50 Cent Leaves Interscope: How Nas, Busta Rhymes, Ghostface Killah & Mos Def Fared After Leaving Their Longtime Label Homes

Exclusive: Last month, 50 Cent left longtime label Interscope Records. HipHopDX examines other artists who changed labels during their careers.

Last month, 50 Cent and G-Unit Records signed an exclusive worldwide distribution and services agreement with Caroline/Capitol/UMG. The move ended 50 Cent’s run with Interscope Records, Aftermath Entertainment and Shady Records, where the Queens, New York rapper spent 12 years and released Get Rich or Die Tryin'The MassacreCurtis and Before I Self Destruct.

Other high profile artists have also switched labels during their careers. Here is an examination of some notable examples.

Nas' Album Sales History

Nas released his debut album, Illlmatic, in 1994 on Columbia Records. His best-selling album with the imprint was 1996’s It Was Written, which included the hit single “If I Ruled The World (Imagine That),” which also featured Lauryn Hill. 

The Queensbridge rapper released seven studio albums and the Lost Tapes compilation while with the label. In 2006, Nas released his Def Jam Recordings debut album, Hip Hop Is Dead. It sold 785,000 copies.

The sales figures of Nas’ albums are as follows.  (All figures below are in the following format: Album title, Label, Year, Sales Total)

Illmatic Columbia 1994 1,654,000

It Was Written Columbia 1996 2,595,000

I Am… Columbia 1999 2,178,000

Nastradamus Columbia 1999 1,262,000

Stillmatic Columbia 2001 2,179,000

God’s Son Columbia 2002 1,362,000

Lost Tapes Columbia 2002 361,000

Street’s Disciple Columbia 2004 724,000

Hip Hop Is Dead Def Jam 2006 785,000

Untitled Def Jam 2008 480,000

Life Is Good Def Jam 2012 380,000

Nas Feat. Lauryn Hill - If I Ruled The World (Imagine That) (DVD) [1996] [HQ] from Oldschool’ove "Germany" on Vimeo.

Busta Rhymes' Album Sales History 

Busta Rhymes entered the game in the early 1990s as a member of Leaders of the New School. The group was signed to Elektra Entertianment Group, which also released Busta Rhymes' first four albums. While with the label, Busta Rhymes released the best-selling album of his career, 1997’s When Disaster Strikes…. The collection featured the singles “Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Could See” and “Dangerous.” 

Busta Rhymes switched to J Records after the release of 2000’s Anarchy, which, to that point, was the lowest-selling album of his career, with sales of 684,000 units. J Records released the Genesis album in 2001. It featured the singles “Break Ya Neck” and “Pass The Courvoisier” and sold 1,339,000 units.

After his next J Records release, 2002’s It Ain’t Safe No More, sold about about half of what Genesis sold, Busta Rhymes switched to Aftermath Entertainment/Interscope for 2006’s The Big Bang and Universal Motown for 2009’s Back On My B.S. 

The sales figures of Busta Rhymes’ albums are as follows. 

The Coming Elektra 1996 797,000

When Disaster Strikes… Elektra 1997 1,677,000

Extinction Level Event - The Final World Front Elektra 1998 1,648,000

Anarchy Elektra 2000 684,000

Genesis J 2001 1,339,000

It Ain’t Safe No More… J 2002 678,000

The Big Bang Aftermath Entertainment/Interscope 2006 626,000

Back On My B.S. Universal Motown 2009 156,000

Ghostface Killah's Album Sales History

Ghostface Killah emerged in the mid-1990s as member of the Wu-Tang Clan. He was the last Wu-Tang member to release a solo album before the release of the group’s second album, 1997’s Forever. Released in 1996, Ghostface Killah’s Ironman album started his three album stretch with the company.  Featuring the singles “Daytona 500” and “All That I Go Is You,” it is the best-selling album of his career, with 953,000 units sold. 

After a three-year layoff, Ghostface Killah returned in 2004 as Ghostface on Def Jam Records and released The Pretty Toney Album. It sold more than its predecessor, 2001’s Bulletproof Wallets, and more than any of his next five Def Jam Recordings releases, clocking in with 346,000 units sold.

