Papoose "Cigar Society" Release Date, Cover Art, Tracklist, Download & Mixtape Stream

Papoose's "Cigar Society" mixtape features Loaded Lux, Raekwon and Cassidy, among others.

Papoose released his Cigar Society mixtape today (March 5). The 9-cut mixtape features tracks with Loaded Lux, Raekwon and Cassidy, among others. 

The project features production from Gun Productions, Havoc and DJ Premier.

Last month, Papoose announced that Remy Ma would be home in July from a six-year jail sentence.

Cigar Society is available for download at

The Cigar Society cover art, tracklist, and mixtape stream are as follows: 

01. “Likewise” f. Loaded Lux (Produced by Gun Productions) 

02. “John F Kennedy” f. Cassidy (Produced by Havoc) 

03. “Prisoner” f. Prodigy (Produced by Gun Productions)

04. “True Believers” f. Raekwon (Produced by Gun Productions)

05. “Stay” (Produced by O-Dogg, Gun Productions)

06. “Mr Pitiful” (Produced by DJ Nu) 

07. “We Don’t Play Around” f. Da Da Stone, Manson, T Mac, Kino, C Brown, Reek Da Don, Splash Villain, Ty Dig

08. “Bars” (Produced by DJ Premier)

09. (Bonus) “The Tunnel” Onyx f. Papoose, Cormega 

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  • Mike D

    This should have been an Album not a mixtape.

  • RDCj

    Hot shit! Pap is back!!

  • South Side

    I was thinkin Pap had fell off cause Nacerima Dream was not that good but that nigga is dope the rhymes he be spitting on here and the hoody season mixtapes were crack

    • South Side

      true should of had the album out when he really buzzin around that time he had the Five fingers of death verse he had on that busta touch it remix

    • Anonymous

      Papoose has been killing it for a decade, but Nacirema Dream was indeed a mediocre product. And I haven't had that high standards to begin with, although originally it supposed to be a masterpiece. What we finally got after all those years of delay was a cost-efficient compilation where he even included already released songs (I have "Die Like a G" since 09): truly sad and disappointing. The moral of the story remains the same: being a punchline kings doesn't mean you can write a song, not even talking about building a whole album around a concept. And last but not least, being hard-headed and slightly adaptive to the industry's climate makes you lose a hell lot of dollars. Even if later you can earn the little fraction of that back by going independent.

  • conducta

    His best work yet. Papoose is killin shit right now!

    • Anonymous

      You must be joking, right? Listen to his whole mixtape discography before stating such, Papoose was in his prime between 2k4-2k6 thus he has a lot of better material than this one. Not saying this isn't dope, but his best work? No way, man.

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