Rick Ross Says He "Never Had A Problem With" Jeezy

Rick Ross also details work with Mr. Brainwash.

Rick Ross, whose album Mastermind is available for streaming, recently spoke with Time about his longtime feud with Jeezy, which the two eventually patched up.  

"It was me and Jeezy running into each other," Ross says of what prompted their reconciliation. "It was one of those moments when his crew was on one side of the door and mine was on the other side of the door. I don’t want to disclose that location yet. I wasn’t expecting it, but when we saw each other, we clarified all the misunderstandings and miscommunications. At the end of the day, I never had a problem with him and it was vice versa. We never lost money together. Nobody ever got hurt. It was just a lot of talk. We said, 'Let’s do it for the game. The culture is bigger than us.'" 

Rick Ross Discusses Work With Mr. Brainwash

Jeezy and Ross collaborated on "War Ready," a selection off Mastermind. The album includes a cover art done by Mr. Brainwash, an artist who was featured in Banksy's Exit Through The Gift Shop film. 

"I’m a fan of art," Ross says of his work with Mr. Brainwash. "That’s one of the homies. I forgot where we met. I go over to his studio, smoke, let beats play sometimes. He has a huge studio. I let Brainwash get on the mic one night. He was on the mic for three hours, just saying different things. His whole slogan is 'Life is beautiful,' so he was saying some powerful things. I love it."

Ross says he may release the material he's recorded with Brainwash. "He wants to put it out," Ross says. "He has a vision and he has a lot of powerful quotes. The same quotes he puts in his art. He wouldn’t stop for three hours. My engineer said, 'I quit. I’m going to stop.' Brainwash is one of them dudes that has ideas."

Ross' Mastermind earned a 3/5 in its HipHopDX review

"There isn’t anything really compelling about Rick Ross’ fictional tale anymore," HipHopDX says. "It has become stale. There is no real wiggle room for his kingpin fallacy. There’s only one angle of interest left to explore: the truth. 'The truth will set you free, son. The truth will set you free,' executive producer Sean 'Diddy' Combs shouts smugly on 'Nothing,' assumedly at opposing rappers pretending to be something they’re not. How ironic. Ross could’ve used that kind of advice himself years ago. Perhaps he’ll take heed before the next mastering." 

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  • Anonymous

    Fuck the police!

  • shook ones

    LOL Ross SHook coz he know Jeezy aint bout to get played like that. Jeezy slowly loading up his ammo to explode on ross so ross bitched out coz he know jeezy rain down on him with his homies. Ross knows Jeezy a real gangsta unlike him.

  • 50 Cent

    I never had beef with Ja

  • Ja Rule

    Word my nigga Murder Inc-Unit BBF4life

  • World Dominator

    Any TRICK calling themselves after the BIGGEST FRAUD IN HIP HOP HISTORY, William 'Officer Ricky-Fake Rick Ross' Roberts is pathetic & deserves to grovel in tha 'garbage pail' that is his new 'album' aka 'more lies & acting like he's a drug boss'! Any 'fan' of this no-talent blowhard deserves to suck on his man boobs & be a groupie for those meek 'talents'on MAYCOCK Music!

  • Ricky Rozay

    Ross aint never had a problem wit none of these niggas. it was niggas get jealous seein they was losin they position in hip hop. 5.0 in 09 and Jeezy in 2011. Jeezy smartened up and realize you gotta team wit a nigga who at the top of the mountain like Ross was. 5.0 still stupid and never realized that reason why nigga can't get an album or hot song out. Ross destroyed his career. Bawse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    "nah HHDX usually gives the WORST reviews..like they have some nerdy ass white lames writing reviews they fucked up MNIMN too" One mans opinion is just one mans opinion, a middle aged white guy from Spin magazine giving a review on a street album. LOL.

    • Anonymous

      to really get a street album like this you gotta be broke in your 98 chevy with long fingernails and an xxl white t-shirt taking selfies to post on IG.

  • Anonymous

    Yo he looks like a video game villain in that picture at the top of the page with his nostrils all flared and shit, looking like smoke about to come out of his nose.

  • The Rap Bandit

    It's ironic that Rick Ross works with one of the least respected people in the art industry. Everyone should watch Exit Through The Giftshop. You would see Officer Ricky and Brainwash were perfect for each other.

  • Anonymous

    its not that serious

  • Anonymous

    Yo I just heard this boy on a song with K.R.I.T. and he said his pit bull got gold teeth!!! Thats the most ballin shit I ever heard, I and now a full blown Rawse fan.

  • Anonymous

    People who lie, lie because they are scared of the consequences of the truth. They are not used to thinking about ways to be honest about admitting uncomfortable truths. When you always lie, it becomes second nature and habitual to lie in situations where you are afraid of the consequences of being honest. This is why people don't like Ross. Nothing to do with him being real or fake.

    • Anonymous

      "you're white though. the streets fuck with him heavy." None of this you can back up. The streets don't fuck with frauds like Ross.

    • Anonymous

      if you have never told a lie then feel free to dislike all us human beings that are human and make mistakes. People like Ross because they like his music nothing to do with online perceptions of real and fake,

    • Anonymous

      you're white though. the streets fuck with him heavy.

  • kanyetothe

    Ross' Mastermind earned a 3/5 in its HipHopDX review that was made by this fuck boy/girl transgender weirdo shelley pearce.

  • Anonymous

    If it wasnt for that Trayvon lyric I would want Rozay to do better for Rap as a whole and cuz I fucked w/ Ricky even after all the BS but fuck this c00n ass nigga. The excuse for that Trayvon bar is way too much of a reach and any respectable Emcee woulda deaded that bar asap. Whether he wanted controversy and felt like he could get alittle for album sells with that wack ass bar or he actually thought it was dope, Im officially done with this nigga.

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