The sales figures of Ghostface Killah’s albums are as follows. 

Ironman Epic 1996 953,000

Supreme Clientele Epic 2000 657,000

Bulletproof Wallets 2001 Epic 297,000

The Pretty Toney Album 2004 Def Jam 346,000 as Ghostface

Fishscale Def Jam 2006 339,000

More Fish Def Jam 2006 109,000

The Big Doe Rehab Def Jam 2007 117,000 as Ghostface

Ghostdini Wizard Of Poetry In Emerald City Def Jam 2009 64,000

Apollo Kids Def Jam 2010 47,000 

Mos Def's Album Sales History

With Talib Kweli, Mos Def released the acclaimed Black Star album in 1998. The Rawkus Records project paved the way for Mos Def debut solo album, 1999’s Black On Both Sides, which was also released on Rawkus. It is the best-selling album of his career, with sales of 913,000. It featured the singles “Ms. Fat Booty” and “Umi Says.” 

The Brooklyn, New York rapper’s next project two albums were released through Geffen Records, with whom Mos Def publicly sparred. His fourth album, 2008’s Ecstatic, was released through the independent imprint Downtown Music. Mos Def’s final three albums combined to sell less than Black On Both Sides.

Black On Both Sides Rawkus/Priority 1999 913,000

The New Danger Geffen 2004 513,000

True Magic Geffen 2006 97,000

Ecstatic Downtown 2008 168,000

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  • Skoolz

    These numbers especially for Nas are way off, it was written sold 4 mill, hip hop is dead is a lil under 1.1, untitled is 530k. It's like they intentionally lumped the God in wit random heads and bogus numbers. The first day this came out within hrs Wikipedia was revised for nas and all other credible links that verified the real numbers wiped off...smh

  • Soren Baker

    We aren't talking about record sales here. The basis of this article is to discuss the decline of quality when each artist releases an album & switches to a new label. Learn to pay attention.

  • Anonymous

    "Nelly had a 14 year career while Curtis only had 7." These 50 haters talk like your career ends the minute your last studio album is released. LOL. I guess that means Dr Dre's career ended in 1999. Diddy's career ended in 2010. Meek Mill's career lasted from 2012-2012! Gunplay has no career going by that way of thinking as he has no albums and no release date! career [kuh-reer] Show IPA noun 1. an occupation or profession, especially one requiring special training, followed as one's lifework: He sought a career as a lawyer. 2. a person's progress or general course of action through life or through a phase of life, as in some profession or undertaking: His career as a soldier ended with the armistice. 3. success in a profession, occupation, etc. If 50 is still making music, releasing it for his fans, touring the world and has a release date and makes more money than half of these rappers with "careers" I would say he has a career too!

  • Anonymous

    The sales decline coincided with illegal downloading and piracy. Back in the day you had to actually purchase that HOT new album but then people just started stealing the music online and overall sales have been shitty every since.

    • Anonymous

      for the most part the rap music has also gotten worse and worse every year and has become what i consider to be disposable.

  • Anonymous

    They could have done Rick Ross on here but he never got out from under Slip-N-Slide records despite all those claims of being a boss. Ted Lucas owns his ass fo life.

  • drone killa

    this article is irrelavent, in the rap game sales go down the longer your career goes on generally.

  • Nut Da Kid

    They keep saying my godfather 50 is irrelevant but they click on every article about him.. Hmmm.... Why does every 50 article posted on every hip-hip website get the more comments than any other artist? Seems relevant to me. Pre-order Animal Ambition March 18, and get 2 free tracks. Album coming on June 3!

  • Anonymous

    Nas fans should check out that new DJ Semi x Nas Reanimated Mixtape that just came out. Better than anything that's been released in 2014.

  • Anonymous

    GRODT 10 million (2003) BISD 500,000 (2009) Damn homie what a waste of Em and Dre.

    • Anonymous

      "Nelly had a 14 year career while Curtis only had 7." if you call selling 25k having a career...

    • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      6 million to 3 million is half his fans lost 3 million to 1 million is more than half his fans lost again 1 million to 225k is an epic fall off 225k to 25k is just downright sad

    • Anonymous

      8 million to 6 million is not half and 225 to 246 is not half his career wasnt yes one steep downward spiral. plus Nelly had a 14 year career while Curtis only had 7.

    • Anonymous

      " Nelly didnt lose half of his fans with every album like that one guy says." based off those numbers he lost A LOT MORE THAN HALF of his fans every album and you gotta know if he had clothing them white teens woulda been all over it, nelly had summer one lock for a few years. had niccas wearing band aids on they faces, if only he could have profited off that.

    • Jimmy I

      Nelly didnt have Jim, Em and Dre in his corner or video games, and Hollywood movies, Nelly didnt have blonde haired teeni-boppers wearing G-Unit clothing. Nelly (2000-2013) Country Grammer - 8 million NellyVille - 6 million Suit - 3 million Sweat - 1 million Brass Knuckles 225K 5.0 - 246K M.O - 25K Nelly had a longer career than Curtis and dropped almost twice as many albums and Nelly didnt lose half of his fans with every album like that one guy says.

    • Anonymous

      consistently not living up too all his hype and promo

    • Anonymous

      Ross is a lot more consistent from 160k to 210k.

    • Anonymous

      Ja Rule went from going 3x platinum to sellin less than 7000 copies sold in over 2 years!!! Biggest fall off in the history of music?

    • Look on the bright side

      That's a huge drop. But Nelly was even worse. He went from 12 Mill worldwide to 15,000 for his last album. lmao

    • Anonymous

      that album wasnt very good. just cause im a fan of someone im not gonna support an album i think is wack. plus i download that shit like 2 months before it came out and was over it.

  • Anonymous

    50 is like god to gusto

  • Anonymous

    People act like 50 the only one to have a falling out with his niggas or label mates... Where's Dame with Jay? Storch with Dre? Where's Az with Nas? Where's Jaz O with Jay? Where's the whole ROC with Jay?

  • Anonymous

    Game helped destroy GUNIT but the person most responsible for the demise of GUNIT is 50 himself. 50 was a shitty businessman when it came to running his record label and the internal beef with Game and Buck showed everybody how weak and watered down 50 was. If Young Buck is signed to your label then why would you wear a wire and secretly record him crying and leak it to the Internet to destroy his credibility? What man behaves like that towards his artist?

    • Anonymous

      "If my friends, associates or employees were having a vulnerable moment I wouldnt use a recording device to document it. Typically when you see or hear another person in pain or emotional you attempt to sympathize and console them unless you are a hateful and evil person who would rather secretly record them and leak it to TMZ." He didn't leak it until Buck started talking reckless. Thats how it goes. You gonna shit on me after I made you millions I'm gonna show the world how this grown man so called gangster was crying his eyes out begging for money instead of hustling up some.

    • Marshall Mathers

      Since the beef between Ross and 50: (ROSS) Deeper Than Rap 158,000 first week (2009) Tefon Don 176,000 first week God Forgives I Don't 218,000 first week Mastermind 145-160,000 first week (2014) (50) Before I Self Destruct 160,000 first week (2009) Animal Amphibian TBA (2014) 50 should stop falling for Ross plot

    • Anonymous

      If my friends, associates or employees were having a vulnerable moment I wouldnt use a recording device to document it. Typically when you see or hear another person in pain or emotional you attempt to sympathize and console them unless you are a hateful and evil person who would rather secretly record them and leak it to TMZ.

    • Anonymous

      i love when people shit on 50 for taping young buck crying like a bitch but never say shit about a grown ass man calling another man crying his eyes out begging for money after he spent all his on cars and drugs.

  • see

    game was the disease that broke up gunit.. layed the ground work to dismantle the group..when 50 beefed with ross and couldnt actually make a hot diss track thats when the world realized 50 had to use gimmicks to win beefs instead of what hiphop is about..lyrics.. that was the end game started it ..ross ended it.. and now you get what you get today..an irrelevant 50.

