Hip Hop Album Sales: Week Ending 2/23/2014

This week, Eminem, Drake and Macklemore & Ryan Lewis make up the top Rap spots on the Billboard Top 200 chart.

This week, the highest-charting Rap artists on the Billboard Top 200 albums chart, Eminem, Drake and Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, experienced sales drops. Meanwhile, the highest charting Rap debut on the chart, a triple album from The Grouch & Eligh, landed at #162.

Beyonce, who sold 35,472 units this week, remains the highest charting R&B act on the chart with her self-titled project landing at #5 this week. The album fell 27 percent this week from the 48,405 units it sold last week. Overall, the project has sold 1,790,680 copies.

Eminem's The Marshall Mathers LP 2 Drops 26 Percent

Eminem's The Marshall Mathers LP 2 fell from #12 to #13 this week, its 16th week of availability. The project, which is the week's highest charting Rap album, sold 18,845 units this week, a 26 percent drop from the 25,423 copies it sold last week. Overall, Eminem has sold 1,957,935 units of this album. This is Mathers' most recent project, but recently, Eminem celebrated the 15-year anniversary of his debut album, The Slim Shady LP, a project that helped launch the Detroit, Michigan rapper's career. 

Drake's Nothing Was The Same Falls To #22

While Eminem's The Marshall Mathers LP 2 has had 16 weeks of availability, Drake's Nothing Was The Same has had 22 weeks in retailers. Drake's most recently released project falls from #16 to #22 this week and it experiences a 35 percent decrease in sales from the 20,140 copies last week to the 13,104 units this week. Overall, Nothing Was The Same has sold 1,477,929 copies. Recently, Drake made headlines when he complained about Rolling Stone pulling his cover and replacing it with one of Philip Seymour Hoffman, an actor who died of an apparent overdose shortly before the magazine was published. In the magazine, which ran an interview with Drake, the Canadian emcee also criticizes Jay Z and Kanye West. 

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis' The Heist Remains At #31

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis had the third-highest charting Rap album of this week with The Heist, an album that has been available for 72 weeks. The project remains at #31 this week, but it drops 20 percent from the previous week's sales, decreasing from 12,261 to 9,864. Overall, The Heist has sold 1,351,354 units. Recently, Macklemore made headlines when he and Ryan Lewis won four Grammys. The emcee of the duo said he felt they robbed Kendrick Lamar of a Grammy victory and that they had an "unfair advantage due to race" at the award show. 

The Grouch & Eligh's The Tortoise & The Crow Debuts On The Chart

The Grouch & Eligh have the highest charting Rap debut on the chart this week with their triple album, The Tortoise & The Crow. The project lands at #162 with 2,702 albums sold. The Grouch and Eligh spoke about the album in November 2013. "[It's] not just any old triple album," The Grouch & Eligh said in a statement. "We're making history with this. One full-length solo Grouch disc, one full-length Eligh disc, and one full-length G&E disc. For all of our supporters and fans, you get all three dimensions in one shot."

Hip Hop Album Sales: Week Ending 2/23/2014

#5. Beyonce - Beyonce -  35,000 (1,791,000) 

#13. Eminem - The Marshall Mathers LP 2 - 19,000 (1,958,000)

#22. Drake - Nothing Was The Same - 13,104 (1,478,000)

#31. Macklemore & Ryan Lewis - The Heist - 9,900 (1,351,000) 

#35. Kendrick Lamar - good kid, m.A.A.d. city - 8,200 (1,191,408)

#49. Kid Ink - My Own Lane - 6,400 (98,000) 

#63. Childish Gambino - because the internet - 5,300 (223,000) 

#74. Yo Gotti - I Am - 4,500 (152,000) 

#79. EminemThe Eminem Show - 4,300 (10,332,000) 

#106. Jay Z - Magna Carta...Holy Grail - 3,400 (1,130,000) 

* data comes from Nielsen Soundscan, rounded to nearest thousand for units above 10,000, nearest hundred for units below 10,000. Each week, HipHopDX presents top albums in Hip Hop/related, and five notables.

