Bishop Nehru & MF DOOM Describe Working Together On "NehruvianDOOM"

Bishop Nehru and MF DOOM say nothing really compares to their upcoming collaborative project, "NehruvianDOOM."

In anticipation of Rockland County, New York native Bishop Nehru's first collaborative album with underground rap legend MF DOOM, XXL recently sat down with the two as they discussed how the project will sound and how they met.

When speaking about the album, Nehru confirmed a few details about it and also said it's incomparable to anything currently out.

"It's called Nehruvian Doom, it's going to be about seven songs." Bishop Nehru said when describing the album. "There's no way to really explain it. It's just kind of its own little feel, it's own little sound. I don't think anything really compares to it."

MF DOOM says the project, which is near completion according to a recent press release, is organic, similar to how the two originally met.

"As like a compilation of sounds, all of them hold they own weight but as one whole thing, a piece, it's going to be a very informative piece. It's going to be that joint... To me, everything happened organically and it's still going organically, so it's hard to explain it as it's happening. It just is what it is."

Bishop Nehru also announced an upcoming European tour. Aside from his first stop in Austin, Texas for SXSW, Nehru will be overseas for much of March making stops in Norway, France, Belgium and five in the United Kingdom, two of which alongside Odd Future member Earl Sweatshirt.

The tour itinerary is as follows:

March 13 - Austin, Texas - SXSW

March 19 - Oslo, Norway - Bla

March 20 - Paris, France - Maroquinerie

March 21 - Brussels, Belgium - VK Club

March 23 - London, UK (with Earl Sweatshirt) - Brixton Electric

March 24 - London, UK - Birthdays

March 25 - Manchester, UK (with Earl Sweatshirt) - Manchester Academy

March 28 - Brighton, UK - Audio

March 29 - London, UK - Ace Hotel

Watch the full XXL segment with Bishop Nehru and MF DOOM below:

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  • Anonymous

    any word on a release date for this project? should be dope

  • Flocutier

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  • Anonymous

    these the beats he was giving to ghostface! guess that aint gonna happen

  • ergeg

    seems like all these new artists like Bishop, Bada$$ and the OF niggas came up listening to DOOM.. Good shit Still waiting on that DOOMSTARKS joint though. Madvillainy 2 also

    • Tex6

      like that anonymous dude said... could be worse, Doom is a legend and his productions are dope 2...i feel liek we bout to go to a new golden age but it'll be followed up by another dark age

    • Anonymous

      could be worse, i aint checking for anyone who came up listening to tyga, wayne and rick ross.

  • Anonymous

    wait this dude bites joey badass an artist who idolizes DOOM and he gets to collab with DOOM.

  • Anonymous

    dude should collab with Joey Bad


      How can you say hes biting Joey's sound. I respect both artists and listen to both of them, but how can you claim hes biting. Just because hes another young kid who is influnced by the 90's hes biting? They both are diffrent if you can see that you need to do your homework and listen. Apart from him biting Joey, DOOM did a collab with Joey. He produced Amythest Rockstar. DOOM see something in Bishop he didnt in Joey and thats why hes working with him.

  • Anonymous

    this dude better than joey badass

  • Anonymous

    Fuck Denmark, huh?

  • DrebinSlevin

    So instead of working on Swift and Changable with Ghostface or Madivillainy 2 with Madlib, DOOM chooses to do work with some kid who made 1 half decent mixtape? DOOM is kinda slipping lately.


      Mablibs been busy working with Freddie Gibbs. Madlib has also stated that he bounces from project to project. He works on what hes feeling. I dont know why everyone is so critical, this album hasnt even dropped and everyones mad. Wait for it to drop. Bishop clearly has talent, and DOOM knows what hes doing.

    • Anonymous

      ^^^drebin is obviously a white fanboy^^^ get off his dick, when it comes, it comes, if not, shut the f up and go listen to your kdot records

    • Anonymous

      maybe ghost or madlib dont wanna do it or got other stuff on the go

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