Styles P Announces "Phantom And The Ghost" Album

Styles P says his "Phantom And The Ghost" album is set to be released in April.

Styles P announced today (February 28) that he is releasing a new album, Phantom And The Ghost, due April 29.

"Phantom and the ghost !! New album 4/29," Styles P said in a Twitter post today. 

The album is set to follow Lox's The Trinity project that was released in December 2013. HipHopDX gave the EP a 3 out of 5 rating in its review of the album

"The EP as a whole also lacks the inter-verse group dynamic," HipHopDX said at the time. "For instance, the classic Noreaga track 'Banned From TV' features Jadakiss and Styles P finishing each other’s lines with intersecting verses. Displays of chemistry like that are nowhere to be found on The Trinity. Instead, it’s just basic verse-for-verse rhyming. The LOX have proven that they can make good music in any decade, but on this EP their attempts to mold their sound into a more contemporary one, while still staying true to themselves, are noticeable."

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  • Anonymous

    I can't wait for this

  • ddddddddddddblock

    real ghostly SP is too real

  • DeAndre, the DreamerBoy

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  • Anonymous

    the ghost is deeper than most gotta know this. IRELAND

    • belfast

      he can crack the ground n make the clouds come down

    • Dore1991

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  • Anonymous


    and you are MADDD late too...he tweeted that days ago and still this lame excuse for an article is all you could muster? hahahahaha


    Whoever wrote this article needs to find a new profession, horribly written, zero substance...a 12 year old hood rat could of wrote a better article than this

  • ny daily

    sound bout rite coz no 1 gonna see or hear it

  • Anonymous

    I swear he already dropped something called "Phantom and the Ghost" or maybe I'm thinking of Phantom Ghost Menace or The Phantom Menace. who knows, most of his tapes contain the words phantom, ghost or both in the titles.

    • Deeper than most

      yea hes had mixtapes called The Phantom and Ghost in a shell and ghost in the machine n phantom ghost menace all types of shit. I'll spend my money on this and if they ever come out jada and the lox album

    • Anonymous

      he dropped Green Ghost project with dj green lantern in 2010

  • Anonymous

    Looking forward to SP! Always dropping dope tracks. But... im waiting for that LOX project!

  • Holiday Styles SP or whatever you choose a pund of weed 4 guns and a litre of booze

    Ghost stay putting out dope shit and I fucks with him heavy but where that LOX album at? and has Jadakiss Top 5 Dead Or Alive album been shelved nigga gets mad love and has a crazy buzz just from his verses on other peoples track over on worldstar def jam are fuckin clowns

  • Mastermind Best Album

    where is tha carter 5 by weezy?

  • Anonymous


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