Who will take the top spot next week? Stay tuned to HipHopDX.



Which of These Albums do You Feel is the Most Creative?

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  • David Bunz

    "The Eminem Show" cracks the top 80 with only 4,000 units sold, over a decade after it's release?? This just shows you how much the market is oversaturated with music

  • Anonymous

    I'll give you Deeper than Rap. That album nose dived.

  • Anonymous

    "the best he can hope for is 10 years into the game his old album might finally cross that mark or if he dies the sales may go up" Ross isn't waiting around for Port of Miami to go platinum.

    • Anonymous

      yeah i know, he just lies to his fans and tells them its already platinum and that deeper than rap is gold when they're not. LOL

  • Anonymous

    ppl keep posting pics of those ugly stinking niglets that killed Lee Rigby on my face book so i posted "can every 1 stop posting pics of these ugly niglets and giving them publicity" ,seems FB wasn't impressed with the truth and banned me for for 12 hrs ,fuck them at least i can say niglets on here amongst ppl that know the truth about the foul abomination that is known as niglets ,there's only 1 thing worse than niglets and that's ppl that defend them

  • Pimpin Ken

    Dickriding nerds arguing over who sells the most while these niggas get rich off your lame ass buying their albums and concert tickets. They laughing at your white ass, Pay your pimps you prostitutes.

  • Anonymous

    Damn they said Q was gonna flop and he's predicted to do French Montana's first week sales in 1 week. If Q can do 150k first week that means Rick Ross SHOULD be able to pull in 250k, Remember j Cole sold over 297k first week without a big single.

  • Dave

    Tha Block Is Hot 3/5 Lights Out 3/5 500 Degreez 3/5 Tha Carter 4/5 Tha Carter II 5/5 Tha Carter III 4/5 Rebirth 1/5 I Am Not A Human Being 3/5 Tha Carter IV 3/5 I Am Not A Human Being 2 2.5/5 Dude is 10 albums in. Im for quality over quantity. He needs another classic to cement his position.

  • DJ

    lmaooo eminem show is 12 years old and sold just under 1000 more than wack ass magna carta which has been out for about a half a year

  • HitsDailyDouble Sales Projections

    Looks like Schoolboy Q is about to have a #1 album next week. Schoolboy Q (TDE/Interscope) 150-160k Kid Cudi (Republic) 90-95k Romeo Santos (Sony Music Latin) 90-95k Beck (Capitol) 65-70k Dierks Bentley (Capitol Nashville) 50-60k The Fray (Epic) 35-40k St. Vincent (Republic) 20-25k

    • Anonymous

      If Schoolboy was a big name like Eminem, Jay Z, or Drake, then selling 150K would be a flop, but it's not since he's not a big name and he's about to sell more in the first week than most rappers. Also, didn't Macklemore sell like 70K 1st week?

    • Anonymous

      You can't compare Schoolboy to Macklemore at all, two different situations. Schoolboy released his first two albums independently and Oxymoron is his MAJOR-LABEL DEBUT, so him doing 150K is a success, not a flop. French and Rich Gang can't get away with low numbers because they had tons of features and hype. The numbers are all counted for. And you got it backwards. Ross is the one lying, Schoolboy didn't lie at all. You're contradicting yourself again.

    • Anonymous

      Macklemore also had independent albums that did Better so schoolboy should have sold a lot more as Hes major now so 150k on your third album is a flop. Montana and rich gang can get away with lower sales since its their first albums. Also, they are indeed underaccounted. Its funny how 50 groupies criticize ross for being fake when they dickride schoolboy for lying. At least ross never lied. Schoolboy couldnt even get jimmy to approve 50.

    • Anonymous

      I dont think he had any delusions about going platinum. Kendrick is the only new guy making that jump. Everyone else in Q's league is struggling to reach gold.

