Carmen Bryan Says Nas Owes More Than $11,000 In Back Child Support

Carmen Bryan says Nas has refused to pay college tuition and medical expenses for their 19-year-old daughter, Destiny.

Nas' daughter's mother, Carmen Bryan, has filed legal documents against the rapper, claiming that he owes more than $11,000 in back child support, according to TMZ

In the documents, Bryan refers to Nas as a "repeat criminal non supporter." Bryan also says that Nas has intentionally refused to pay college tuition and medical expenses for their daughter Destiny, who is 19 years old. 

Bryan wants Nas cited for contempt, the report says. 

Nas has rapped about his daughter Destiny on various songs. In 2012, for example, Nas rapped about watching her grow up. "They grow fast," Nas raps on "Daughters" off Life Is Good. "One day she's your little princess / Next day she talking boy business, what is this?" On the song, Nas also references his daughter's dating habits and her social networking practices after Destiny "planted a box of condoms on her dresser, then she Instagrammed it." 

Carmen has also been referenced on songs by Nas and songs about Nas. In the early 2000s, Bryan was brought up during Nas' feud with Jay Z. Jay insinuated that he and NBA player Allen Iverson had sexual relations with Bryan on "Supa Ugly," a diss track aimed at Nas. 

In 2006, Bryan released It's No Secret, a book about her life. In the book, Bryan discussed her affair with Jay Z and how it impacted her relationship with Nas.

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  • streets

    talk about making a babe with a wrong bitch,,she just wants to push some shit over Nas fresh look,stress free shit,,she broke

  • Carmen Bryan Ain't Shyt

    lol, the kid is already an adult, and this broke ass bitch still wants child support? lmao

  • DeAndre, the DreamerBoy

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  • Youdon'tknowme

    Remember, it is called "child" support and apparently she grown! Yeah I know these stupid ass man made laws but they are flawed. If you old enuf to go in the military then you grown. On top of that, if she posting boxes of condoms on Instagram, she is engaging in sex. Its great she practice safe sex but at the same time what if she get pregnant? He suppose to pay child support for her and she got a child too?!! Damn! Its hard out here, Grandparents paying childsupport!

  • Youdon'tknowme

    18 years of money and financial support is enough! Whether he a celebrity or not, she is grown and need to get a loan for college and pay it back when she get a degree and career like every other student in college! Damn, its called responsibility people! She keep being spoiled like that and she gonna end up like her mom, depending on men to finance her life. This leads to women sleeping/messing around from rapper to rapper or ballplayer!

  • RealTalk

    How about you give some of the money from your book deal to nas that you wouldn't have been able to do without name dropping him and fucking jay behind his back. Whore. The world needs a changing.

  • LMAO

    This bitch need a job!!! Stop harassing that man...i guess she's seeing NAS sucess with all his business ventures and Hennesy commercial she want some money now..Dam NAS, i hope the next chick you deal with don't be greedy like this dumb ass hoe and Kelis bird looking ass!!

  • Cosign

    I feel you son. Nas is definetely gay to the fullest.

  • nasqueerstillafaggot

    Not hard to believe this big head fag nasqueer jones wont pay college tuition for his daughter. Always knew he was a creep. Look how he never answered none of the producers from illmatic's calls and ran to for it was written so he can move units. Pay tuition for your daughter homo.Funny how his stans will still side with him no matter what foul shit he does.

    • Anonymous

      primo and LES were on it was written and iam. large pro was on stillmatic and a host of other rappers, cormega ass nigga

    • Big C

      Get NAS dick out your mouth homeboy...u dont got shit to do with how he living...What he's your daddy?? He owes your mom child support too?? Bitter ass nigga!!! HA HA

  • Anonymous

    nas ur baby mons a slut. fact

  • Anonymous

    wait when Nas launches his sneaker store, you crawl out of ur hole to talk shit. get a job, u karrine stefans ass bitch

  • Irving

    Niggas name is Sam SNEAD hahahahhaha

  • Anonymous

    His daughter is 19 the money stops get a job bitch !

