Raekwon Says There's Lack Of Respect Among Wu-Tang Clan Members

Raekwon speaks on "A Better Tomorrow," says he wants the album to be made in harmony.

It has been quite some time since it was revealed that a Wu-Tang Clan album would be released in honor of the group’s 20th anniversary. In the time since the creation of such an album was announced, a handful of updates have been made in regards to the project.

During an interview with Grantland late last year, RZA revealed that both Ghostface Killah and Raekwon had been largely absent when it concerned recording material for A Better Tomorrow. According to RZA, Ghostface had been “20 percent present” while Raekwon hadn’t “shown up at all.”

Roughly three months after RZA’s interview with Grantland, Raekwon has shared the reason as to why he’s been absent from the recording process for Wu-Tang’s album. While speaking with Power 105.1’s The Breakfast Club, Rae stressed the fact that business needs to be done properly before he’ll join in on the project.

“Yo, all I can say is like—it’s business. You know? I would never put my family—First of all, you know that’s the mothership,” the Wu-Tang spitter said. “Never ever ever gonna violate that, but at the same time it’s 20 years later, b. And business gotta be done correctly. I wanna be happy. You know what I mean? I wanna do this album in harmony. I wanna do it most likely—I wanna do it in the best way because, you know, brothers already said that’s the last joint. And that right there was like—I found out like y’all found out.”

In addition to issues concerning business, Raekwon says a lack of communication and respect among members has also kept him from taking part in A Better Tomorrow.

“And I feel like it always be a lack of communication and the respect as men as somebody, as people who built this thing together,” he said. “You know? It wasn’t just one cat that—you know, he masterminded it of course. And I love him for that. And I’m always loyal cause he came and grabbed me out the street. But today being a 40-year-old man and having three seeds and having to deal with taxes and this and that, whenever I’m on the dance floor it’s business. You know what I’m saying? It’s business. It ain’t no disrespect. Don’t hit me with the brotherhood because that’s unconditional right there. Don’t use that as a shield. And a lot of times it’s like I watched them battle me and do certain things because I guess they feel like ‘Yo, Rae’s moving. We ain’t in control of Rae, so Rae’s gonna be the big problem.’ I’m running a business too. I got a label thing going on. It’s like my time is serious. You know what I mean? Cause I’m trying to build my artists and spread my legacy in a great way.”

Raekwon later summed up his concern over A Better Tomorrow by simply stating that there are a lot of issues involving the album, issues he says have a lot to do with the business aspect.

“It’s a lot of issues. I’m not here to bad mouth none of them,” Raekwon said. “Cause it ain’t really got nothing to do with the Wu, it’s really more the business people, the owners…So, they innocent. But yeah it got a lot to do with a lot of things. Especially paper. Because at the end of the day I work hard for my paper.”

After RZA’s November 2013 interview with Grantland, in which he detailed each member of Wu-Tang’s contributions to A Better Tomorrow, was published, Raekwon immediately responded to RZA’s remarks in a series of Twitter posts.

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  • zo

    Rza is strange these dayz man. Did he sold out for money? thats the word on the street now. I love Rae but he really shines through as a team player not the solo act.

  • blah uno

    Raekwon wants to get paid what is fair, can you blame him? Some of you seem to think it's alright to get screwed out of money that should be yours. I respect RZA for everything he's done in his career, but I would be doing the same shit as Rae if I wasn't going to get paid proper.

  • Sensaye Sixkiller

    This album is never coming out. In a way, I don't want it to. You know it's not gonna be any good. Group albums now aren't the same as they used to be, because niggas aren't even in the studio at the same time, so there's no real chemistry. This guy lays his verse this day, that guy comes in 2 weeks later and does his verse, this guy sends his shit via email and they paste it on...it's just contrived and insincere. When is the last time The Rza produced an album any way? They created a sound that has become a part of Hip-Hop, and several of them will still put out good shit on their own, but The Wu-Tang Clan, as a group, is over.

  • Anonymous

    This feels like baby mom's frontin on the weekend visits.