    • Anonymous

      Not bad numbers for Schoolboy Q, but not enough for him to go platinum in the end.

    • Anonymous

      Q's last two albums were released independently and Oxymoron is his major label debut. Everyone expected him to do at least 150K 1st week. Rich Gang and French flopped hard since they have half of the industry on their shit and had a lot of promo (there's no such thing as underaccounted sales since they all count). You can't say "it's their first album" as an excuse for low numbers, especially when there's other artists whose debut albums sold more than they did. It's funny you have a problem with Q, who used to be in a street gang, acting gangsta, yet you have no problem with Ross doing the same shit when he never experienced the street life.

    • Anonymous

      Oxymoron is what, q's third album? He should have done twice that at least. Montana and rich gang sales were not only underaccounted, their totals are more understandable since their albums are their first albums. Also, what's wrong with pop rap? Its way better than q trying to sound like a gangster.

    • lol

      Schoolboy Q about to do French Montana's total number in one week.

    • Anonymous

      "Schoolboy bombing considering that he had tons of hype Yet is selling less than gkmc at their startingnpoints. Also doesn't compare to drake sales." LMAO, no selling less than 50k would be bombing. French Montana BOMBED, he had Lil Wayne, Drake, Ross, and everyone else in the indsutry featured and a platinum single and sold 50k first week, 150k total, DJ Khaled bombed, Big Sean bombed, Tyga bombed, Ace Hood bombed.

    • Anonymous

      Rich Gang BOMBED with 22k first week

    • Anonymous

      This ain't bombing, these are good numbers for Schoolboy, who's releasing his major label debut with no radio singles and he didn't had tons of hype. You're right, you can't compare this to Drake's shit as his album is pop rap while Schoolboy's is gangster rap, which doesn't do big numbers anymore.

    • Anonymous

      Schoolboy bombing considering that he had tons of hype Yet is selling less than gkmc at their startingnpoints. Also doesn't compare to drake sales.

    • Anonymous

      Anonymous 1 is obviously dentalbitch making up lies again.

    • Anonymous

      anonymous1's comment looks just like the same comment posted for the last 8 years, just insert different rapper smh

    • Anonymous

      Rozay gonna sell more than that next week and schoolboy q had tde buy 40-50k of the albums. Also, another cudi flop.

  • Anonymous

    The tortoise and the crow by G&E is dope. glad they are getting a little coverage

  • Bleed Bly

    I can't wait for that ross album to drop I know he has a lot of haters but mastermind is close to a classic it's his best album to date even better than Teflon don and I never thought he would top that album respect to ross mastermind should go over 200k first week and may go plat if he drops a hit single

    • speezola

      I never defend Ross, but putting a cover song on your album does *not* mean your record isn't a classic. First albums from Mos Def, Snoop and The Rolling Stones included covers. Come on, yo. There are lots of ways to slander Ross, that isn't one.

    • Truff

      Real recognize real....and fake niggas support fake niggas....

    • Anonymous

      At least ross fanbase remained consistent instead of falling 90% with 50.

    • Anonymous

      Dream on, Ross stan.

    • Anonymous

      Biggie remake automatically means its not classic. To be classic you have to come correct and original, no biting.... He has no singles to drop. It will be lucky to go gold. He will never achieve platinum in an album cycle, the best he can hope for is 10 years into the game his old album might finally cross that mark or if he dies the sales may go up.

  • Anonymous

    Em's album is the most creative, Kendrick's is the best, Drake's is the softest, and Macklemore's is the poppiest.

  • dboi1017

    damn im surprised yo gotti sold as much as he did.... hella disapointed in my boi kid ink i thought he had adope album!!

  • Shuttaman

    Childish Gambino Stays consistent one of the best album to have came out last year!

  • Mohsen

    Absolutely Eminem "I just want to hurt you, aim for the skanks Then aim for all these fake Kanyes, Jays, Waynes and the Drakes" "Evil Twin"

  • Anonymous

    Kendrick just keeps on selling....1 year and 4 months later... Ross will be off the charts after 4-6 weeks, just watch and see...