  • son of a sax

    Season change, people change. With that being said, lets not forget Nas and Carmen was young when they first got together. And if you do the math, it was 1995 when Destiny was conceived. Things fall apart. Emotions get bruise, people get hurt and 9 times out of 1o. Someone wants to revenge. This is nuthin new. Im sure all of us on hear have a child with sum one. And went thru or is going thru the EXACT SAME THING!!! Its just that Nas is famous. So we know his business. This is nuthin new. Cmon fellas, we've seen the end of this movie. It aint that Nas has bad taste in women. Like the rest of us, he didnt see this coming when things started out. To quote the 80's sone again...SEASONS CHANGE, PEOPLE CHANGE

  • The realness

    Nasqueer jones losing again. You dont see hov having these type of dumb problems.

  • Anonymous

    How do you pay child support for a legal adult? College isnt guaranteed either. The mother should have invested money towards her childs future.

    • Ace Boon

      Nas' baby mama got a sense of entitlement. "he got all that money, he can kick in". Why? he fulfilled his obligation once she turned 18. To support her now would be enabling and make her a weak woman like her mother is.

    • Anonymous

      Nas was the father and the clear bread winner. Pay up without being ordered to.

    • Anonymous

      if you're well off the least you can do is help your first born, your daughter out with some money for school to expand her mind and shit.

  • Anonymous

    ... Nas is a moron.

  • Sam Snead

    Nas has piss poor taste in women

  • w h o k n o w s

    fuck this chick... but not literally... she might try to getchu

  • detroiter

    y'all some bitches for even covering this thirst ass hoe 11 gs aint shit to nas

  • Anonymous

    she needs money for them condoms

  • John

    She's been collecting money off him for so many years. She doesn't need shit. Pay it yourself cunt.

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  • Anonymous

    im pretty sure child support goes until 21 if they are attending post secondary education, it may differ by state though

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  • Anonymous

    She's 19 years old, there is no "Child Support". What's the lesson people?

    • Anonymous

      if hes gonna exploit her and makes songs about her least he could do is drop some money for her to get an education, or he could blow it on strippers and gold.

  • Anonymous

    If it was just College tuition then I could kind of understand but this bitch want 11 thousand when her daughter is already a year past 18!!! gold digger bitch why didn't you save up some of your money to pay for half your child's tuition. Bitch wrote a smutty gossip book about Nas dick game and can't take the proceeds from the book to pay her daughters medical expenses?!

  • Anonymus

    She's the reason why Nas and Pete Rock never worked again, opportunistic scandalous hoe.

  • Anonymous

    Nas can't stop loosing

  • Anonymous

    She needs to hook up with Rick Ross. Forget this broke ass nigga with his elevator flow.

  • lol

    I don't feel bad for the suckers celebs who get sucked out of their money buy wifing and impregnating known smut bags.. you fuck them not date and wife them up. and when u do (cough kanye west) then don't complain in nas case not only did he wife and fuck 1 smut, he did it twice lmao..suckerrr

    • Anonymous

      Co-sign the scond cat, the fiest motherfucker is no different from all these other motherfuckers yapping about a man's business as if they are in his drawers or some shit...jealous fucks, get a fucking life. Y'all motherfuckers wearing these skinny jeans too tight, that is why y'all act like chicks, no balls and shit with that fag 'turn up' shit.

    • hollywood

      I just feel sorry for you when we find out all the dumb ish you did 20 years ago so we can hit you with a few internet stones..... What you perfect or something???? Its easy to talk when you have a alias

  • R.Pgh

    First, the 'kid' is 19. She's no longer a child, therefore does not require child support. Second, wasn't this bitch getting 10's of thousands of dollars per month for several years? Didn't you think to invest some of that money into your kids college fund? Third, what a gold digging bitch. Mad the money train is over.

  • Ink

    I have heard of some states that require child support to be paid if the child is enrolled in college immediately after highschool regardless of the child being over 18.

  • eat a dick!

    You don't get "child support" for 19 year olds, you bitter, goldigging, ugly, hood rat. This weird bitch is so bitter and sad Nas left her she'll make up any bullshit to try and hurt his image. If you check the daughters twitter she's constantly posting pics and texts with Nas, so this shit is clearly a bunch of nonsense. I hate angry black woman, go listen to mary j blidge and cry in your room you fucking hoe.

  • Mr. Ceeee

    Why don't she get that money from Jay? Or better yet, get knocked up by Antonio Cromartie?

  • Irving

    Bitch still crying about child support??? Wit her broke ass, also destiny is 19 I don't remember pops covering child support when I turned 18

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