T-Pain Explains Why YMCMB Didn't Sign Him

T-Pain speaks on bout with depression, says at one point he would drink until he blacked out every night.

Following the release of a video featuring Gabriel “The Jeweler” Jacobs being interviewed by Vlad TV in 2010 while showing off a Nappy Boy/Young Money piece made for T-Pain, a deal between the Tallahassee, Florida producer and the Lil Wayne-led Young Money seemed imminent.

Ultimately, a deal between T-Pain and Young Money Cash Money never came to fruition, and according to the Nappy Boy Entertainment founder, he was told that it was because Baby, Lil Wayne, and Slim believed he would have been a liability.

T-Pain spoke in-depth about his failed deal with Baby and Slim during a recent interview with Vlad TV. While speaking on the deal, Pain says his management told him that Baby, Wayne, and Slim considered him a liability because of his drinking and his desire to speak the truth.

“Well, I actually was supposed to join Young Money…I went and got the chain made because it seemed like it was really a real thing that was gonna happen,” he said. “And it really was. I mean, it really was a thing. But I went to Baby—Baby and Slim talked to me every fuckin day. Every fuckin day Baby and Slim talked to me in the studio. They was like ‘Yo, so how we gon’ make this happen? Let’s make this happen. Let’s do this. What you need? Let’s get this. This is what we do. This is how we treat our artists. This is how we do everything. Blah blah.’ So I’m like ‘Yeah, I’m with it.’ And then my management came to me and they said ‘Basically, Baby, Wayne, and Slim got together. They talked and they don’t wanna sign you because you’re like a liability and you drink too much. Sometimes you make a fool of yourself. Sometimes you tell the truth about things that shouldn’t be told.’ I’m like ‘Who the—It’s a million niggas that say they real niggas. If you real niggas that mean you tell the truth about everything, right? I mean, you don’t hide nothing. I thought we was all real niggas.’”

A year after being told that he was a liability, T-Pain revealed that he had the opportunity to speak with both Baby and Slim. He says both the Cash Money founders denied saying that he was liability and instead stated that T-Pain’s management was the reason why they didn’t sign the producer.

“I see Baby and Slim again,” T-Pain said. “And you know I see them like ‘Dude, like did y’all really think that? Did y’all really think that I was a liability? Do I really drink too much because you know at some point, no disrespect, and I understand if you take this as disrespect, but Wayne was a little worse than me. Like as far as drinking and drugs and shit like that. Come on guys, really? Do I drink too much and y’all don’t do nothing too much?’ I was just kinda like saying how they felt. And they was basically like ‘Yeah, we didn’t really—we didn’t say that. We didn’t say any of that.’ So I’m like ‘So, what? So, why can’t I sign to Young Money or Cash Money?’ And they was like ‘We don’t like your managers.’ I was like ‘What?’ They was like ‘We don’t fuck with your management.’”

In regards to the T-Wayne album, a joint project between T-Pain and Lil Wayne, T-Pain says the duo were able to complete 12 tracks, but did not state if the album would ever see a release. According to the producer, Lil Wayne being sentenced to time in and jail and his own bout with depression ultimately put the T-Wayne album on hold.

“The T-Wayne album we actually got like 12 tracks in that album right now,” he said. “We didn’t want to just say ‘Here’s 12 tracks everybody.’ We wanted to make like 30 tracks and say that we had an actual album, but in the middle of making it Wayne went to jail, for one. When Wayne got out of jail that’s when all the shit started happening when I was supposed to get on Young Money and all that shit there. So, we would have been in a different situation. But the shit kinda came to a halt because it was just like ‘Alright, this too much’…Not only was it just like real confusing, but that’s also when I started really taking a break from this shit because I was going crazy and I started drinking. I started really fuckin drinking too much because I was depressed and I was like ‘Fuck, Wayne in jail.’ It started getting real crazy for me.”

During an interview with Rap-Up.com in 2011, T-Pain informed fans that Lil Wayne was likely “over the whole idea” of the T-Wayne album following his stint in jail.

“Things happen and I’m pretty sure he’s over the whole idea now,” the producer said. “I don’t even be bringing it up to him no more. I’m pretty sure he’s way past that right now. He’s doing big things.”


  • Anonymous

    In other words, "you should'nt have run your autotune mouth against Hov.

  • Anonymous

    lol t-pain probably doesnt realize ymcmb signed chanel "west coast" from fantasy factory rather than him.

