne sound like Nas.

  • Austin

    He actually already has started selling bucket hats himself. The official Top Dawg web store is at They had an Oxymoron bucket hat there. It already sold out. So would have to expect to see them make other styles of bucket hats in the near future

  • Anonymous

    Nigga wanna sell bucket hats because Top Dawg raping his pockets along with Jimmy.

  • 614grind

    I think this dude be so high sometimes he just starts runnin his mouth. As far as them bucket hats, he better hop on that fast because that shit is gonna be considered lame in t minus 15...14...13...

  • jerryc

    I talk about the not making mixtape songs and just making great albums thing all the time. Thats how it mostly was before, and we got far better albums. We had classics coming out one after another. I'm fine if you want to do some features and maybe put out a few songs in the year, but stop wasting good lines and someone elses production from another song. That is cool for a minute but it has no longterm playback.

  • Sweet Chariot

    Ungratful Ni993R, him and his Hippie buddie Kendrick both dropped albums while they were indie and those albums flopped like a fish out of water. Be glad that Uncle Jimmy gave you the Major treatment or else you would be virtually unknown like you hippies were before. Bish Nucca.

    • Anonymous

      Oxymoron was bootie juice anyway, Im not a big Black Hipster fan but I fucks with Jay Rock and Q, plus Sza for some cuts. Niggas always complaining about something.

    • Black Kohash

      So a proud Black man wants to do shit on his own and you heap racial abuse on him and call him names? Do you call Mac Miller those same names for being indie? Schoolboy is feeling the chains and shackles of being on Interscope with a devilish Jew dictating his moves and he regrets compromising his artistic integrity but you wanted the $$$$$$ and that what comes with it.

  • Oxymoron

    Oxymoron will be top 3 rap album all year, mark my words

    • Anonymous

      How is tha carter 5 gonna bomb?

    • Kizman

      co-sign what TRE said, Gibbs is top 5 in the game right now

    • Anonymous

      "You obviously forgot tha carter 5 is coming out, along with pink print from nicki, mgk, diddy, meek mill, and others. Ross has the best album of the year so far. BTW, 400k for young money rise of an empire this week." All of those projects will flop. Ross has the worst album of the year and YM will sell 50K 1st week.

    • TRE

      Album of The Year will be Freddie Gibbs x Madlib. Mark my words.

    • Anonymous

      Oxymoron, Paranoia of Success, Mastermind, Satellite Man on the Moon

    • Anonymous

      Production was cheap and the features were ass, people gassed it because of GKMC but that CD was mediocre as fugh.

    • Anonymous

      You obviously forgot tha carter 5 is coming out, along with pink print from nicki, mgk, diddy, meek mill, and others. Ross has the best album of the year so far. BTW, 400k for young money rise of an empire this week.

  • Anonymous

    LOL, Jimmy is screwing Schoolboy Q around. He must have hoping for at least 300k yet sold less than half that.

  • Anonymous

    oh man, this nigga getting dropped

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