    • Anonymous1

      I listen Kendrick and Q but they are kinda soft compared to nwa dogg pound and even jay z.

    • Anonymous

      im not going to respond to you because you are handicapped

    • Anonymous

      So how come q's sales are gonna trail drake, lil wayne, and even k dot if hes better?

    • Anonymous

      kendrick and his crew of softies are realer than Rick Ross. Have you heard Mastermind? That shit is the definition of soft!!! If KL put niggas to sleep I cant imagine what mastermind will do...

    • Anonymous

      Black Hippy soft, killing hip-hop, lame bullshit? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Do you realize how retarded you sound? Black Hippy are helping bring lyrics back to hip-hop. if anyone's killing hip-hop with lame bullshit, it's YM/MMG with their studio gangster bullshit.

    • Anonymous

      And it's another flop for Ross and his mini-empire is crumbling. And you can't call Black Hippy softies when Drake is the epitome of a softy.

    • Anonymous

      Yet you forget to mention Ross is on album #6. He's building a mini empire while Kendrick and his roster of softies are killing hip hop with their lame bullshit.

    • Anonymous

      yeah you could say the same about Q but Ross won't have any staying power either. GFID was gone after less than 2 months.

    • Anonymous

      No, he got it right. Ross ain't gonna last long on the charts.

    • Anonymous

      Kid, you mispelled Schoolboy Q.

  • Ricky Rozay

    One more week and Ross gon drop a classic on the game. Mastermind gon be the best hip hop album of 2014. Been listenin to the stream and shit is bumpin. Yall lame niggas can keep hatin Rozay gon keep droppin the classic and collectin them checks. Oh yeah where 50 album at? Oh yeah nigga got dropped from interscope and signed to an indy where that nigga years ago was tellin Killa that indy labels are graveyards and now he on one. Lol at that hypocritical nigga. Bawse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    I wanna smell Drakes butthole, well, after he cleans it of coarse but still.

  • Drake Fan

    Drake is the best, I'm dancing to him right now.

  • Anonymous

    Macklemore eating good off that Indi success. Be Sure to checkout thegrandreport, they have some good hip hop and viral videos on there

  • gagagabby

    what happened to jayz album

  • Nomads

    The Grouch & Elighs triple album is so fucking good AOTY so far for me

  • Anonymous

    Who's still buyin The Eminem Show? Crazy groupies?

  • Mr. Ceeee

    Beyonce, Drake, and Macklemore & Ryan Lewis REAL Grammy Nominated HipHop stay representing! St. Patty's Day is coming up. Don't forget to show your Irish white boi homies some love!

    • Anonymous

      Get that waterdow..i meant grammy hip hop! Yea!

    • Sam Snead

      That is after I feed her some dick

    • Sam Snead

      In honor of St.Patrick's day, I'm going to put some corned beef cabbage in the pot, drink for many hours, call a black chick, get her drunk, feed her some corned beef and cabbage and then pass out

    • Stranger

      Hey, Black Weiner and Black Hand. We should all get together. Have you ever had a Stranger?

    • Black Weiner

      Hey there Black Hand

    • Diddy

      Beyonce chose to make the switch to white on her own, who cares what color her parents were, she is Caucasian now.

    • Anonymous

      Beyonces mother is Black too so what's your point?

    • Mr. Ceeee

      Why you trying to turn this into a race thang? HipHop is about breaking down barriers and sharing culture. That's why REAL HipHop is Macklemore & Lewis and that's why they be winning Grammy's, selling records, and getting respect in every project and burrough. I bet Sir Mix A Lot did teach Macklemore the "game"....probably, taught him real well....

    • Black Hand

      Beyonce's dad is black and so is Drake's. Macklemore used to work for Sir Mix A Lot and that's who taught him the game. Learn some history, boiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!

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