Added details in the trial of James “Jimmy Henchman” Rosemond are beginning to emerge this week following witness testimonials from three of Henchman’s former associates. According to, the three witnesses, Khalil Abdullah, Brian McCleod, and Mohammed Stewart, informed those at the trial that Henchman ordered them to commit violent acts against Queens rapper 50 Cent and others in G-Unit.

The Czar Entertainment CEO and former manager of Game is currently on trial for his role in the murder of G-Unit associate, Lowell “Lodi Mack” Fletcher. Prosecutors believe that Fletcher’s death was the result of a murder-for-hire plot Henchman coordinated.

Fletcher was murdered in 2009 in Bronx, New York shortly after he served two years in prison due to an assault and drug charge. The assault charge reportedly stemmed from an incident involving Fletcher, G-Unit rapper Tony Yayo, and Henchman’s son.

During Henchman’s trial, his former associate Khalil Abdullah, stated that following the incident involving Henchman’s son, the currently incarcerated CEO hired gunmen to shoot at Tony Yayo’s Bentley and also admitted to orchestrating a hit on Fletcher.

Another witness, Brian McCleod, informed the jury that he was offered $30,000 by Henchman, who McCleod says expressed interest in killing Fletcher himself, to ambush Fletcher. Along with Rodney Johnson, McCleod was convicted in the shooting of Fletcher in 2011.

In Henchman’s defense, his lawyer Bruce J. Maffeo pointed out that all three witnesses have something to gain, specifically reduced sentences, due to their testimonials.

Henchman is currently serving life in prison on narcotics conspiracy and other charges.

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