    • Anonymous

      Not beefing with 50 Tefon Don 176,000 first week God Forgives I Don't 218,000 first week Beefing with 50 Deeper Than Rap 158,000 first week Mastermind 145-160,000 first week Ross should stop falling for 50's plot

    • Anonymous

      You think you know me? (Officer Ricky) Nigga, You don't know me! (Officer Ricky) 50... ayo! C-O! I put a razor thru ya face I put a nine on my waist I cock the shotty just in case I pump nothin but bass I put a pint of blood in the whip A pint of blood on the ground Bullets, bullets get to ricochetin Bouncing all around That body all case cold I got her white wit it If they ask me I think niggas from basely did it I'm a southside nigga, we take on all comers The first shot pop, we get to warrin all summer These niggas ain't hard I get on em on some different shit Different strap, different clip, I blow the door off your whip The cop fucked fox, sucked the cunt on the bimbo Faggot must've thought he knock me out like Kimbo With gondorea lips, his breath stronger than endo Fat fuck playing Wii Fit Nintendo Have another tattoo, here's another tattoo Run into my goons soon, have new bullet wounds Officer Rickyyyy, radio for backup See ya ass anywhere you know I'm gon act up You want play with me, when I don't want play? Have my niggas whip the skin off your ass in broad day Screaming boss, nigga you ain't a boss Pussy nigga ya lost , listen officer Ross I tell you straight suck a dick You tryna come with subliminals Cuz your ass the police My niggas is criminals It's like every other word out your mouth bout a bird Like you sling cocaine, this shit is absurd You's a rapper, you's a motherfuckin rapper It's a wrap, your career is fuckin wrapped up My enemy's enemies are my friends And my semis they like Siamese twins See em up close, you won't see shit again Like every fairytale, boy your life has to end Try me, get blown away way way Go 'head try me, get blown away way way Try me get blown away way way Go head try me, get blown away way way (We the best!) Yeah, you the best, you the cocksucking best Go 'head faggot, depp throat it, feel it in your chest I'm not friendly, I'm anti-social Go 'head try me, I'll be fucking ya up, like I'm supposed to You say I'm violent, now why you say I'm violent? The mac got a muffler, make a loud mouth silent Now Me, I'm kinda sensitive, So watch the way u talk to me Ya better off shootin me, or tryna put the hawk to me The beef ain't shit to me, cuz now I got the wolves out That fo-fo pull around, that tre pound bulls out I do it for the moula, boo-ya, bullseye Pop ya fuckin noodles, deputy do die Many men wish death, many men "oh doe" I make many millions, fuck wit me, that's a "no no" This is motion picture shit, there's no director to cast me The D's, I plead the 5th on every question they ask me My enemy's enemies are my friends And my semis they like Siamese twins See em up close, you won't see shit again Like every fairytale, boy your life has to end Try me, get blown away way way Go head try me get blown away way way Try me, get blown away way way Go head try me get blown away way way Nigga I bleed blue, I swear I bleed blue You thinkin I'm a crip, I'll motherfuckin trip The cool-out blood, maybe I'm all blood Find out what a nigga bout when you catch a slug Maybe I'm maniac, maybe I'm crazy Maybe I'm exactly what my fucking hood made me Maybe I'mma do 25 years for murder Maybe cuz it's clear I'm the clip inserter I done lost my best friend, he died of cancer Call me a cheetah, I attack like a panther It's teflon vinyl on my drop-top phantom Bulletproof windows, and a stash for the cannon Nigga if you cross me, you gon' have to off me I just keep going no matter where they lost me You know I'm like a time bomb- bomb steady tickin You know what's coming next, once nigga slap the clip in Oh yeah My enemy's enemies are my friends And my semis they like Siamese twins See em up close, you won't see shit again Like every fairytale, boy your life has to end Try me get blown away way way Go head try me get blown away way way Try me get blown away way way Go head try me get blown away way way Yeah, this nigga's a appetizer Where you at Wayne? The full course meal Wayne You awfully quiet You call Em out, well now I'm out I got my vultures out You got get pass me to get Em I'm the baby over here I'm the smallest nigga in my clique Shady After-motherfucking-math nigga 3 headed monster - 50, Em, Dre Fuck with it if you want nigga

    • Anonymous

      Game is even more irrelevant though... 50 still bigger than both of them with no album out. btw. I think 'Officer Ricky (Go Ahead Try Me)' was a dope ass diss song! Playing it again right now. Banks slaughtered him on Officer Down.