  • Andrew

    I honestly feel if Dirty hadn't passsed alot of this Wu bs would be happening ever since ODB died the group has been falling apart in my opinion

    • Geoptants

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  • Anonymous

    Raekwon is a fat delusional fuck. He's made ONE good solo album and we all know what that is. He's FAILED in every other fucking thing he's tried-- just because OB4CL2 didn't suck he thought he had 'brains' but look what followed? Uttter dogshit like Wu Massacre; Shaolin v. Raekwon's Dick, etc. The sooner this mush mowf fake mafioso drops dead of a coronary the sooner the Wu "brand" makes its comeback. Give Cappa a few more verses and that's one less hemmoroid he'll have from driving ofays to the airport and cut Ghost a bigger check, he won't have to working at the carwash on Fingerboard Road just to make ends meet.

    • Anonymous

      He's not in the category of BIG or Rakim. While his voice is needed to complete the album as a true Wu anniversary/last album, Rae is not a lyrical giant. He starts every rhyme with "Ey yo" followed by a bunch of mainly undecipherable slang words that make little to any sense. Unlike Ghost, Rae isn't very effective with non sequitur rhyme patterns. Every now-and-then Rae says something fairly brilliant, with the key being "every now-and-then."

    • Anonymous

      What album are you considering his best? Did you put OBCL 2 over his first solo? He's had several very, very good albums.

    • Anonymous

      Who considers him the best lyrical member in the group? Speak for yourself bruh

    • Andrew

      but yet he is considered the best lyrical member in the group and one of the most respected New York rappers besides BIG and Rakim so how do you figure???

  • Anonymous

    Trying to get one last check from the WU brand. Its not like theyve been putting out some fire singles..The only people checking for them are those that remember the glory days.

  • Anonymous

    I think RZA is the real snake in the crew. Because he built it as rae mentioned, he feels like he desereves ALL the money and the rest of the crew should be happy with whatever he hands them. Truth be told im not a huge rae fan but I can see that as the case. Ghost is top dog in the crew in my opinion, and as someone mentioned below, The WU popped off 20 some odd years ago..its not gonna be the same that why 8 diagrams sucked so hard..Niggas aint in the hood anymore and frankly dont get along enough to make a cohesive record.

    • imutau

      I think one should watch that "Rock the Bells" documentary where the Wu were to perform and you will probably see how much RZA cares about the groups success. Dude was all but begging people up to the last minute to get their act together so they could perform. You try getting 10 people some of which are certified prima donna's and one of which was a drug addict at the time together on the stage to work with one another. It's one thing when you poor and need each other to be successful and it is another when the paper comes in and you don't need each other anymore. After that you only in it for the love. Rae ain't starving and there are a lot of other members that didn't get a quarter of the success he has enjoyed so if anything maybe he should think about doing it for them. You talk about brotherhood but reality is brotherhood should come first then business. If it is the other way around you will never get to the other. WU TANG FOREVER

    • Anonymous

      What fucking "money" do you speak of? Nobody gives a shit about these 50 year olds except a few thousand nerds here and there. If RZA actually 'charged' for his beats/production they would lose money on the fucking thing. Except as a reason to 'tour,' FACTS; there's no $$$ in this shit anymore. You think they'll get airplay anywhere but Mom's Basement?

  • Fading Fan

    Dear Rae, shut the fuck up & go do the album, your the only one still bullshitting. Just go do it.

  • Anonymous

    Rae is a moron; how much money is there for an album that will sell 20,000 copies split dick ways? Rae's salty cuz his solo career is dogshit except for the example we all know- thank RZA and Ghost for that. But RZA fell off hard and is as bad a producer as he is an actor and Ghost pulled extra bread dresses as Santa Claus at the Staten Island Mall this xmas.

    • Anonymous

      you sound like ur broke. Respect the Gods. They are the definiton of HIP HOP. Rae and Ghost are nicer than most cats in the game today. There sound is incomparable.

  • Anonymous

    fat fucking cornball- Icewater!!!! Lex Diamond 3 would be hot too, asshole.

  • The Ice Cold Phenom

    At some point all Wu members need to iron out their differences and try to work towards a common goal. In every negotiation there is a walk away point. If Rae, as reported, is the only member holding up the project, it doesn't make good business sense to delay the album much longer. It wouldn't be a proper Wu album without Raekwon. If they can't iron out the business side, it may need to be. I would support the project either way. Some suggested finding others to fill the void that could be left by Raekwon's absence. From a business perspective, everything should be on the table if Rae can't come to an agreement.

