In a recently released segment of an interview with Complex, R&B singer Ashanti explained showing portions of her album Braveheart to Ja Rule prior to its release and spoke about their plans to link up in the studio in the future.

Referencing an Instagram post from August of 2013 in which the frequent collaborators were pictured together following his release from prison, Ashanti explained giving Ja Rule a chance to hear the music she had been working on. “Either that night or a few weeks later,” she said, “I played him records from the album, he was super excited for me. We’re definitely gonna do something. Right now, we’re kind of like on our paths of—you know we haven’t put music out in a long time, so we kind of want to reestablish our own lanes first and then do something amazing together. Because the thing about it is, our chemistry is just so organic, it really doesn’t take a lot. If we get in the studio, we’re good, you know what I mean? So, we’re both really, really excited and happy for each other.”

Ja Rule and Ashanti worked together extensively as labelmates over the years including their 2001 collaboration "Always on Time," 2002's "Mesmerize," and 2004's "Wonderful."