  • khordkutta

    Dayum, i woulda thought Busta had a mult plat album

  • Anonymous

    Another pointless article by the DX staff

  • Anonymous

    (2005 - 2012) Documentary 2.5 million Doctors Advocate 2 million LAX 1.1 million RED Album 206k Jesus Piece 295k not bad for an 8 year career, he didn't fall off as bad as 50Cent who lost 7.5 million fans in 7 years.

    • Anonymous

      he just told breakfast club be bought that mansion for a little over 6 ms. we'll see how long he can hold onto that though. seems like a bad move. all the millionaires, developers and investors in ATL passed on it. nonetheless sounds like he's gonna turn it into some sort of group home for ghetto kids to get a tax break.

    • Anonymous

      He said Ross cant fill up a theater, nigga just bought a 10 Mill mansion and a Wraith and this dude talking about a theater.

    • Anonymous

      Rozay runs shit in prisons across the USA. Repping hard for C.O.'s everywhere.

    • Anonymous

      what is Rick Ross domain? He can't even fill up a theater!

    • Anonymous

      I bet 50 gets millions of views' his fans look like Keenan Cahill and Pruane2forever the Internet is his domain.

    • Anonymous

      Nerd guy says 50 cent lost 7.5 million fans but when he puts out a new music video he gets more views in 1 day than Rick Ross gets in 2 weeks!

    • Anonymous

      50 cent is the only reason Game has any fans at all, even the 300k he has left.

    • Anonymous

      "50Cent who lost 7.5 million fans in 7 years." this shit is hilarious just keep repeating it

  • Anonymous

    "grodt 11 mil" Thriller 104 mil

  • Anonymous

    Nastradamus was a commercial and critical flop.

  • dave

    Pointless article as it does little else than show the effect that downloading music has on album sales. As downloading increases, sales go down. Thanks DX for showing us once again you lack the basic knowledge received in a junior high science class. Remember that shit about control groups and variables? Nahhhhh

  • Anonymous

    (2003-2009) GRODT - 8 million massacre - 5 million Curtis - 1 million BISD - 440,000 Poor 50 went platinum back when the Eminem hype was at its peak but then his fans jumped ship when Wayne got hot.

  • Anonymous

    Nas has had a solid career. Be sure to checkout thegrandreport, they have some good hip hop and viral videos on there

  • Soren B.

    If you fucking morons would learn to fucking read, then you'd realize what the point of the article is not to show off sales figures, but rather, inform you that the overall QUALITY of an artist's albums seemingly depletes whenever they change labels. Fucking dumbasses.


      I still dont get the point. Face it when a rappers gets older they just aint that hungry when they were in the beginning. There are not motivated anymore because they sold a couple of million albums So conclusion: YOUR ARTICLE SUCKS BALLS! Now go back and listen to your lil wayne cd or big sean cd or lil faggot cd or lil wack cd

  • Dan

    Hip hop isn't about record sales. It's about what you say, your knowledge. Music is worthless if they're isn't a message embedded in it.

  • choppednthowed

    Include world wide sales with these numbers and you'll have a more accurate and definitive article...and the listing of albums needs work. It's a little thing called "TABS".

  • Anonymous

    I meant rakim instead of takin.

  • Anonymous

    Ross is a true legend. Chuck d, an overrated rapper has only put out 1 album harbinger. Also, how is takin winning when he is doing songs with white pop hipster groups like linkin park.

  • jimjim

    anonymous on niggas brag that shit was deep yo real talk

  • Anonymous

    you left off Ghostface Killah's new album 12 Reason to Die

  • facts

    G-Unit Records 03-2010 12 Albums 6 PLATINUM 18+Mill Albums sold WW MMG 09-2014 8 Albums 1 EP 1 GOLD 1.9+ mill Albums sold WW

  • lgkjd;gkjhdsfg

    You guys forgot Ghostface's "12 Reasons to Die" album.

