SZA "Z" Release Date, Cover Art, Tracklist & Album Stream

UPDATE #2: The stream for SZA's Top Dawg Ent. debut album, "Z," has been released.

TDE's SZA has announced that her upcoming album Z is set to be released April 8. 

The Top Dawg Ent. singer also posted an image of her upcoming project Z's cover art. 

In February, TDE CEO Anthony "Top Dawg" Tiffith spoke about the singer's upcoming album. "New music and album from beautiful @justsza coming soon.1st 2hrs of this flight all sza music.. Her beautiful voice will help me relax ," Top Dawg said in his Twitter update at the time.

This Twitter update followed a January post regarding TDE's 2014 campaign. 


(March 8, 2103)

UPDATE: The tracklist for SZA's Z album has been released.

It is as follows, according to

01. UR (Prod. by Mac Miller)
02. Childs Play (feat. Chance The Rapper) (Prod. by XXYYXX & Dae One)
03. Julia (Prod. by Felix Snow)
04. Warm Winds (feat. Isaiah Rashad) (Prod. by Mac Miller & Antydote)
05. Hi Jack (Prod. by Toro Y Moi)
06. Green Mile (Prod. by Emile)
07. Babylon (feat. Kendrick Lamar (Prod. by DJ Dahi)
08. Sweet November (Prod. by Marvin Gaye)
09. Shattered Ring (Prod. by Emile)
10. Omega (Prod. by Emile)

UPDATE #2: SZA's Z is available for streaming below via Spotify.  

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  • kai$oundz

    Actually SZA X Jhene Aiko would be so good

  • kai$oundz

    lol Schoolboy said they glad they signed SZA and not Jhene but I think Jhene would fit too

  • kai$oundz

    Well radios will automatically play this cuz Kendricks on it

  • kai$oundz

    Idk I mean I like SZA but her stuff don't rhyme but at the same time I like Sade and Toro y Moi and they don't rhyme but Idk I just can't pay attention to SZA's lyrics I mean shes real good but her songs aren't all that remember-able

    • We should spread love not war

      i agree. wasn't really impressed by anything on the album. i can't really get with her voice, but her vibe and beat selection are cool.

  • jamesahoskins

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  • blackbeltbreeze

    damn this album is beautiful. DAMN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you trolls do not deserve this woman's art in your laptops. It makes my skin cringe thinking about you jacking off to sza's picture instead of actually listening to this music. I mean yeah she's bad, but do you hear the LANE SHE IS IN. i wonder sometimes do people even understand what TDE is trying to do. People act like they are signing these artists by accident. These people have relationships and common vision. Their music might help people grow back some brain cells. They are stepping in these lanes on purpose. I would love to see her and Frank Ocean or Stacey Barthe collab. This shit goes HARD AS FUCK, especially for a first album. But of course 90% of people who hear this music are going to either fixate on what sza taste like or why she is not trying to compete with the pop market or beyonce or some shit. what do you even say to some ignorant shit like that? do yall niggas realize yall don't know what the fuck yall talking about? if dr. dre and nas and eminem and outkast had listened to yall the culture would still be remaking Rakim first album over and over and over and that's it. let people do good shit man. got damn people! Listen to this shit before you talk about what her pussy smell like. Damn. Yall could easily go to bang bros or tjoobs and get at that action. Every woman don't have to be in that lane man. Recognize another woman being in a different lane every now and then; it's not going to block your cock to do that. You can go back to that after you get that art. Why yall feel like you can only bust a nut off a woman and that's it? Even a divine woman bruh? Even a cool as woman who write bars? Yall niggas that fucking burnt out? Got damn. Let ol girl shine. This shit go hard as fuk.

  • fza

    TDE needs a lady artist who can make HITS. someone who can tap into the huge market of r&b/pop. sza wont do. she makes smooth tracks but they need a workhorse to fund their other pet projects (besides kdot). every label thats worth something has one and tde has yet to find her

  • zion

    Spotify Is shit, dont promote it

  • pauladamsaf

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  • Anonymous

    Definitely has some of the nicest legs ive ever seen on a girl...her voice aint bad either

  • Anthony Hamilton

    marvin gaye so real he be producing songs from his grave.

  • Anthony Hamilton

    bitch quit riding that bike and come ride on my dick

  • Anonymous

    250 copies first week. no buzz

    • Anonymous

      yo can i get that crystal ball when youre done wittit?

    • Anonymous

      What is it with you motherfuckers always making sales predictions and talking about buzz? No wonder music has gone downhill. People care more about sales than the actual music.

  • Anonymous

    She certainly knows how to pick her features. Wow. We are in for a something special.

  • disrespectful editors

    Prod. Marvin Gaye?? Fuck is wrong with you clown ass editors, proof-read dumb nigga

    • no

      lmao youre wrong i dont know why but on the actual tracklist it says prod. marvin gaye. think it's a direct sample or something...

  • Anonymous

    (Prod. by Mac Miller) Um no. Larry Fisherman. lolol

  • Anonymous

    Soulo aint never droppin lol

  • Anonymous

    The Babylon remix is gonna be crazy. Def gonna buy that song, might buy the album if the rest of it is good.

  • Anonymous

    would definetely eat dat ass

  • Kap Diva

    This is the west coast incarnation of Suave House or Sucka Free with Top Dawg being the new Tony Draper or Hump. In other words, his artist won't be able to go gold five years from now and he's going to make 80% of the 50% lol.

  • Anonymous

    see those purple fruits on the album cover....? Well... Those are my salty hairy balls SZA wanted to showcase in an illuminatic symbolic way. That ape.. yep yep thats me. Long story short, I pounded SZA from behind a few weeks ago and he's my tribute

  • 666

    this is on line warning the dead is coming back to life an trying to commiit acts of murder.

  • So Icy Boi!

    I this she isn't sexy, Lil Wayne looks more hot and sexy in my honest opinion. sexiest rappers: 1. Nicki 2. Wayne 3. Drake 4. Shannell 5. Lil Twist no hoom, I like girls. swag

  • Anonymous

    I want to eat her ass

  • Anonymous

    Never heard of her n she getting an album drop maybe Top Dawg is not just talking shit about releasing a lot of albums like birdman do

    • Anonymous

      Nicca said Tyga and DJ Khaled were veterans. Also Game isn't even signed to cash money.

    • Anonymous

      How many albums YMCMB put out in 2014? Besides Wayne who else has a date? They signed 60 niccas and a few whiteys but no one getting an album out anytime soon.

    • Anonymous

      ^^Drink bleach and die fool.

    • Anonymous

      And the few artists tde has all suck balls. YMCMB is home to veterans like wayne, drake, busta ryhmes, game, nicki, tyga, dj khaled, and more.

  • WTF


    • CypherDivineHe (ODH)

      They are all based from the Supreme Alphabet, developed by the Nation of Gods and Earths, which is a split of the Nation of Islam. SZA is from the supreme alphabet. Like, The RZA is Rulers, Zig-zag, Allah. You have rulers like sovereignty over ones self and the world around you. S is the supreme alphabet stands for savior but that didnt sit right with me so I switched it to either sovereign or savior however you feel. Do ya homework....

    • The PZA

      They all copied Wu-Tang

    • Ryan

      Stop yelling and go fuck yourself, dumbass.

  • Anonymous

    interesting cover art she seems talented

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