  • Brizz

    I kinda feel him on this but its hard to say not knowing shit about what their deal is. If Rae feels hes getting punked on the business end then he probably is and then its a no brainer for him what to do i guess. He already fell off doing songs with Bieber and Ross so...cream. Wu tang forever. Pz.

  • Anonymous

    People disrespecting the chef are complete fools Him and Ghost are def the nicest in WU and with that said he should def ask for more money and/or more creative control than just RZA dictating. Dont disrespect the God.. I can t wait for his new album to drop so niggas questioning his game can stfu. He can still run strong with these new young cats WITHOUT question. WU TANG FOREVER

  • 36 chambers

    Sad to see the mighty wu being torn apart by money... Raekwon is acting like a lame ass, nothing ass motherfucker, damn. I mean he's one of my favs and I have lots of respect for him but I've been questioning him lately especially since he made a song with Justin Bieber..??? Whats going on homie? I thought you were hardcore. Dont let bullshit money tear apart the greatest hip hop group of all time, you are rich enough. Drop something for the true fans, and if not for us, for yourself and the legacy you guys have created.

    • blah uno

      Ol Dirty did a song with Mariah, Method Man has done a song with everybody, whats your point bruh? You think these dudes give a fuck bout what ya'll think if he's "hard" or whatever. Muhfuckas are making money, don't listen to that song if you don't like Bieber. Who gives a fuck.

  • Anonymous

    Things were never the same after that rat michael managed Cappa and started all that drama between him Rae,Ghost and the rest of the Wu ...

  • Anonymous

    drop an album for wu tang true fans, cooperate with your team a make it happen wu tang 4 life

  • Anonymous

    cliff note version: i make more money being raekwon than being wutang.

  • Anonymous

    No doubt Rae is sufficiently caked up, but money is always a factor, especially when hit albums are scarer than they've ever been.

  • Anonymous

    if youre seriously gonna sit here dissing Raekwon GTFO of this site... He's one of the legends

  • Anonymous

    "cats are grown up, they got their own kids and their own life to live, not everything's gonna be as dandy as it was 20 years ago" Which is precisely the reason why another album just doesn't work. Each of these dudes is in a different place mentally. Even someone with your limited education should be able to grasp this.

  • casper21

    I'm tired of hearing Rae on his soapbox being as vague as possible. Only a few elements of the business that matter. How much you getting paid up front, will the label get in the way of touring, and what cut they get from touring, and who owns the masters. Rae is holding out cuz the advance is the smallest its ever been for a Wu project, this is a heavyweight group from a past generation. I wish he could just play along for 1 year to put out one last good Wu album, you know. Fuck the money. Get back on your solo grind when the momentum dies and worry about paying your bills from your other work. Your doing this to remind the fans, actual Wu fans, and new ones too that just cuz your 40 doesn't mean you can't put out top quality material if there isn't a seven figure cheque behind it. Grow up Rae, or fuck off and shut up for the rest of your life, its only music.

  • lol

    if its gonna be abother 12 diagrams dont bother.

  • IROC

    This is what happen when these guys went solo and made money now they cant even talk to each other without lawyers getting involved, egos getting to big its a shame they cant even come together to do music RIP ODB !

  • barrydavillain

    Most people that have issues with the business end would have called a meeting to hammer it out. This has been over 3 months, so what's the issue? There's more to it, clearly. Just get in the lab and do this for the fans, not the money or anything. Do it for the fans that rode with you for 20 years and just want to celebrate good music with you.

  • Anonymous

    You guys dissing Raekwon sound like assholes because you don't know what's going on behind the scenes with the busiNess. You gotta be out of your fucking minds to discuss another mans business when at best you're coming at this from the perspective of a motherfucking fan. Get a life you bums.

    • blah uno

      Co-sign bruh! These dudes talking like they know bout the business side of things probably have an opinion bout everything damn thing they know nothing about.


    Go work with faggot Kanye and Bieber if you want money

  • R.Pgh

    I don't know what happen with their business behind closed doors so I won't speak on that, but it's sad shits being brought out in the public like this. I hope they don't force an album out without actually getting in the studio together. I liked 8 Diagrams, but it could have been 10x better had they actually worked together on it.

  • Optimus Rhyme

    Certain things said should remain in house.

  • Anonymous

    What an ugly guy, his head looks like King Kongs.