  • Fuck Soren Baker

    Whats he purpose of tis article? Decline in sales? Realy?????? BTW Lost Tapes in 2002 361,000? THIS ALBUM WAS PLATINUM YOU DUMBASS!

    • Fuck Soren Baker

      @ HipHopDX Staff Switching recordlabels has nothing to do with record sales you morons! Rappers get lame because they dont change there style and making the same album after the same album. Most rappers arent that creative!

    • HipHopDX Staff

      Well, if you fuck boys would learn to read the fucking paragraphs real slow, then you'd know that we're saying that every artist in the aforementioned article has an album that got significantly poorer in quality after switching labels. But then again, we don't expect a couple of ignorant bums to understand since it's obvious most of you people have the reading comprehension of a 2 year old.

    • 99_OP

      @ Fuck Soren Baker Exactly what's the purpose? Hiphopdx is a poor hiphopsite with little to no kwowledge about hiphop.

    • Soren

      Fuck you too, faggot ass nigga. Know what's funny? I'm married to a gorgeous black woman and I'm A WHITE GUY? How does it make you feel that I get to come home every night and penetrate one of your black queens?

  • So Icy Boi!

    Rick Ross has 4 classics, Curtis "5.0 Cent" Jackson has 1 classic (thanks to Dr. Dre and Eminem)! Rick Ross makes better music than 50 Cent and Deeper Than Rap outsold all of 50's albums. Ross won, and he is on the top. swag

  • Anonymous

    50 made it big at the perfect moment and time. He had good timing; he worked hard, Em & Dre backed him -- in other words he had Jimmy Iovine's support and the full weight of Interscope's marketing machine backing him -- who at the time had more influence in hip hip than anyone else, and he was very fortunate that at the time that he blew, he made the kind of music niggas were fucking with at the time. It's over now, though. Niggas are into a different style of hip hop these days. Plus I don't think people really see 50 as a hip hop artist who became an entrepreneur anymore, but rather see him as a entrepreneur who makes hip hop music. It just seems that people are more impressed with his business acumen and financial success than his music. If people don't primarily associate the nigga's identity/brand with music, they ain't gonna buy the fucking records.

    • Not Impressed

      Agreed. Whenever someone says something negative about him, his stans' first responses are always things like, "but he has more money than you" or they talk about this net worth (Which btw, are all just incorrect guesses and are usually significantly lower) over his rapping and musical ablity. But it was kind of always like that with 50 Cent. When I was in high school, kids used to tell me he was the best rapper because he got shot 9 times, or because of his spinning chains, or because Eminem signed him. They thought 'In the club' and a lot of his songs were catchy, but it was the whole image that made people buy into him, not the music specifically. That's why he didn't stay on top for very long, people always liked him for everything but his music, so there was no real foundation there. Even 50 Cent himself never cared about his music. Every album he says "I took it back to Get rich or die trying" and that's exactly what he does. He makes the same album over and over again. No new flows, no new topics, same limited vocabulary. His idea of musical growth is making popier sounding songs. Which that kind of mentality he will always fail. I'm not impressed

  • nypd

    yo hhdx your dick is so far up 50's ass CMON SON

  • Not Impressed

    I don't get the point of this article. First off, why did he pick out those particular artists to compare with 50 Cent? Most of the artists listed went from a major to another major, 50 Cent is going from a major to an indie. Wouldn't it make more sense to compare other artists who went from major's to indies? Second, the transition from label to label generally isn't what lowers sales. Sales are lower because over time, people buy less records. The lower, later, sales would have been the same, no matter what label they were on. So you can't really put that on changing labels. I'm not impressed

  • anon

    But i don't think those numbers should be used. In 1995 no one pirated music like they do today. As torrenting has gotten bigger album sales have gone down.

  • Anonymous

    I see there's a bunch Ja Rule fans here still praying on 50's downfall Lol

  • deondre

    Nas numbers are impressive , but major note: these numbers arent worldwide sales , just U.S sales stats. nevertheless the God winning.

  • Karma

    Ross will win against 50 cent.

  • Peace

    i gotta cosign karma.


