Stat Quo: Jimmy Iovine Named "Detox" Recording Team "Greatest Practice Team Of All Time"

Exclusive: Stat Quo details his experiences working with Dr. Dre on "Detox." He also says that TDE CEO, Top Dawg was instrumental in repairing his relationship with Dr. Dre.

Stat Quo recently detailed his experiences working on Detox with Dr. Dre. In an exclusive conversation with HipHopDX, the former Shady/Aftermath artist says that he became frustrated with making songs that would never be released.

“I just felt like Detox was just not going to come out,” Stat Quo says. “I was writing so much music and doing so much shit and my frustration with it not coming out began to effect me and Dre’s relationship. I became frustrated to the point where I had become bitter about working.”

Stat Quo says that Interscope CEO Jimmy Iovine considered Dr. Dre’s Detox team “The greatest practice team of all time.”


  • MattieLMurray

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  • Its Um

    If Dr. Dre did what Beyonce did with her album or like Jay-Z, platinum probably in the 1st two weeks on itunes and amazon.

  • shutta

    Dr. Dre dont need to release Detox cuz he getting enough money. But he should release it for his fans, for the people that bought his shit in the first place and gave him the opportunity to sell those headphones.

  • Anonymous

    Face it, Dre just has bigger fish to fry than an album that will be illegally downloaded anyway. Why would they put out an album for a risky bit of money when they have made basically the most popular brand of headphones going.... Everyone owns Beats by dre, that puts like $150 in Dres pocket per pair AT LEAST. Where if the same people bought Detox, it'd put like $10 a sale in Dres pocket. There is no money to be made off the album so he's just not interested in it. He's saving it for a rainy day because people will cop it no matter what...... You hear Detox drops ever and your ass is buying/downloading it just to hear what the fuck made it after 15 years of hype... admit it. I aint care about or checking for this album but if I ever saw it drop I'd check it out at least.

  • Simple Mathematics

    Why would Dre bring out an album, that will generate income for the owners of Ruthless Records and Death Row Records? Both of those labels are starving for some more income lol.

  • Anonymus

    The kids that were born when Detox was announced are about to be in middle school, maybe even high school. That's a long time and now it's the most accurate album title ever because it's really out of our system now. Originally Detox was supposed to compliment Relapse and Recovery. Dre fucked up the theme, kinda like when we were expecting Good ass job to follow Graduation.

    • Geoptants

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  • lets setlle this

    there will NEVER be a detox album, it will never come out..stop checking and wasting your time bc itll never come.

  • Anonymous

    The only way Stat Q gets into the headphone business is if he sells them at Radio Shack.

  • Anonymous

    I get what the goal of detox is. It will be the highest selling album of all time when it drops. Right now the promo is handling itself.

  • detroit slim

    Dr.Dre is the most overrated nigga in the history of music and he weird as hell too. This nigga has been surrounded by an army of talented niggas since N.w.a. Seriously, I never knew how much shit he sampled n stole from old records n shit.This nigga is a thief. Between stealin samples and ideas and the talented producers he ALWAYS had with him, like Yella,Daz,storch,mel-man...its no wonder he got big. ANYBODY coulda blown up like that. This nigga been recording an album now for 15 years thats never gonna drop. What kinda weirdo does that shit? Its just music fam lol!

  • Anonymous

    2 bad Stat and Bishop Lamont never came out....

  • Anonymous

    Dre is pulling a 2Pac. Aftermath will release 50 a month after he's dead.

  • Boogie

    Looks like Dre's tryna put lil bro on to something beyond music (the headphone business, or just business in general), you know, tryna make him see a larger picture. Can't really be mad at Stat tho, the love for music can do that to you if there's no real movement other than getting paid. But its 2014 Stat, better get with the program lol.

  • d-nucks

    respect, this is the most honest i have heard anybody speak on detox that had anything to do with it.



  • Anonymous

    dre's pulling a pac for his family. in 50 yrs when that nigga passes, it'll be released posthumously.

  • Anonymous

    a couple tracks came out that were dope.

  • The Philosopher

    this dude been irrelevant. he's been signed to shady/interscope for 30 years and can't sell 3 copies of his album. Why is his interviews news?

  • Anonymous

    its a shame stat ain't big in the game like that... he's one of the most talented artist out there.

  • Anonymous

    someone needs to rob that studio and leak it all damn

  • wads

    nigga working for dre making unreleased songs is better than being a famous superstar rapper selling millions. you getting paid so dont be all diva on us. his shit would probably never make the final cut of the album any damn way.

    • seriously speaking

      you are just dumb period!

    • Harlem's Reckoning

      True, but why waste your efforts? You don't gotta be a superstar to be successful. Stat talked about how fucked up he was financially so its evident that whatever he was earning recording with Dre, if anything, wasn't sufficient.

    • wasd

      It's all about being practical my brother. Superstardom ain't in most niggas roster. So don't get hard up for something in the clouds when U got something in front of u right here and now.

    • Harlem's Reckoning

      Hypothetically speaking, how is selling millions of records worse than recording music for a mythical ass album that is getting you nowhere career wise? Dre isn't the greatest career manager out there, look at who he used to have on Aftermath. How many albums has Aftermath even dropped in the past 5 years? If you ain't Em, Dre gives no fucks.

  • john mickins

    shit man can u blame him?! gotta look out for yourself in the end cuzzo. wasnt like dre was go break him off a small piece of the pie from those headphones

  • pope

    I'd be frustrated too. Pac said it best on thuglife album bury me a G. "Whats the sense of working hard if you never get to play?" P.S. Jimmy Iovine is another Jerry Heller.

  • HatMan

    so everyone has stopped checking what the fuck are WE doing here??

    • wads

      we here to tell you ass to get a job and quit reading hip hop websites. you already commenting in they sections. you done gone too far with this shit. there's bills to pay my nigga.

  • t

    I think in the next year or 2 Dre will release the 200+ Detox songs all at once for free. He's been on the Beats Money tip and now that he's finally secured his $100 mill net worth he should be feeling philanthropic.

  • pewpew

    I farted and shit my pants....swag....anyone listen to stat quos album???????? think it sold double wood at least.

  • lol

    real hiphop heads stopped check for detox about 4-5 years ago

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