  • Anonymous

    Ghost Raekwon Method GZA Dirty Capp Deck RZA UGOD Masta In that order.

    • Anonymous

      My favs in order

    • R.Pgh

      order in terms of what? If you're talking as an emcee, I'd highly question the order from #5 and beyond. Dirty was an entertaining cat, and put some great songs out, but really he was a sloppy lyricist and Cap hasn't been an ill lyricist since The Pillage so I don't know how either of them are above Deck or RZA.

  • hippaToDaHoppa

    You kids dissing Rae here are idiots.

  • Anonymous

    This 40 year old gorilla faced bum is a want-to-be chinaman trying to extort the man who took him out of the slums, Wu can go on without this dumb bum.

  • Simple

    Gaykwon the ugly chef complaining again. They need to kick his fat ass out the group and just drop the album withoout him.

  • Not Impressed

    The only person who "lacks respect" is Raekwon. His ego is bigger than his talent, always has been. From separating himself from the clan after his first album (and flopping) to publicly criticizing RZA and his recent production, to not showing up to group shows to holding up the next Wu album to put out some wannabe pop shit no is going to buy. He has proved that he only cares about himself, time and time again. Someone on here suggested replacing Raekwon with Nas for the next Wu album and I think that's a great idea. Raekwon is just a dumbed down, nonsensical version of Nas anyway. I'm not impressed

    • Anonymous

      Bruh your Not Impressed thing is corny as fuck

    • Anonymous

      lets replace capp ugod and killah priest with the lox while were at it!

    • Anonymous

      yeah, Nas on that instead of Rae would be dope as fuck

    • Not Impressed

      The only "classic" Raekwon has is the first Cuban Linx, and it wasn't classic because of his own talent. It was good only because of RZA's beats and the heavy presence of the Clan throughout the album. It was pretty much a group album. Replace Raekwon's verses with any decent rapper from that time period and you will get the same result. Raekwon's presence isn't a necessity, it would have been a classic no matter who rapped on it. And Nas is an affiliate of the Wu just like Redman. If that's not a close enough connection, they could use Killa Sin or Street Life or Killah Preist or something, it doesn't matter. All I'm saying is that Raekwon can be replaced. I'm not impressed

    • R.Pgh

      Nas isn't part of the Wu-Tang Clan, so it would be pretty silly to take out a cat who has some of the best Wu verses ever, and replace him with someone that isn't even in the group, and try to pass it off as a Wu album. let's not act like Rae doesn't have two classics under his belt as a solo artist.

  • The Fonz

    He sounds like a idiot, obviously if its a group with 10 members not everybody's gonna make a ton of money off of it.

  • WTF

    At the end of the day it aint no real wutang album if the chef aint involved. You always hear stories of RZA either going it alone or fucking around wit the money. RZA needs to do whats right and do whatever it takes to get the Rae and Ghostface on the album.

  • RC

    You know what at the end of the day you really gotta respect Wu-Tang, sure the music may not be up to par to what it use to be but its still better than 98% of the stuff out today, plus given the size of the group & all their solo ventures they've stuck together & lasted a lot longer than most people probably ever expected. Respect to Rae he's probably not being greedy, just making sure the business ends are all taken care, that's how you last 20+ years in a business as fickle as the music industry.

  • Anonymous

    Rae keeping the other lesser known members of WU from eating good

  • Anonymous

    Wu Tang consists of a bunch of whining old dudes who have diva complexes. If they can't agree on the terms of making another album then just be done with it.

    • BP

      and the internet consists of fuckniggas like you who have no idea what goin on in their lives, these cats are grown up, they got their own kids and their own life to live, not everything's gonna be as dandy as it was 20 years ago.

  • Fable

    All i hear is Rae complaining he isn't getting paid what he wants.. Dude you said it's about doing it right yet you are tripping on paper? Fucking Hypocrite. If you want paper go do another JB feature you dumbass. You're letting money get in between you and your brothers that brought you up to be something. Besides it's not like you're really strapped for cash rae, we all know what it is.

    • HK

      how the f%?& do youknow what it really is. all you can do is look up on some website how much they albums sold niggas do spend money, ya trick. sit down

  • Anonymous

    says the one who did a song with Justin Bieber

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    more like lack of money for Rae so they don't respect his greediness

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