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  • li wong

    And T-Pain explains why he did not sign YMCMB And T-Pain talk bout with depression , said at one point , he would drink until he passed out every night. The following video featuring Gabriel released " jeweler " Jacob and the boys show off diapers / Young Money leader for sheet transactions between T-Pain, Tallahassee , Florida, and so producers and Lil Wayne those interviewed in 2010, the young Vlad TV money seems imminent. Ultimately, the deal between T-Pain and young money cash money and did not able to achieve , and in accordance with Nappy Boy Entertainment founder , he was told that it was because of the baby , Lil Wayne and Slim believe he would be a liability . And T-Pain in depth about his treatment failure in infants and Slim in a recent interview with Vlad TV. Commenting on the deal , the pain that his management told him , baby, Wayne and Slim think because he was drinking , and his desire to tell the truth in his debt. " Ah , actually I was supposed to participate in the Young Money ... I went to do it, because it looks like a genuine real thing , which is the chain will happen ," he said. " It really is I mean , it really is a thing but I'm the baby ... - Baby and Slim fuck with me every day, every day fucking talk to me Baby and Slim studio they is like " Yo, so how do we go to do this ? Let's do it. Let's do it. What do you need ? Let it. This is what we do . This is how we treat our artists . This is what we have done . Etc., etc., " so I'm like , 'Yes, I use it . ' Then I managed to come to me , they said: " Basically , baby, Wayne and Slim together. They talk , they do not want to sign you because you are like a responsibility, you drink too much. Sometimes you make a fool of yourself . Sometimes you say things that should not be telling the truth to me. "I really like " Who 's - it's a million niggas say they real niggas . If you mean your real niggas honest thing , right ? I mean, you do not have anything to hide . I thought we were all real niggas . " Was told that he was a year after the debt with T-Pain revealed that he had the opportunity to speak both babies and Slim . He said that both the founders of Cash Money denied that he was responsible, it said , with T-Pain management is the reason why there is no sign of their producers . "I saw the baby and Slim again , " said the T-Pain. "You know I see them like, ' Dude , you really did not seem to think ? Did you really think I'm a liability ? Am I really drunk, because you know at some point, no disrespect , if you do not respect me understand this , but Wayne is worse than me some . likes to drink, drugs and dog feces same. come on guys , really? I drink too much, you do not do too much ? "I'm just a bit like saying that they feel. They are basically like , 'Yes, we did not really , we did not say that. We did not say anything . "So I'm like ," So what ? So why I can not log on to the money or cash money for young people ? " They were like , 'We do not like your manager ." I was like , "What ? " They were like ,' We do not fuck with your management . ' " In the album -related T- Wayne , T-Pain and joint projects between and Lil Wayne , and T-Pain said the two men to complete the 12 tracks, but did not say if the album would have seen a version. According to the producer , Lil Wayne was sentenced to jail time and his own bout with depression , eventually shelved the T- Wayne album . "T -type Wayne album , we actually got like 12 tracks on the album right now, " he said. "We do not want to just say, ' Here's 12 tracks everyone ." We want to make like 30 tracks and say that we have an actual album , but in the intermediate Wayne jail, a . When Wayne was released from prison this time all the shit began to happen , I should get the money and all the young dog feces there. So, we would have been in a different situation. But dog feces kinda came to a halt , because it's like , 'Okay , this is too ' ...... This is not just like a real mess , but this is when I started to really take a break from this dog feces , because I going crazy, I started drinking. I started really fucking drink too much , because I'm frustrated , I'm like ' fuck , Wayne in prison . "It's starting to get really mad at me ." In an interview with the rap Up.com in 2011 , with the T-Pain, Lil Wayne fans notice his stint likely T- Wayne album "The whole concept of the " in prison. "Things happen, I 'm sure he was the whole idea , " the producer said. " I did not take it no more to him , I 'm sure he is now way past his big things ."

  • fg

    who likes this guy besides girls?

  • Anonymous

    "...thats also when I started really taking a break from this shit because I was going crazy and I started drinking. I started really fuckin drinking too much because I was depressed and I was like Fuck, Wayne in jail. It started getting real crazy for me. So you temporarily stopped making music bc u admit YOU DRANK TOO FUCKIN MUCH. Yeah nigga!!!!! That's the definition of a liability. Wayne drank too much....but not too much to stop making "music" (use that term loosely).