    Game > Buck > Banks > Ja > 50 > Ross

  • Anonymous

    This has nothing to do with switching labels... This is just showing that with every year more bum ass fans started stealing music instead of supporting!

    • anon

      But with the amount of music people are putting out do you blame people? buy 20 average albums for $15 each when you can download them for free and not waste money.

  • RealTalk

    as the dude below me says, this has little to do with being on a new label and label support. the numbers just show that downloading has increased. pretty pointless article.

  • IROC

    This only shows that bootleg grew stronger over the years record sales are way off today and this country is in a depression only show money is keeping thing afloat now the label got 360 deals they want in on that money, only a fool will sign a deal like that

  • Nas and ghost both top 5

    maybe not only built for cuban linx 2 (he on like 6 tracks) but he owned the original

  • Anonymous

    Black on Both Sides isn't platinum? Da fuck is wrong with people? Go buy it!!!

  • Nas n ghost both top 5

    Ghostface has one the best discography's in hip hop prolly the best if u include the first 2 wu tang albums and OB4CL1 AND 2 which he was all over and kilt every track but no platinum plaque smfh

  • Anonymous

    I'm like god to ur nigga

  • Anonymous

    Y'all so danm GRODT sold 10mil alone in the us.so he's not like the other guy

    • Anonymous

      not debut but you know what i mean.

    • Anonymous

      so did hammers debut. then what happened? guy is a pop gangster rapper. animal ambition wont do over 150k and his next will do less when animal ambition is still sitting on the shelves.

  • Anonymous

    niggas brag about selling their art to a company that gets all the $ plus there are 360 deals now= shows everything they get a cut from the label. 50 cent is the biggest artist ever to go independent. do you know what that means? he will get 85% of the hundred at the very least. the label will get the other 15%. he will own his masters all of his publishing, no 360 deal. then if he does meet and greets like tech 9 it will be fucking crazy for a artist of 50 cents stature. 50 was beefing with jimmy and dre for starting sms audio while they had beats. plus he know dre a bitch and 50 dont give a fuck so he always spoke his mind and kept punking them niggas. 50 and Em loyal to each other and em loyal to dre. 50 never fucked with dre scary ass like that. em wanted 50 not dre. em just a real nigga and cut dre in on the pie. 50 ate too much too fuckin fast. so he dont need their advancements and shit. they thought 50 was going to get killed! no 1 but God predicted what 50 would become!so they stalled him out. he had good songs they werent pushing him on purpose because why push an artist youre in conflict with. so they can be a hot free agent. dont be fooled by the ads and the airplay. the shit is all paid for because they get the biggest cut. if i got the biggest cut i would promote the shit to, buy a few copies so people think it's hot and they go and buy it, but i never open mines and take the shit right back. these rap niggas got good credit. they talking that dope boy shit but dope boys cash out. they dont rent lease or pay mortgages. they pay in cash and get a better deal on it cause their money real and stretches long. 50 catalog is way sicker and deeper than officer williams. and his business acumen is through the roof. ross been in the game since the 90's just like 50. ross is the biggest drug dealer ever but yet he was signed to tony draper, ted lucas, e- class, def jam universal all at fucking once. their is no way he has what he portrays. and net worth doesnt mean what you grossed. it means if you sell all your shit and people pay that price is what your worth. but why pay that price your desperate it will go down. i just wanted to respond to be funny. suckas defend suckas and shit on real niggas in the process. ross crossed 50 cause he was jealous and wants what that man has. the real life street credibilty, hustle and muscle fortune and fame. but he cant get it cause he aint got it! 5 heart beats. im out! 1

  • Anonymous

    50 rose from the ashes! if you hate on that man you was born a bitch and gone die a bitch!

  • ofay watcher

    Damn i didnt know nas had so many platinum records.

