Lil Boosie Details Tupac Comparisons & Plans to Leave Baton Rouge

Lil Boosie currently working on his next album, says he's open to working with anyone in the industry.

Following his Boosie Speaks press conference yesterday (March 10), Baton Rouge, Louisiana rapper Lil Boosie talked to Complex TV about comparisons to the late Tupac Shakur, his plans to leave Baton Rouge, new music, and more.

According to Boosie, he feels it’s his heartfelt music that has given way to comparisons to Tupac.

After referring to comparisons to Tupac as a privilege, Boosie went on to inform those watching that comparisons to the late rapper came well before he was released from the Louisiana State Penitentiary last week.

“It’s a privilege to get compared to Tupac,” Boosie said. “This didn’t start when I came home. This been going on way before I came home. Cause we both got heartfelt music. And when you got heartfelt music you get put in that category with Tupac. And I can make—And I always did make that music that touched people, man. You know it’s different. Like some artists can have three million fans. And some artists can have a million fans, but a heartfelt artist, a million fans love him five times more than that other artist three million fans…And when you get in that heartfelt category with Tupac, you special to people.”

With a little over 1,000 written songs to his name, Boosie say he’s already at work crafting his next album and is open to collaborations with anyone in the music industry.

“I’ll probably be releasing a single real soon. I’m working on the album already,” he said. “I’m in the studio right now. I got like 15 songs I done did in three days. It’s hot, dog. That’s all I can say…I’m ready to go to work. So, anybody in the industry you wanna collab, we can make something happen, man.”

Although Boosie’s ties to the city of Baton Rouge are evident, the Louisiana rapper says he’ll always give back to the city, but currently has no plans on living in Baton Rouge.

“Nah, it’s always gon’ be home, but I don’t wanna live there anymore…I’mma always give back to Baton Rouge, but as far as living there? As far as laying my head there? Nah, nah. I got to go to a city where I ain’t the only one driving a Bentley Coup,” Boosie said. “Getting pulled over every day. So, it’s not about that. It’s just about—It’s about your future. You can’t stay in one place.”

Boosie’s interview with Complex TV comes one day after Boosie was joined by the likes of Webbie, Jeezy, and Bun B during the Boosie Speaks press conference. During yesterday’s press conference, the Trill Entertainment emcee revealed that he penned 1,118 songs while in prison and also wrote an autobiographical film titled, Boosie The Movie.

Lil Boosie was released from the Louisiana State Penitentiary at Angola on Wednesday, March 5 after serving nearly five years in prison.

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  • only white ppl listen to 50 cent

    tbt most of the ppl on this site (white ppl) couldnt even listen to 2pac back n the day and i know for sure yall dont listen to boosie and to cum on here and say that they ccant b compared to each other is jus dumb. yall hear all the positive shit from 2 pac yall dont hear the gangsta ass hit em up shit. 2pac rapped about violence killis n all type of shit jus like boosie. iuse to hate boosie because of his voice but i sat down and listened and he spit shit dat any nigga n these streets can relate to. but i forgot yall white yall only intenet bang. yall dont kno shit about da streets

  • you mad

    im not a massive 2pac fan but you can not deny PAC was not one of the greatest to ever do it -his music was very good plus he lived that life - does everyone forget the shoot outs wit the POLICE - that made him a legend in my hood - NJ got mad love for PAC - all these young cats talk about ballerina and shit there aint bin anyone in hiphop thats got close to that tupacs level - this is from a big REdMAN fan -

  • AlecDawesome

    This has to be a joke

  • El Negro

    Man can ANY artist EVER voice their opinion with the HATE? Geezus! I'm not a big fan of Boosie and I don't regard him as a lyricist the same way I don't regard Pac as one but if you ever skimmed thru Boosie's catalog he talks about some REAL shit. They used ot compare Pac to KRS-One, Chuck D and Ice Cube but most of you are too young to remember and aren't REALLY Pac fans to know about that or have forgotten. Boosies music is grounded in REALITY. People say dumb shit like Chief Keef is speaking the voice of his community. No the hel he isn't because ALL of his music is ignorant and negative. Boosie, on the other hand makes songs about his mom, his absentee father, the system, the ghetto, trials and tribulations and a few positive songs and yes he makes songs riding on fools and partying as well. There IS a comparison but if you are jaded and never heard his music you wouldn't know. We are sitting here mad that a black man who set up in prison for 5 F**KING years for something he didn't even do is coming back home to his family. Boosie and ANYBODY who has had to go thru some BS like that deserves as much support, exposure or publicity just as ANY black man getting a degree which is the norm. There will NEVER be another 2pac but at the same time Pac used to be on some bullshit sometimes as well and taking that thug shit too far cus' he wasn't a thug, killer, gangster or any of that. Like I said I'm not a big fan of Boosie but I'm excited he's home and I'm looking forward to seeing what he has to contribute to the game and FREE ALL THE BLACK MEN who are locked up and innocent in this brutal, vicious system that it designed to castrate the black man.

    • Anonymous

      im not a massive 2pac fan but you can not deny PAC was not one of the greatest to ever do it -his music was very good plus he lived that life - does everyone forget the shoot outs wit the POLICE - that made him a legend in my hood - NJ got mad love for PAC - all these young cats talk about ballerina and shit there aint bin anyone in hiphop thats got close to that tupacs level - this is from a big REdMAN fan -

  • Anonymous

    I knew before even readin the comments on this no one was gonna agree not even close

  • catmouth

    boosie's music might be heartfelt and all that like pac's was, but that alone def doesnt put him on the same level with the man. Tupac was so fucking deep, very intelligent, poetic, so lyrically gifted, etc.. etc.. He's been a huge influence on countless artists, the stuff he rapped about... I don't dislike boosie, but he's not on the same level as pac (IMO)

  • Anonymous

    this is all just an attempt by him and his "publicist" to get the attention of people like you dumb enough to read the article and give boosie free publicity

  • HRH

    You're an uneducated murderer. For you to be compared to Tupac is like comparing C-Murder to Barack Obama. You should go study Economics, and manage whatever money you get in the next few years. But, you're probably committed to drug addiction.

  • IROC

    Boosie got a few tracks i like ,but over all he was on shooting guns and just thugging it doesnt take any knowledge to do that we will see if he has grown and matured by what comes out his mouth

  • Yeezus


  • my left testical

    This guy used to wash tupacs boxers.

  • Jason Weaver

    Ok so. I see a lot ppl on IG posting stuff about Lil Boosie gettin out of prison, talmbout Welcome Home Boosie Back and all kinds of other c**n shit. Listen man, no disrespect to Boosie or anyone else for that matter who has ever been incarcerated, but the problem I have with the IG posts regarding him gettin out is its being displayed like its some kind of thing to celebrate. Im sorry man, but why cant we celebrate young black men who have stayed OUT of prison? Im not judging Boosie or any other individual who may have faced similar circumstances. It would sure be cool though if we posted more pics of our young brothas receiving high school diplomas, college degrees, and cool shit like that instead of a playa gettin out of prison mane. Im about celebrating milestones in young black mens lives that we can REALLY be proud of! Like for real Cmon son!! Sorry for the rant, but I just had to say it.#KanyeShrug

  • JD

    This clown mentioned in the same breath as 2pac is a joke.

  • RHX

    He looks fuckin ridiculous with all those clown ass chains. Hate that shit get a respectable chain u can rock

  • BoosieFadeSaid

    Niggas always rushing recording songs that is why they never come out great, just ok or good. Like Jay said, "Don't be good my nigga, be great."

  • Anonymous

    Only a damn fool would compare Boosie to 2pac

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