Dame Dash Credits Jay Z For Helping Him Look Cool In Front Of His Daughter

Dame Dash says he'll only work with game changers who are capable of making history.

As a result of the fallout between Dame Dash and Jay Z, the relationship between the two Roc-A-Fella Records co-founders appeared null up until last year when the pair was pictured together at a birthday party held for a mutual friend.

In addition to the birthday party, Dame, along with his daughter Ava Dash, was also one of a number of celebrities present at Jay Z’s Magna Carta World Tour stop in Los Angeles last December. During the show, Jay shouted out Dame’s daughter, and according to Dame, it was a moment that solidified the reason why he chose to partner with the Brooklyn rapper.

“When Jay gave my daughter a shout out, that was all that I ever was in business with Jay for,” Dame Dash said while speaking with Revolt TV. “You know what I’m saying? Like that was it…That was the thing. That my daughter got to get the shout out from the biggest rap star on the planet and go to school with that. You know what I’m saying? And that she was able to be treated with that much respect. And watch her father have so much fun around people that affect pop culture every day. That her friends in school know that I had a part of that. So, that’s all I really wanna do is look cool in front of my children, to be honest. That’s it. I don’t care about what anybody thinks, but them.”

Prior to speaking on Jay Z’s shout out to his daughter, Dame spoke on his work ethic and his desire to only work with artists who are capable of being game changers.

“That goes without saying if I’m getting with you is that you gonna be a game changer,” he said. “Like I don't really just get with you if I don’t think that you’re not gonna change history. What’s the purpose of doing it? That’s not the game I’m playing. It’s not my business model. Like I’m not trying to get a record deal and I’m not trying to sell records. I’m trying to make history. And as much of it as I can in a world where usually the management or the [administrators] are usually robbing the artist and the artist ends up broke. And the management ends up rich. It seems to be the other way around. So, that must mean I must be really honest or something…So, I take pride in not only what I’ve done, but the way I’ve done it. And also the results.”

While Dame has occasionally touched on his relationship with Jay Z following their fallout, Jay offered a rare peek into his thoughts on Dame during an interview with Hot 97 last July. The Roc Nation founder revealed that he still has love for Dame regardless of what happened in the past.

"What we built, you can't take that away," Jay said. "No matter what, no time or space. No matter how many years I ain't seen him, the love is still there because what we've done will forever be stamped in history. We created something that's going to go down forever. I can only have love for Damon."

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  • Anonymous

    When did Dame Dash start looking like Too Short?

  • Y!KES!

    I pray for the day this generation realizes that titter thuggin, pocket watching and general assumption about other peoples business, is the equivalent to being a HATER, MAD...and all the other catch phrases yall live by! no matter how many jokes you can whip up for your 30 sec of recognition in the comment section, dame dash is still living his dream and is doing quite well for himself. YOU ultimately play the fool in the equation...and U O E N O it...D!CK!

  • IROC

    This is getting really old seeing Dame still trying to ride this dude di%k its over Dame, hard to feel sorry for a guy who blew 30 million dollars, stole from other artist just ask Beenie about that ,Now talking bout you only want to work with game changers really if any artist is smart they should stay away from you period, Jay Z drop the Roc and took only Kanye with him brought you out and left you out ! Time to let it go Dame you looking old and washed up !

    • ^ he mad at the world!

      god damn if its over then keep your opinion to yourself! you sideline lookin pocket watching lame ass roc a fella dick rider turned hater! niggas like you make me sick! nothing about dame dash says "im broke" but thats all you cliche niggas keep saying everytime you see him! if he so washed up... dont comment! clown!

  • DeAndre, the DreamerBoy

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  • eat my dick

    JayZ (MOST OVERATTED MC EVER) and Dame Dash are wack (ROCAFELLA) (COCKAFELLA) more like -never liked there sound or roster all there artists were garbage including Beanie - i would fuck Stacy Dash in relation to this article - only rap crews i followed was Ruff Ryders and Death Row - Nas Ethered Jigga

    • Dore1991

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  • Dame Dash

    I love Jay's cock in my mouth.

  • Anonymous

    dame isnt fucked up. jay may have 500 mil but damn has a few mil. not 500. maybe not 100. but he's broke if you wanna go rapper standards.

  • Anonymous

    this gotta suck when the nigga u came in the game with is worth half a billie, while reports claim you're not worth a milli. damn homie...

    • HUH

      The only thing worst than that is being a nigga with no money talking about other people's money on the internet

  • Anonymous

    All these socalled Jay z fans jumping on websites with their keyboards dissin Dame Dash calling him too broke to give business advice, or any kind of advice? you must crazy. I couldn't think of many a individual qualified enough to tell about the ups and downs of the industry or the do's and don'ts, after all the man has truly lived it to the fullest and help put Jay in a position of success where he's been able to solidify himself as a pop icon. So if rap hasn't helped you to be able to relate some what to the struggle then why listen.

  • Nights like this I wish rain drops lol

    Dame looking like ole Eddie King Jr........dang

  • Anonymous

    makes me sick jays worth damn near 500 mill and wont help dame who helped jay get on I know dame fucked up but help the dude who was with you before you were rich give him a spot back at roca wear or something

    • pleeeease

      I BET...if any other artist would come out talkin like you... you would preach the "nobody owes you anything" garbage...foh...dame is doing alot better than what you want to believe, or what the headlines tell you!

  • Anonymous

    well i think jay sold roca wear but c mon son help your man

    • Anonymous

      Is Jay supposed to tie Dame's shoes, and wipe his nose for him? It's his responsibility to get his life together.

  • Anonymous

    as dumb as it sounds, i feel where he's coming from. there's not much more admiration u can get than that.

  • Anonymous

    ...other than being the rapper themselves, but then their kids prollly just take it for granted

  • hollywood

    thats peace man that feeling right there must of been priceless

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