  • Anonymous

    Not to say it is right or wrong but Cash Money will only sign you if you got a hit or about to drop a hit to Cash in on that album that the hit is on only to drop you like a hooker that's used up. Unless you a loyal hoe that ain't that hot but you considered family, they will drop you if you ain't working the strip like Drake or Nikki. Pimp mentality. And really ain't Baby, its Slim that make these gansta-pimp decisions. Behind the scenes pimp for real. I know they brothers but Slim pimping Baby. And on the whole Cash Money Records, Wayne they bottom hoe no matter how much he drink or smoke! Retire my ass. You retire when you fall off. Maybe Wayne trying fall off on purpose so he can quit cuz he tired and they working/pimping the life out of him!! This rap game was the new pimp game for Baby and Slim. It may be sad but "it is what it is".

  • Anonymous

    But check this out, through it all, T-Pain kept making music, putting out mixtapes trying to rep Young Money Cash Money and they didn't sign him. Baby coming by the studio to check up on him to see if he was recording a hit and felt like he didn't so they didn't sign him. So Pain move on and work with some real niggas like Grand Hustle and B.O.B. Now you got a hit on the radio again with this UP/DOWN joint, watch Cash Money try to "buy" him back!!! Don't do it Pain. Fuck with T.I. he will give you a honest deal

  • Anonymous

    T-Pain is a naturally talented artist and quick witted dude with a sharp mind that has a stripper addiction (like most southern hiphop artists). When he hit hard times of real life and trying to maintain status of a hitmaker/celebrity he started hitting the bottle a little more than the average rapper. This sent him into further depression after not making a hit (due to the public being auto-tuned out becuz everyone was using autotune from Kayne to Diddy to Wayne; even no name artists making a name for themselves). The excessive drinking took a physical toll on him, with even more depression after not being backed by industry homies he considered his niggaz not signing him becuz he didn't provide a hit. They then segwayed the whole situation by Wayne going to jail, so they didn't sign him.

  • tanton

    wow, DOA, Jigga fucked him up, lol

  • Anonymous

    lol....Royce Won.."I remember when T Pain aint wanna work with me" ....now look at u

  • waldemar daminsky

    "If you real niggas that mean you tell the truth about everything, right? I mean, you dont hide nothing. I thought we was all real niggas. That was T-lame's first mistake-thinkin they was sum real niggas over there. Whole label is weak as shit

  • Anonymous

    Most of yall hating on Wayne havent even listened to an entire album. He dropped two classics, Tha Carter II and III, I bet yall NEVER heard the entire projects, maybe just one single that you judged his entire career on. Check out Tha Block Is Hot and 500 Degreez too

    • LOL

      LOLLLL Actually everyone "hating" on lil wayne as you say are actually fans that are just pissed off because his music has gone to trash!!! GTFOH Ive listened to every single wayne album and he had absolute bangers back in the day, but man his subject matter has gotten so repetitive this day in age! we want the old wayne back so get the fuck outt here ya kook and go bump IANAHB2

  • Anonymous

    fuck this non talented auto tune bastard. no like ur bullshit music anymore

  • fuck t-pain

    find better shit to write about. fuck this auto tune faggot. ymcmb is already wack beyond imagination. fuck this piece of shit.

  • Anonymous

    T-Pain's looking like a bum now.

  • jg

    Is this guy just doing rounds on a "washed up singer" tour?

  • tdub2222

    this is old news for sure lol cmon dx!

  • Anonymous

    Half sober man LMAO

  • Jabriel Gacobs

    So, basically, this nigga is subtly beasting on Young Money, right?

  • Anonymous

    Why would you go buy a chain when the deal hadn't been made yet? lol Then top it off by telling the guys who can sign you that their top artist has a worse drug problem. Not to smart T Pain.

  • twizzy

    Akon blocked that shit. They was giving him the curve...and he was hot as fish grease in 05, so it would have been a no brainer to snatch him up. But Akon got that OG respect amongst CEO's.

  • There is a god

    Thank god well never have to put our ears through to listening to that T-Wayne crap. At least some good came out of his depression and wayne going to jail.

  • Anonymous

    sounds like his management was giving him all sorts of their own reasons

  • OUCH!

    Again the same article?

  • chris

    they weren't tryna cut a check. the managers tried to get a good deal from cash money? never.

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