  • Anonymous

    snoop would be a good one to analyze

  • LOL

    LOL this nigga career is OVER

  • Ricky Rozay

    Curlys career was over before interscope dropped his ass. Nigga wasn't releasing shit, the label knew he wasn't gettin them no money so they dropped the nigga. Is business 101, you aint gonna money from an investment you not gon invest. And 50 dickriders can deny it all they want but 5.0 fell off faster than any rapper ever. didn't help that nigga was starting fake beefs and gettin his career ended by Rozay. curly aint sellin more than 100k no more while his enemies dropping classics and makin boss moves. Bawse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • 50 fans....

      just because people think 50 is trash they must support ross? smh... get over this C.O. shit. it's about the music. 50 aint had a good song in almost a decade.

    • Anonymous

      You lames respect a clown that just finally admitted to be a C.O. SMH! We're still looking for 50's paper work saying he snitched. Doesn't exist. Everyone who testifies is documented in public papers on the D.A.'s public website for your county. You keyboard thugs don't know this because you're not from the streets. You just front on the computer like you are. If you were you would know this. Instead you're running with what the fakest crew to ever rap (Murder Inc) made up because they knew they couldn't fuck with 50 so they had to try and destroy his character... Didn't work with the real G's because we did our research. You clowns are the new b*tches, running with lies and using it to fuel you jealousy and hate just like b*tches do.

    • Anonymous

      A bunch of irrelevant crabs in the bucket calling a multi platinum artists with millions irrelevant on the internet.... LMFAO! You hating ass crabs are hilarious! Shout out to 50. Real G's respect him. Lame ass keyboard clowns hate... LoL

    • Anonymous

      Ross did not end 50's carrier. Only clowns and frauds that listen to MC Gusto (Rick Ross) think that bullshit! FOH Clown! Streets still fuck with 50.... Show Rick Ross' album sales.... LMAO

    • RealTalk

      Ricky Rozay is 100% correct. He has been starting beefs since day one over stupid shit for attention - how he got into the game - to today, just look at that laughable shit with stout who just spoke the truth. & Why wouldn't the label have released his music since his last album years and years ago if they thought they were going to make money off it? He was done when he said he was going to make an electronic album. Since then it's been repetitive lackluster gangster mixtape after repetitive lackluster gangster mixtape. No one is more delusional that 50 fans.

    • damn

      Finally...A dude with a mind. CoSign my nigguh. 50 cent is irrelevant. All the dudes he been dissing have been selling more than his last album. ight he was hot back in the day but not now. Why the dude still talkin mad shit and hypin beefs up. Im sayin, best thing that ever happened to fif was that vitamin water. Pure luck tho nd even then that nigguh be frontin like he a smart business man. RIP Chris L

    • Billy

      Wow.. you really like correctional officers don't you

    • Anonymous

      50 kind of like tims, du rags, and fubu..shit was hot back in the last 90s/early 00's but now its just played and stale and anyone rockin it gets clowned

    • lol

      i never seen smoeone with an album ranked so high and labeled such a classic like GRODT just fall off that bad.. it was over after his wack singles on masscarre

    • Ricky Rozay

      @anonymous 1 How the fuck is what I said lies nigga? All that shit true. You aint gon find any nigga who don't know 50 fell off. Ross ended his career. Look at they careers. Ross got number 1 albums, classics and have guys like Hov and Diddy workin wit him. 5.0 spent years startin fake beefs which he lost, Kanye then Ross both destroyed his ass. Too bad you anonyous nigga docksides 5.0 so much to not see whats right in front of your face. Rozay don't need to answer to yall niggas, the billboard chart speaks for itself. Bawse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Anonymous

      Nobody believes those lies, troll.

  • vd

    i wish I can personally have a conversation with the author of this article: does this writer even consider the fact that half the albums before and after the label switch came from different eras in technology? You can't say, "oh nas went from like 6M albums sold on Columbia to barely 2M post. Guess what, two different eras. More people bought CDs back then because there was no means of illegal bootlegging/downloading. Can't use raw sales numbers as a piece of your argument, thus the argument fails and the article lacks credibility.

  • what4

    HipHopDx for 50 to be irrelevant you find a story and put his face on this site everyday. Why? because he brings traffic to your site. who cares if he sell or not he will always on your site right?

  • Anonymous

    50 Cent Street King Immortal G-Unit/Caroline/Capitol/UMG 2054 - 2 Copies (One bought by Curtis Jackson the other by the fool who replied this comment)

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